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Reviews ForWLCI, New Delhi

Arvind Manocha



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Faculty -During my time as a student at WLCI, what I found remarkable about the institute was the faculty’s responsibility towards their students. Unlike other private institutes where the students are left to fend for themselves, at WLCI it was the other way around. All the faculty members are concerned about the growth of the students.

  • Remarks -There are other institutes like Pearl, NIFT, etc. catch all the limelight due to their marketing gimmicks. And WLCI is not highlighted enough for students to realize what a nice institute it really is. If you want to get the best fashion education, then I would suggest that you think about joining wlci.

  • Course Curriculum -This programme covers these topics- Basic Design Concept, Fashion Illustration, Introduction to Pattern Making, Garment Construction, Textile Science, Color Theory, Fashion Model Drawing,Computer Application in Fashion.

Jigyasu Behl



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Exam Structure -Exams are hectic.. mid semesters, live projects, group assignments, and all other tasks given to the students at the time of lectures. The exam pattern is unpredictable and there are certain things which are not even part of the sylabus but they are there in the exams.

  • Alumni/Alumna -Alumni can be found on LinkedIn other than that no clue of alumni. One of my friends had a cousin who was an ex FBSite and he said that you must grab all the opportunities and not wait for any better company to come as you may miss out on all.

  • Events -Events of FBS are spectacular. Firstly we have fresher's party then there are tours to international places followed by camps like Blood donation camp and finally we have a farewell to bid adieu to the senior batch which is super awesome.




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Faculty -Prof. Priya R was one of the best faculties and not many students know this but she can teach any subject she has so much knowledge. She can change your way of thinking and motivate you in such a way that it leaves an impression on you for a lifetime.

  • Placement -Placements in good companies like Wipro, TCS, Infosys, Gulf, etc with average package of 5,00,000 come to the college for the recruitment process while some of them ask the students to come to the office for the interview.

  • Internship -Internship offered by Britannia, NDTV, Axis Bank with an average stipend of 6000 per month as part of the three month internship program for which we are allotted a mentor by the college to whom we have to report




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Faculty -Faculty is strict as they are all IIM alumni so they expect a lot from us. One faculty is so strict that she doesn't give marks because she says you guys don't write the relevant data which is required and i m not going to give you marks for this stupidity

  • Campus Life -Campus life is pretty decent. We have library where all of us are seen at the time of exams, photocopy shop and computer lab which are crowded when we have to submit an assignment, or the cafeteria which is crowded all the time

  • Placement -Companies that come for recruitment are ICICI, Ernst & Young, Indiabulls, alongwith others with packages like 5,00,000- 7,00,000 and highest is 12,00,000 that is offered for an international placement

Simran Bajaj



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Remarks -My experience here would be quite good as i met new people made friends and learnt new things. Apart from that I was not a studious student from the beginning but here even after not studying much I could easily score well. All thanks to lectures I attended.

  • Faculty -Faculty is wonderful . My mentor was Prof Bidisha. She really helped me tackle my worst situations with ease and one thing i will never forget is that she says: Ignorance is bliss, ignore what you cant change!! Thank you mam!!

  • Events -There are various events taking place at FBS one of them are freshers' party . the biggest event of FBS is the annual fest where we witness great enthusiasm by the students as they participate in various events

Vishakha Bhasin

BBA BATCH : 2015


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Events -The council makes sure that every time the Annual Fest of FBS is bigger and attracts more crowd by inviting celebrities. There are events like freshers party and farewell and then there is a blood donation camp organized every year for the students to come up and donate blood.

  • Campus Life -Campus life is pretty good as they teach us how to manage work life and personal life. We had once done a project in PEM( personality effieciency managemement) and there we learnt on balancing the ups and downs that are faced by every other being.

  • Placement -Companies like Rident Group, Coca cola, HP, Infosys, IBM come to the campus with attractive packages of 7-10 lacs per annum but the vacancies are quite low as the companies that come are not taking more than 5 candidates.




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Faculty -A great bunch of faculties who have been alumni of IIM and IIT are appointed here and the way they teach is quite unique. My favourite faculty is Prof. Mishra as he is pretty much clear about his vision and guides carefully as to enrich a student's career.

  • Internship -Paid internships are offered by the college itself for the marketing of IFBS. They offer to do digital marketing and the college pays a stipend for the same, this is counted as a internship and is helpful for the future.

  • Alumni/Alumna -Alumni is not seen and I have no idea about who is even an immediate passout of IFBS. There is no such information provided by the college, all that is seen on the website is just the data we know also

Osheen Mehta



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Events -Events that take place at IFBS are quite happening as we were welcomed with a freshers'party and kicked out with a smashing farewell party. Apart from this there are social responsibilty events like walk for life etc.

