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MBA BATCH : 2015


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Events -Yes, College conduct so many events and the one of them is Break through which is a three day adventure camp for professionals and youth to get in touch with the true spirit of life through exploration of nature. The trekking and mountaineering camp will be an exhilarating experience in one's life which students can cherish throughout their lives.

  • Faculty -The faculty members encouraged students to participate in seminars, FDPs, conferences, workshops etc., These workshops and seminars are organised by various universities and national institutes besides national and international conferences and faculty help students and trained for this.

  • Placement -So many companies visit to our campus such as BERGER, HDFC BANK, WIPRO, NEROLAC, MTS, LIFE CELL, IMPEX, ALLIANCE, HCL, ESAF, MAHINDRA FINANCE, GETIT, MORE, REDINGTON, TVS, VERTEX, VKC, XEROX etc and almost every students got placed and taking a handsome salary packages.


MBA BATCH : 2015


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Campus Life -Campus life was amazing so many facilities are given by the college. A common recreational food court provides the students with choice. Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian food are served prepared by expert chefs with prior experience in hotels. The food served is of high quality, nutritious and is healthy. Men and woman are encouraged to dine together creating a friendly atmosphere and team spirit

  • Remarks -The college is equipped with cutting edge facilities that aid students in honing their skills. Faculty members were cool at my time. College has Air-conditioned classrooms, fully-equipped seminar halls for students, learning centres and food court, the college boasts of state of the art facilities.

  • Placement -Yeah, placement facility is given by the college. So many reputed companies came like:- ITC, KPMG, AMUL, IDBI FEDERAL, VODAFONE, RELIANCE, INDUSIND BANK, KARVY, IDEA, REDINGTON, TVS, VERTEX, VKC, XEROX, RAMCO, CHEMMANUR JEWELERS, ICICI PRUDENTIAL, SYNTHITE etc.

Pankaj Kaushik



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Scholarship -There is some reduction in fees on the basis of 12th marks. So if you have scored well, then you get a discount. But if you had scored very well, then you would not opt for this college!          ...

  • Course Curriculum -Course follows the prescribed syllabus but it is not well taught. The subjects need to be taught well and the situation is that people are mostly reliant on self studies.

  • Campus Life -For extracurricular activities, there are sports grounds. Take advantage of that as there is nothing else to do. There are no shopping facilities near by.

Suvi Dogra



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Faculty -Only recent graduates are coming here to teach. The permanent staff is inadequate and the visiting faculty is better. The courses related to Seed Entrepreneurship, family Business Management, small Business Management, and Creativity & Innovation were somewhat well taught as the professor seemed highly interested in the subject himself.

  • Course Curriculum -They try to cover all management topics. However, it is all rote-learning, classroom teaching work. They have no inclination in showing students how to do practical application of what they have learnt.

  • Campus Life -Totally boring. Nothing to do around college as it is in a rural area. The college has good sports grounds. If you are the outdoorsy and athletic kind of person, then you should engage in games.

Shalini Shrivastava



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Course Curriculum -They are teaching well enough. It is more like school. Subjects like engineering mathematics, Introductory Statistics, Probability & Statistics I & II, and Applied Statistics are taught well. I liked how we very taught Electric Circuits & Digital Circuits.

  • Faculty -Faculty are not experienced. Most of them are recent graduates. They lack experience. Some of them are ex students​ who could not get placements and are now teaching here.

  • Entrance Preview -12th STD marks are asked. If you are taking admission through management quota, then they don't ask for entrance exam results.




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Course Curriculum -The course is well in sync with the industry requirements of today. The latest editions of the books are used. The course is designed in a way which helps the students to understand all the small things and different strategies to use.

  • Faculty -The faculty is amazing. They come from different backgrounds hence they have a vast knowledge of many things to share with us. They use real life examples to help us understand the concept properly.

  • Entrance Preview -The college has both offline and online mode of application. The candidates can fill the form online from the official website or they can visit the college and submit the form.




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Internship -The college course has summer internship a part of the program. The candidates will have to undertake a 2-month internship program. There are many companies coming in the college. But the candidates are free to take a profile and company of your choice.

