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Debarshi Roy



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Campus Life -Good Library, Centralized AC in A, B Block, good lab environment. Nice infrastructure except for C-Block and few teachers are too good, they indirectly say few words if the student will go deeply through that he can surely get motivated by that, rest is fair enough except few, but the management is not good,they demand fees yearly basis and within the month of April, sometimes it's really difficult for few people to pay the full amount, but after April they charge a fine of Rs 200/day on fees. ...

  • Entrance Preview -I took WBJEE, AIEEE, and GEE, I opt for this university since I hear that this is a very good university in academics and placements are also good. I got selected based on their GEE exam rank and my 10th and 12th marks but the problem is that we have to pay full year fees not semester wise.

  • Course Curriculum -My course is Computer Science and my favorite sub are DBMS and Data Structure, the way we can improve is consulting with any CS faculty on their cabin


BE PURSUED 3rd year 2017 - 2018


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Entrance Preview -I gave Jee mains exam, it was really a challenging exam with a lot of competition. I opted for NSIT as it is one of the prestigious colleges in Delhi which provides one of the best teaching faculty and facilities to the students. "We need to sit in the counseling session which consists of 4 colleges NSIT, DTU, IIIT D ANS IGWDTU. There were 4 rounds of counseling. I got my seat allotted in the fourth round."

  • Faculty -"With some of the professors, the experience is really wonderful. Some of them teachers very well and give us practical knowledge as well such as Anand Gupta sir, Prerna Gaur ma'am, Nandini ma'am, Nishi ma'am, MS Dhami sir, R.C.Thakur sir, Vijay Gupta sir, DV Gadre sir and much more. The professors are really very supportive of us, they help us a lot in our academics as well as projects"

  • Fees -"The fees are actually increasing exponentially in our college. The batch before us have fees of around 70,000/- per year, we have around 95,000/- and the batch after we have 1,20,000/-. For a middle-class person, it's really difficult to afford such amount."


BE PURSUED 3rd year 2017 - 2018


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Entrance Preview -I got admission in NSIT in 2015 when the admission was given on the basis of AIR of jee mains. This college is among the top 5 engineering colleges in Delhi after IITs so I chose it. At my time the admission was given through the joint admission counseling and the whole procedure was online. It was a very good and stress-free procedure because everything was very systematic and the notification came on time.

  • Faculty -The faculties are very supporting and motivating especially if I talk about theory subjects. Yes, I am in ECE branch so some of my favourite faculties are Miss Nandini Sharma, Mrs Prerna Gaur, Dr Atish Mozumdar, Mr Dhananjay Gadre.

  • Remarks -The importance given to the academics is the best thing about the college and one can have a good placement in hand before completion of the degree. So it's worth the Ranking it has got among the top engineering colleges.

Mayank Kumar Poddar

BE PURSUED 3rd year 2017 - 2018


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Remarks -"NSIT is a very good college with very good opportunities provided to the students not only by the college's faculty and administration but by the friendly seniors and the staff as well. The competitive environment in this college is quite healthy which helps in boosting of a student's skills in the long run."

  • Placement -The internship and Placement in this college are excellent as the students who meet the criteria set by the company get a fair and square chance although naturally there exist branches as most companies prefer computer and software students.

  • Campus Life -"The natural habitat I.e. the trees and animals have always been refreshing. The sports ground and the infrastructure is quite good. The vast array of opportunities that are provided to the students by the college."

Akash Maurya

BE PURSUED 3rd year 2017 - 2018


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Entrance Preview -I got admission in this college through JEE mains and JAC (Joint Admission Counselling). The reputation and placements of the college unparalleled. The admission process is pretty straightforward. JEE mains rank is the deciding factor. There is a little problem for the outside Delhi category. It is mandatory for them to have a local guardian in Delhi which makes it difficult for the student to get hostel even though he/she is from another city.

  • Events -The history of the events is very good. But recently their events have taken a hit to their quality, all because of a messed up admin. They even canceled the fresher's party. Some rules made are extremely bizarre.

  • Faculty -Few faculty members are really good but some are extremely incompetent. All they care about is them. If you mess with the wrong teacher he/she can give back on purpose and no will be able to do anything about it.

Shubham Singh Yadav



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Entrance Preview -"JEE Mains. Just due to its reputation and the college being in Delhi." Admission process experience has been horrible. All the stuff is being handled by ancient beings who care too much about the paperwork, less about what situation you are in.

  • Placement -The college gives ample opportunity for the students at the placement season. The internship is a different case though. Almost all the companies majorly favor COE and IT students, which is a bit unfair to the students from other branches.