  • Course Curriculum -The course offers variety of subjects to be studied under one roof like, advance excel, Cost accountancy which involve balance sheet, profit and loss appropriation and rectification of errors to be studied in detail

  • Scholarship -Scholarship of 50,000 is provided to extremely meritorious students. Basically it is the amount of registration and a student clearing the eligibility for the same is qualified for the scholarship.

Aarti Chhabra



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Internship -Internship has to be done by the students on their own, no assistance will be provided by the college but the faculties help if you ask them any doubt regarding anything related to syllabus even they guide you on your future plans. Ranjita mam helped me alot by guiding me about the curriculum and internship

  • Campus Life -campus life is the most fun with events like Diwali, Holi, and camps and educational tours where we learn alot. They are also providing tours which can be helpful as they are part of the learning experience.

  • Exam Structure -Pathetic exam structure but exam pattern is good as there is not much to study from the course book , most of the teachers provide their ppts which are helpful for the students.

Deepika manchanda



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Remarks -On an average, unsurvivable college. A lot of things happened here, people are so competitve that they dont even care about what they are saying to other people, just for marks. There were two girls in my group (which was made for a project) they were so bossy that they used to give us deadlines for working and they were so rude.

  • Campus Life -Campus life is fine for those who love to party, i am not one of those so its boring for me. I tried to make friends initially but everybody wants to get stuck together, its like a bunch of stupid people who are nothing when they are alone and as they say, Never underestimate the power of stupid people in a group.

  • Faculty -Faculty is skilled but do not have much experience so they fail to make us understand about how a particular topic is to be dealt with , for instance, there was a business communication faculty who was so aggressive all the time that you could not even clear your doubts with her regarding any topic.




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Remarks -Amazing journey with long lasting friends i have made here, Thank you IFBS for such an experience with my friends, I cam here to improve myself and build a career and I never thought of making friends but I did end up making such good friendsandthanks to them for holding on with me till now

  • Campus Life -Fantastic campus life as involves freshers, farewell and most importantly fest which witnesses a huge gathering with ample participations. The life at IFBS was pretty much of a learning experience as I learnt many life lessons apart from the studies.

  • Events -awesome parties occur at ifbs, be it freshers where there are so many rounds and participation or farewell party where juniors give the seniors titles also. the college also organizes social welfare events like blood donation camp




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Exam Structure -Exams are held every semester and the pattern is quite simple as compared to other b schools. There are grades on which the CGPA is decided and it is classwise like the highest scorer will decide what grade is to be given to whom in a particular section.

  • Faculty -Faculty is skilled but do not care much about the students. Some teachers are so irresponsible that there was this one teacher who forgot to upload my internal marks on SIS and I had to suffer a loss of 15 marks because of that.

  • Course Curriculum -The course involved subjects like global marketing, consumer behaviour, customer relationship management, along with some other subjects. The subjects involve study of marketing as a whole which dealwith the research part.

Palak Dhall



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Remarks -An experience to remember as I built in my self confidence here, they provide personal grooming classes for students who are not that active. Apart from that IFBS also provides all kinds of language classes so the students dont feel bored by the studies and have something new to explore in the campus only.

  • Alumni/Alumna -Alumni is really good, I met Eisha Puri who is working with ICICI Bank at one of the official events of IFBS. She was a humble person and answered all my questions very politely and when I asked the reason for being so she said that Customer Relationship management is all about a smile 365 days

  • Events -Events like marathon, blood donation camp, freshers, farewell, fest are organized by the college which change the boring pattern of study and build up the confidence of students by inviting them on stage for other activitieslike dancing, singing that showcases their hidden talent.




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Course Curriculum -the duration of the course is 4 years and have eight semesters in it. Engineering refers to the practice of organizing the design and construction of any artifice which transforms the physical world around us to meet some recognized need.Civil engineers have one of the world’s most important jobs: they build our quality of life. With creativity and technical skill, civil engineers plan, design, construct and operate the facilities essential to modern life, ranging from bridges and highway syst...

  • Alumni/Alumna -ASU is one of the best institutions that I have studied in, especially because of its helpful faculty. Its CRC team has groomed us well to compete in the industry and the programmes at ASU left me with not only a tangible set of skills but also organisational and time management skills.

  • Entrance Preview -i did my 12th from CBSE Board near my place. i came to this college with high hopes and because the college has all the facility that the students want.


MBA BATCH : 2015


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Scholarship -Under this prestigious scholarship, the university offers 100 best scholastic achievers of the country the opportunity to pursue their studies and achieve their dreams at the Apeejay Stya University. These meritorious students are given 95% scholarship on the tuition fee on all Bachelor programmes*, and they only have to contribute a total of Rs. 10,000 per year on the tuition fee for each year of their degree.