  • Campus Life -The campus offers many facilities like auditorium, library which is huge, dining hall and many more. The campus is lively in the evening as you can see many students playing and taking a leisure walk in the evening.

  • Course Curriculum -The course is well designed so that the candidates can prepare and understand the concept properly. They know the kind of decisions and strategy to take for making the right choices.




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Placement -The college sees placement offers every year from companies like Thumbay group, Eye Q Hospital, Deloitte, Accenture, Dell, etc. The placements cell is very proactive and the give you high quality guidance for cracking interviews.

  • Faculty -High qualified and experienced teachers make your learning experience memorable. We had a lot of senior doctors teaching us so the learning was very in-depth as they have literally worked on what they are talking about.

  • Course Curriculum -Good academic and practical training in healthcare business, supply chain management in hospitals, GIS in public health and emergency preparedness & disaster management in healthcare.

Supriya Agnihotri



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Remarks -Overall, this is an excellent college for health management studies. I would highly recommend it for keeping as top choice in your targetted list of colleges in healthcare business studies.

  • Placement -IIHRM has a 100% placement records. Good offers are made in terms of job responsibilities and salaries. Lot of big hospital chains come here for hiring.

  • Course Curriculum -Very well designed and it covers all aspects of the healthcare industry. They give practical, real life cases as examples for explaining concepts.




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Course Curriculum -Course curriculum is excellent. It covers all necessary aspects of running a hospital and how to run a healthcare business. I really enjoyed studying healthcare delivery systems and supply chain management in hospitals.

  • Internship -I was the placement representative this summer for IIHMR and last year I did an internship with the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre. I had good opportunities to implement what I've learnt.

  • Entrance Preview -The college requires a management exam score. Then there is the online application process for admission. The application fee of 1000 is to be paid online only.

Barkha Mishra



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Scholarship -The President's scholarship is an initiative in the name of SSS Trust's late President Smt. B. Nagarathnamma. The purpose of the President's Scholarship is to encourage students to excel in academics. It is a platform that gives excellent students from different backgrounds the opportunity to learn and develop by providing financial assistance. A total of 25 President's scholarships are granted by ABBS.

  • Course Curriculum -The academic journey at ABBS has been full of rigor and challenges. The curriculum and course delivery method were contemporary, holistic and one of the best in the industry. I am pleased to imbibe multifaceted management knowledge and skills from this prestigious B-School.

  • Placement - I must say that ABBS is a breeding ground for young corporate managers. I am proud to be its alumnus and extend my heartfelt thanks to all faculty and staff members and Placement team for enlightening us with horizons of knowledge and making our stay delightful.

Abhyanth Kumar LR



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Events -My sincere thanks to Dr. H.R Venkatesha, Director of ABBS who has been the driving force behind all the events in college which has excelled me in achieving my goals and the corporate exposure provided by the Institute by numerous seminars , industrial visits, management fests , various other events has helped me to excel in my core areas of interest.

  • Placement -My sincere thanks to our placement department who were on a role to get us corporate ready and bring in the best companies & give us ample opportunities to get our self-equipped with tools to tackle the interviews.

  • Entrance Preview -The college accepts CAT/XAT/MAT/CMAT for admissions. The application procedure takes place online. This is followed by the GD/PI round.




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Placement -Placement cell is active but there aren't many placements taking place. You have to try on your own. The placements scene needs a lot of work and improvement. Average package offered was around 3 lakhs p.a.

  • Internship -You should try for an internship on your own. It helps later when you apply for campus placements. Finding internships is not exactly difficult because Bangalore is close-by.

  • Remarks -I would not advise this college because the experience with the management was bad. They keep imposing fines for silly reasons. It is a money making business.

Sohail Khan



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Placement -Placement is okay but can improve a lot. Since the college is close to Bangalore, you must take advantage and apply on your own to many companies here. The salaries offered on campus are not very good and the college does not have a strong placements record.

  • Internship -You will not get an internship through the college. You have to find on your own. Don't expect stipend. The college generally cooperates with all admin formalities to do the internship.

  • Faculty -Computer science dept lecturers are friendly and helping but the problem with college is its administration and strict rules. They impose fines for everything and anything.

