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Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in Australia: Top Universities, Fees, Eligibility, Scholarships, Scope

Komal Yadav Komal Yadav
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Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in Australia is a 4 to 6 years full-time course offered majorly as Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) degree. Some universities offer a bachelor's degree completely focused on mechanical engineering while others offer it as a major. Mechanical Engineering is also available along with other specializations such as material engineering, aerospace engineering, etc in universities of Australia

The average salary for a Mechanical Engineer in Australia is around 68,700 AUD (37 lakhs INR) per year. However, the cost of pursuing a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Australian universities is almost half around 37,000 AUD to 49,000 AUD annually. For an Indian student, it costs around 20 lakhs to 26 lakhs per annum. The job prospects after pursuing this degree are Mechanical Engineer, Mechanical Design Engineer, Mechatronics Engineer, etc.

Why Study Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in Australia?

  • As per the Labor Department of Australia, the demand for mechanical engineers has increased by 13.3% in 2019. 
  • According to Job Outlook, 8,000 new industrial, mechanical, and production engineering jobs are expected to be created by 2023 in Australia.
  • As per PayScale, Mechanical Engineers in Perth, Western Australia earns an average of 7.5% more than the national average.
  • Mechanical Engineering vacancies have grown in the last six months in Victoria and Western Australia as per recent survey results of Engineers Australia.
  • According to JobOutlooksurvey, 60.4% of industrial, mechanical, and production engineers in Australia are bachelor degree holders. 
  • As per, Australia is the 2nd highest paid country for mechanical engineers after Switzerland with an average salary of 178,500 AUD annually.
Best Paying Country for Mechanical Engineering Professionals
  • Mechanical Engineer(s) in Australia are likely to observe a salary increase of approximately 12% every 18 months. 
  • According to Job Outlook, main industries hiring Mechanical Engineers in Australia are Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (29.9%); Manufacturing (29.9%); and Mining (11.4%).

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in Australia: Top Universities

According to the QS Subject Ranking 2020 (Engineering- Mechanical), top universities offering Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in Australia are: 

QS Ranking 2020University Programs Offered and DurationTotal Program Fees (in AUD)Intake Month
51 – 100Monash UniversityBachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons); 4 years184,000 February, July, November
51 – 100University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering; 4 years191,040 March, July, November
51 – 100University of SydneyBEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering; 4 years194,000 January, June
101 – 150Australian National University (ANU)BEng (Hons) in Mechanical and Material Systems; 4 years184,320Semesters 1: June, August, November;
Semester 2: February, April, August
101 – 150RMIT UniversityBEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering; 4 years149,760 February, July
101 – 150University of Queensland (UQ)BEng (Hons): Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; Mechanical and Material Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; 4 years180,480May, November
151 – 200University of AdelaideBEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering; 4 years172,000February, July
151 – 200University of Technology Sydney (UTS)BEng (Hons): Mechanical Engineering; Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering; 4 years183,548February, July
201 – 250Queensland University of Technology (QUT)BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering; 4 years 162,400February, July
201 – 250University of WollongongBEng (Hons) in Mechanical or Mechatronics; 5.5 years206,448June, December

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in Australia: Admission Process

When applying to universities in Australia, international students are required to have completed twelve years of education. It is advisory to get early admission so that students get sufficient time to apply for their visa and make travel arrangements to Australia. 

Eligibility for Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in Australia

An international applicant must fulfill the following minimum eligibility criteria for pursuing Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in Australia: 

  • Passed class 12th from a recognized board
  • At least 65% marks in class 12
  • IELTS or TOEFL test scores as proof of English proficiency

Minimum requirement in 12th class for Indian students applying for Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in Australia are tabulated below: 

UniversityMinimum Eligibility in Class 12
Monash UniversityEnglish, Maths, Science as compulsory subjects
University of New South WalesMaths, Physics as compulsory subjects
University of Sydney

Maths as compulsory subject;
HSSC (6 states): At least 85 ATAR;
CBSE: At least 14.5 ATAR;
ISC: At least 88 ATAR

Australian National UniversityMaths as compulsory subject;
At least 85 ATAR
RMIT University