  • Course Curriculum -The course has been revised in the year 2015. Before that, they have been following the coursework that has been set in 1983.

Utkarsh Tyagi

B.E. PURSUED 3rd year 2017 - 2018


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Faculty -some of the faculty members are *really* good, but a few are there, esp the Ph.D. and faculty (seems like they are forced to teach subjects way beyond their understanding) who bring the entire level down.

  • Entrance Preview -I got admission through JEE mains and i chose NSIT since it's among the top engineering colleges in India.Admission was through the online portal of JAC two years back and the process was more or less smooth.

  • Placement -opportunities are in abundance, but management by the college (special mention of the top) is probably the worst. These people believe in blindly following their *rules* (senseless most of them it seems).

Pradeep Kumar

BBE BATCH : 2017


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Remarks -Last but not least our college is a superb place to enhance your skill and personal development, and there is lot more thing and every year, so you have to visit sometime and check out thing.

  • Entrance Preview -I gave JAT entrance exam for this .i choose this college because it's the best college in our department and heard about a good review from the student. Lazy and problem in fees submission

  • Placement -There were very fewer placement in our college and we have to find internship in our own college by another website- intern-shala, intern-theory

Nitish Sharma



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Faculty -If we exclude one or two faculty members, the faculty is not interested in teaching or taking classes but the faculty is more interested in taking the attendance and all they want to do is debarred the students so that the university can make money

  • Entrance Preview -There was no entrance exam for the admission in my course. According to the internet, the university is a dream university which actually fooled me and ruined my college life and future

  • Events -G Quasar in which Neha Kakkar was invited and when everyone was there on the final date night they were told that she is not coming so you guys can leave.

Ankit Tripathi

BBA BATCH : 2017


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Entrance Preview -I haven't taken any entrance exam I got admission through counseling and I opted this college as Galgotias University is one of the nice college known to me. Yeah as when I took admission there was not that much rush as I felt. But now it is going tough as many of my friends told me that this time their brothers and sisters tried to get admission but because of a lot of students are standing in a queue and then refused to get admission. So as I think that admission these days is such a tough tas...

  • Campus Life -"As I started my college with a lot of enthusiasm and energy and with a lot of doubts like what type of atmosphere be there and how my seniors going to treat me and all. But as I started going and realized that Everything is going well over here. Over all my experience of college is superb."

  • Remarks -Over all my college is good. And trying to improve day-day. "1. Faculty and teaching 2. Behaviour of the seniors and teachers 3. Open environment and lot of opportunity"

Twinkle Verma

ECE PURSUED 3rd year 2017 - 2018


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Entrance Preview -"I appeared for JEE exam after 12th std. The reason why I chose: 1) it was near Delhi, I heard that it is good (this thinking did change). 2) it was my last option and better than IP colleges." Students with AIR between 1to 2.5 lac were given the registration letter. Priorities had to be filled in that form for sec 62 & 128. The registration started in July. The stream was given as per the first rank first serve! Competition is very tough these days. That competition can be felt.

  • Course Curriculum -"In ECE you get to study about management courses, coding courses, electronic courses, communication courses, VLSI course and embedded. my fav is VLSI."

  • Fees -They have been increasing the fee with every new batch! It would become unaffordable in future. For my batch, it is around 2.1 a year without hostel.

Radhika Sharma

ECONOMIC HONS. PURSUED 1st year 2017 - 2018


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Entrance Preview -Not entrance exam but according to merit list under by du. My favorite stream is eco and my aim is to become an IES officer

  • Exam Structure -Was very easy to compare to another course, yeah we got a short delay in our result as a site error or misleading.

  • Course Curriculum -My favorite subject is economics and we have to study about data analysis and data manipulation




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Placement -The college doesn't offer any placements for vocational courses Moreover honour courses like B.Com were offered.

  • Events -TaTVA is our annual event where we invited Famous singer Milind Gaba and Manish Paul.

  • Course Curriculum -Student has to fill application online from CVS site regards the vocational courses


ECE PURSUED 4th year 2017 - 2018


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Remarks -As of my experience of three yrs, our college has provided Good faculty and better teaching and lab facilities were also good and encouragement for other activities was nice apart from studies. I hope my college to be developed more in future.

  • Course Curriculum -My course is ECE it's quite interesting one to get know about electronics and communications and doing projects based on that. And I want to conduct more quality workshops on our practical knowledge.

  • Exam Structure -Internals were quite good and the announcement of results was in time but internal marks they upload to JNTU was not fair comparing to all other colleges.