Zohra Hussein



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Campus Life -Since it is a new b-school, started in year 2015, in HKBKCE, there are not many facilities provided to students as promised at the time of taking admissions. No access to library, WiFi, etc. Everything is not going according to guidelines of Bangalore university. I hope in coming years it will improve its standard.

  • Faculty -I think the coaching is good enough . There are some really good teachers who teach well. Teachers are friendly, however the opposite is true for the administration , greedy and selfish who show no responsibility at all.. Unprofessional! The college is academically wise a good one

  • Placement -Thanks to the proximity to Bangalore, many good tech companies come here for recruitment. Infosys, Oracle, IBM and Microsoft regularly make offers here.




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Events -Events organised every week and annually.I enjoyed most of the literal events like essay writing competition, debate competition, quiz competition etc.I always participated in these kinds of programmes.For these kinds of programmes, we can show our extracurricular skills apart from academic results.

  • Course Curriculum -MBA programme provides a comprehensive coverage of topics for management course.semester 1 and 2 provide a sound understanding of a vast and diverse array of topics.Semester 3 and 4 includes domains like International Business, Business ethics and values, and electives like finance, marketing etc.

  • Placement -Placement of our college is guaranteed.Every passed out students gets placement in reputed corporate companies with handsome packages.Every year many companies around the world visit our college for campus interview.Our college placement cell is also very active in giving training for placement.


B.TECH ECE PURSUED 4th year 2017 - 2018


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Remarks -The huge amount of money is spent for providing good facilities to the students in college. Wi-Fi connections are available everywhere in college, apple desktops are provided in labs and there are projectors in every classroom. Every type of food is available on campus.

  • Course Curriculum -The course curriculum is diverse and provides in-depth knowledge and an all-around learning experience. it has a great culture for research but the teaching methods are old but in transition of being innovative and technologically sound.

  • Campus Life -Campus life is really very good. We get great exposure. The crowd is also fine.. It has a great infrastructure and a completely Wi-Fi connected campus. There are many activities to perform, and the hostels are superb.




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Course Curriculum -MCA in Adarsh, is a three-year degree course, with each academic year comprising of 2 semesters.The Course designed is simple and become Industry ready and employable.sSpecialisatios are- distributed operating system, software testing, multimedia communication, image media etc.

  • Alumni/Alumna -Alumni association in our college organises different programmes time to time.Every year they conduct alumni meet.All the alumni get together and enjoy the whole day remembering their days in the college.After the programme over Lunch is also available for all.

  • Campus Life -Our college has different clubs which care about student's passion apart from academics.Out college give us a base so that we can show our talent.The Whole campus is wifi enabled.A library with well-stocked books, journals and publications.


MCA PURSUED 1st year 2017 - 2018


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Events -Our college conducts many events.As I am a fresher now, I do not know much about it.But we do have fresher's party every year, which is conducted by college and our seniors.College organises many technical and cultural events as well.Our college teachers and seniors give equal importance to every student.

  • Faculty -All are very experienced and respected faculty in our Institute.Some of our teachers are very friendly in nature and their teaching style is also appreciated.They try to explain with reference to the external world.They give equal importance to every student.

  • Course Curriculum -The duration of the MCA course extends to a period of three years.Each academic year is comprising of 2 semesters.The course includes distribution of the operating system, Software testing, compiler design etc.Our MCA course is not that vast




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Placement -There are 100% placements for CSE and IT, while ECE, mechanical and other branches are also placed in software companies which have 80% placement record. IBM, Synergy Telecom services, Lukhnow Videocon, Noida Blue Star Technologies, Hyderabad Indosaw, Ambala Whirlpool, Noida Japlin, Gaurgaon GTL, Mohali/Noida YES Bank, Gaurgaon and other companies from all over India come for placements.

  • Course Curriculum -Curriculum of this course is designed to meet current industrial requirements with an emphasis on industrial interaction and applied engineering. The course has been approved by AICTE. The two year program aspires students with engineering knowledge & practical experience building a robust foundation in various aspects.

  • Campus Life -The college has fully wifi enabled campus. Labs are very clean and all instruments are available. Annual sports and games are also organised by our college authorities.