CBSE, ISC: Minimum 65%;
State Board: Minimum 70%;
Maths, Chemistry/Physics as compulsory subjects;

University of Queensland (UQ)English, Maths, Chemistry/Physics as compulsory subjects;
University of AdelaideMaths, Physics as compulsory subjects
University of Technology SydneyPassed class 12
QUTState Board: Minimum 75%;
ISC, CBSE: Minimum 60%;
Maths as compulsory subject
University of WollongongAt least 80 ATAR

    Note: ATAR score is calculated based on marks at least 4 subjects in class 12. English is one of the cumpolsory subjects used for determining the score.

    Documents Required for Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering in Australia

    Here is a checklist of what you would need to submit along with the admission application at the universities in Australia:

    • Transcript of School Certificate examination (class10 and class12)
    • Proof of English language proficiency 
    • Letter of Recommendation
    • Certificate of award or scholarship (if sponsored from home country)
    • Proof of finances to bear the tuition fee
    • Copy of Passport

    English Proficiency Requirement for International Students

    International students are required to demonstrate proficiency in English language by submitting IELTS, TOEFL or PTE test scores. Minimum score requirement for admission in top universities of Australia are as follows:

    UniversityIELTSTOEFL (iBT)PTE
    Monash University6.57958
    UNSW Sydney6.59064
    University of Sydney6.08561
    RMIT University6.57958
    University of Queensland6.58764
    University of Adelaide6.57958
    University of Wollongong6.070-

    Student Visa to Australia

    Visa application can be made online and by paying a basic fee of 620 AUD and uploading the following documents:

    • Completed student visa application form.
    • Copy of valid passport (your passport should be valid for at least 6 months after your desired time of stay)
    • Certificate of Confirmation of Enrolment or Letter of Offer
    • Evidence of sufficient funds to finance your stay (minimum of 18,000 AUD)
    • Overseas Health Cover (OSHC) receipt
    • 4 recent passport size photograph
    • Parental Consent Letter for students under the age of 18

    Students will need to appear for an interview with the Australian Consulate or Embassy in the respective home countries to get a student visa to Australia.

    Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in Australia: Cost of Study

    Costs for studying abroad include pre-arrival costs, tuition fees, and the cost of living in Australia. Students are required to estimate their budget to bear these expenses. The average costs for studying Bachelor in Education in Australia are mentioned in the section below:

    Pre-arrival Cost

    The pre-arrival costs that students are required to pay include the fees for the standardized exams to study in Australia, visa application, admission application, air travel, etc. The estimated pre-arrival expenses to Australia are:

    Type of ExpensesAmount (in AUD)
    Application Fees45 – 91
    Australia Visa Fees620
    IELTS Fee256 – 272
    TOEFL Fee222 – 345
    PTE Fee254 – 272
    Air Travel817 – 1,544

    Tuition Fees for Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in Australia

    The tuition fees for international students at the top bachelor of mechanical engineering universities in Australia range from 37,000 AUD to 49,000 AUD annually depending on the program. Queensland University of Technology and RMIT University charges the least amount of fees among them.

    Cost of Living in Australia

    The cost of living depends upon the student accommodation in Australia one would choose and the living standards. The various types of accommodation options available and their approximate cost is given in the table below:

    Type of AccommodationMonthly Cost (in AUD)
    Hostels and guesthouses329
    Shared Rental347

    Apart from these expenses, there are also other living costs like food, transportation, gas, electricity, etc.

    Type of ExpensesMonthly Cost (AUD)
    Groceries and food197
    Gas and electricity43
    Phone and Internet60
    Public Transport116

    Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in Australia: Scholarships

    International students pursuing education in Australia face difficulties regarding the cost of education but the government and universities have a lot of scholarships available to ease the financial burden.