  • Course Curriculum -MBA program has wide acceptance in the corporate sectors in India and abroad. We believe in grooming students to become self driven , proactive, value oriented and achievers. it emphasizes on education rather than qualification , collaboration rather than competition and therefore learning rather than examination.

  • Entrance Preview -this college is very famous for its MBA . so, i opted to pursue my masters from tthis college. i secured 67 percent in my graduation and got in through it.




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Course Curriculum -Mechanical engineering is concerned with all types of machinery in industries and all aspects of their mechanism and functioning; the design, development, construction, production, installation, operation and maintenance; such as large steam and gas turbines, components of thermal power stations, internal combustion engines, jet engines, machine tools, air conditioning and heating machines, refrigerators etc to name a few. They not only design and create new products, but also develop materials ...

  • Internship -From the very beginning the college lays greater emphasis on industrial training. Practical Training for B.E. Students is an integral part of the curriculum and in-built into the programs of study. The students are introduced to industrial practices through training in the college workshops and in factories, installations, work etc.

  • Entrance Preview -i have scored 76 percentage in my class 12th result. i had physics, chemistry and maths as the core subjects. so i decide to take admission in this prestigous institution. the faculty of the college is very renowned ad well known too.


MBA PURSUED 2nd year 2017 - 2018


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Course Curriculum -The program is aimed at developing ethically responsible professionals; leaders who can communicate effectively to frame problems and provide solutions through social and commercial entrepreneurial activities. A mix of diverse teaching methods such as case studies, focused workshops, lectures and discussions, simulation games, and collaborative learning is adopted to provide a holistic learning experience.

  • Campus Life -The campus encompasses all modern amenities and facilities that are comparable to the best professional institutions of the country. The calm, quiet and hassle-free atmosphere at the campus not only provides with a fine learning ambience but also provides an opportunity to develop organic linkages with the corporate world. From all angles, the campus is an architectural marvel in themself.

  • Remarks -The focus of the University is to promote entrepreneurship, to support research in emerging areas, to facilitate incubation centre activities and promote industry collaborations. We create culture of self-reliance and provide them an environment to take leadership roles in different events and activities during their stay at ASU.




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Course Curriculum -The School of Legal Studies imparts a rigorous and trans-disciplinary legal education with a view to producing world-class legal professionals,scholars and public servants. The School's expert faculty comes from across the world and engages in critical scholarship that contributes to publicdebates both in India and abroad. Research centres at the School have been established to inject new ideas into cutting edge issues of law and policy ranging from women's rights tointernational trade. The Scho...

  • Remarks -We have an active Entrepreneurship Cell (E-cell). Our E-cell aims at initiating and promoting an entrepreneurial culture, in which interested and enthusiastic students are individually mentored and trained. Through various activities, events and workshops, E-Cell endeavors to ignite the true entrepreneurship spark in our student.

  • Entrance Preview -i had arts subjects in my 12th standard. it was history, eco, sociology and pol science. i got 85 percentage. this college provides me a different course altogether with good carrier prospects.




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Remarks -A B.A. in Journalism will give individuals an advantage to pursue entry-level jobs. Individuals who obtain a B.A. in this field can pursue careers in media, advertising, writing, editing, photography, public relations and journalism. More specifically, individuals may find jobs as writers, public relations specialists or editors.

  • Course Curriculum -Coursework in a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism degree program will help students develop skills in communication, research, computer and technology, editing and writing. Students will come to understand the ethics and laws associated with journalism, as well as understanding their own First Amendment rights.

  • Campus Life -thanks to the unique confluence of students from diverse nationalities, states, and backgrounds, all of which leads to a rich exchange of knowledge, experiences, and cultures, and makes our students more tolerant and sensitive to each other's diverse backgrounds.


B.A IN JOURNALISM PURSUED 3rd year 2017 - 2018


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Course Curriculum -Most Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree programs in journalism, or journalism and mass communications, offer students fundamental training in all areas of the field. Learn about the program, coursework and job opportunities.the opportunity to learn skills which can be applied to print, web, broadcasting, and media journalism. Some programs offer students the option of choosing a concentration in an area of journalism, such as photojournalism or multimedia journalism.

  • Placement -the students have successfully completed their internships with The Times of India, BBC Hindi Radio, NHK Tokyo, All India Radio, Doordarshan, CNN-IBN, TV Today, Aajtak, Zee News and Catch News. They are regularly taken on visits to top media houses such as Radio Mirchi, The Hindustan Times, The Times of India and Prasar Bharati, where they interact with reporters, RJs, anchors, producers and editors. This is how we prepare them for placements.

  • Remarks -Collaboration with Nicholson School of Communication, University of Central Florida for Magazine Journalism Project.UCF & SJMC Students produced a joint radio documentary on Sexual Assaults in India & USA. also,ECU students visited ASU campus for an exchange programme