Sai Kiran

MBA BATCH : 2015


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Entrance Preview -I filled the application form from the website and submitted all my details online. The entrance exam was conducted during the last week of december and based on the scores and ranks, the students were called for further rounds of selection. The college told about their process of selection at the time of filling and submitting the application form.

  • Faculty -The faculty of the college were very supportive to all the students working on starting their own companies. College and faculties both offered all sorts of help to such students so that these students success can motivate and inspire other students to follow their own dreams. I was lucky to have such faculties with friendly nature.

  • Course Curriculum -The curriculum of the mba program of this college wants to bring out the best quality in an individual so that they can work on their skills. They conduct so many lectures from outside visiting faculties and seminars from famous people that helps the faculty to motivate and inspire the students of the college.

Venkatesh Bapanapalli

MBA BATCH : 2015


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Alumni/Alumna -I got a lot of help from my seniors and alumni. They connected me with the influential and known people so that I can get benefit from them in my startup. My idea was very good and I got a lot of support from the college management and faculties and the other students of the college. I was very happy to be a part of this college.

  • Course Curriculum -The curriculum of the course is designed to bring out the values and ethics and qualities in a student so that they can become the best managers and leaders in the corporate world. So that they can achieve their goals by putting minimum efforts and resources. They are taught to utilize the resources to the optimum level.

  • Entrance Preview -I was referred to the college from one of the seniors in my graduation level. And during my final year of the graduation, I applied for mba program from this college. The application form was available on the college website and the admission process involved 5 steps. The admission committee was very helpful.

Saiteja Mahendarkar

MBA BATCH : 2013


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Course Curriculum -The course curriculum objective is to teach the student how to deal with a situation at a workplace and how to convert a weakness or a tough situation into an opportunity and a strength. The guest lectures from the esteemed influential people helps a lot. At the end of the lecture, they even share their experiences and gives motivation to the students of the college.

  • Remarks -The college has even installed a power backup system with the security system. The power generator can provide electricity for upto 24 hours if used at its full potential or it can lasts days if used judiciously. Proper security cameras are installed at all the important as well as non important college areas so as to ensure the safety of the students.

  • Campus Life -The infrastructure facilities of the college are one of its kind. The college has offered and provided all the necessary platform, resources and facilities to all the students. Internet facility of the college is amazing. The complete campus is installed with fibre technology cables to ensure high speed and high reliability internet connection.


MBA BATCH : 2016


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Course Curriculum -Students coming from companies to work and improve their skills. The students having work experience finds the course very interesting and they are able to relate all the topics with the experiences they had and how they could have avoided a situation or a mistake or how well they could have worked on a given task. The course helps you get everything.

  • Placement -Placement is available for all the students regardless if any student is required or wished to join their old firms again. Still the students give a try to see if the current company is valuing them with the right offers and job responsibility or not. College is able to get placements for all their students by the end of the year.

  • Internship -Internship is done after the 1 st year so that the students who don't have any kind of work experience can relate topics with the tasks given to them and understand it in a much better way. The students are given a lot of chances to explore the company and their culture and connect with people and improve their networking skills.

Arpit Awasthi

MBA PURSUED 1st year 2017 - 2018


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Entrance Preview -It was very difficult for me to get admission in the college since there was very huge competition. Students with very less difference were being selected and it purely depended on their luck now. The entrance exam is taken to select the students for the next round based on their performance in analytical as well as logical reasoning.

  • Alumni/Alumna -The students of the college can connect with the alumni through the college website. The students are also required to take permission from the management before making a contact with the alumni of the college. The alumni had a very good connections in the market and they also introduced us to those people.

  • Campus Life -The college is equipped with all the latest technology software so that the students are able to study well and are able to use latest gadgets. They want the students to be updated with all the knowledge. The infrastructure was very classic and all the students were also offered internet connection.

sai Paricharla

MBA BATCH : 2011


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Faculty -The college faculty were so much qualified that it is difficult to tell. They used to teach all their respective subjects in a very amazing way. The curriculum of the course doesn't focus much on the practical part these days but the faculties understand their importance and used to give us a lot of practical assignments and case studies to solve.

  • Fees -Fees of the college is nominal. All the additional fees and one time fees and registration and refundable fees is to be paid during the time of admission in the college. The students looking for any sort of fees waiver or any governmental schemes should contact the management of the college at the time of the admission.

  • Entrance Preview -The college accepts scores of entrance examinations like cat, mat or xat or snap since theses are the most recognised scores and are mostly acceptable by all the colleges. The application form is a bit lengthy but very helpful in getting us an insight about the details that the college looks for in a candidate.