    Some of the scholarships for international students in Australia are tabulated below:

    UniversitiesScholarshipsAward Values (in AUD)
    RMIT UniversityFuture Leader Scholarship20% tuition fee reduction
    Swinburne University of TechnologySwinburne International Excellence Scholarship38,000
    Monash UniversityEngineering International Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship40,000
    Monash UniversityEngineering International Undergraduate Scholarship10,000
    University of AdelaideAdelaide International Undergraduate Scholarships25% tuition fee reduction
    UNSW SydneyUNSW International ScholarshipsFull or partial tuition fee payment
    Australian National University (ANU)ANU International University ScholarshipFull tuition fee waived
    Australian National University (ANU)College of Engineering and Computer Science International Undergraduate Merit Scholarship25% tuition fee waived

    For more international scholarships in Australia, Click Here.

    Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in Australia: Scope and Job Prospects

    After completion of a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, international students have a number of options available. They can opt for a master's degree which can offer them better job prospects and growth. Masters in mechanical engineering in Australia can help graduates earn 60% more than bachelor degree holders.

    As per Salary Explorer, a person working in the mechanical sector with a master's degree earns an average salary of 110,000 AUD per year than a person with a bachelor's degree earning 74,200 AUD. 

    Students with a degree in Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in Australia are able to get jobs in the Department of Defence, CEA Technologies, Cochlear Limited, Energy Australia, Ford, GHD, IBM, Northrop Consulting Engineers, Qantas, Telstra, Thales, Toyota, etc. The average salary for mechanical engineering is 16% more than that of other engineering degrees.

    Let’s take a look at the below table for jobs in Australia after a bachelor of mechanical engineering:

    Job ProspectsAverage Annual Salary (AUD)
    Mechanical Project Engineer128,000
    Senior Mechanical Engineer109,000
    Mechanical Design Engineer75,000
    Junior Mechanical Engineer57,000
    Senior Mechanical Design Engineer101,000
    Principal Mechanical Engineer133,000
    Mechanical Engineering Manager126,000
    Mechanical and Electrical Engineer96,600
    Mechatronics Engineer84,500
    Mechanical Inspector88,200

    Some of the top recruiters hiring mechanical engineering graduates in Australia are depicted in the chart below with the average annual salaries. 

    Top Mechanical Engineer Recruiters in Australia

    Mechanical engineering colleges in Australia deliver the finest education and offer the best resources. From Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Hobart, you can find the best universities and institutes where the scope is bright for mechanical engineers.

    According to the job projection by the Labor Market information portal, mechanical engineers have a projected growth rate of 4.7% in the next 5 years. Because of its wide scope, job prospects, and quality education, students find Australia a perfect choice for pursuing a bachelor of mechanical engineering. 


    Ques. Which university is best for mechanical engineering in Australia?

    Ans. There are a lot of universities in Australia that provide an excellent education for mechanical engineering. Among these, the popular ones are the University of Sydney, UNSW Sydney, and Monash University.

    Ques. Is mechanical engineering good in Australia?

    Ans. 3 universities of Australia offering a degree in mechanical engineering rank among the top 100 universities of the world. Annual tuition fee charged is for bachelor's degree is 37,000 AUD to 49,000 AUD whereas you can earn up to 74,200 AUD per year.

    Ques. What are the minimum eligibility requirements for pursuing a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in Australia?

    Ans. Students are required to have at least 65%-70% marks in 12th grade to apply for bachelor of mechanical engineering in Australia. International students are also required to submit a minimum IELTS score of 6.5, TOEFL score of 90, or PTE score of 64 as proof of English proficiency.

    Ques. What is the cost incurred for pursuing a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in Australia?

    Ans. It is a well-known fact that Australia is an expensive study abroad destination with the highest standard of living. The tuition fees for pursuing a bachelor of mechanical engineering from top Australian universities is around 37,000 AUD to 49,000 AUD per year.

    Ques. How much does a mechanical engineer make in Australia?

    Ans. The average salary of mechanical engineering in Australia is 68,700 AUD per year. With a master's degree, it increases up to 110,000 AUD per annum.

    Ques. What does a mechanical engineer do in Australia?

    Ans. After a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering, there are excellent job opportunities with lucrative packages. Students are able to work as a Mechanical Project Engineer, Mechanical Design Engineer, Mechatronics Engineer, Mechanical Inspector, etc. 

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