Australian Universities Application Deadlines

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    Higher education institutions in Australia are mainly of two types – universities or colleges and Vocational Education and Training institutes (VETs). The admission timelines vary for these, so if one wants to study in Australia it is important to be aware of the deadlines.

    It is important for international students to take care that they apply before the deadlines to ensure that there is enough time left for obtaining the student visa for Australia.

    Application Deadlines for Australian Universities/Colleges

    Australian universities usually have intakes twice a year - in autumn and in spring. Some universities also have intakes for the summer session. The application deadlines for each session in the top colleges is tabulated below.

    University Study Level Intake Application Deadline Application Fee
    Australian National University UG, PG Semester 1 16 November 2020 N/A
    Semester 2 30 April 2021
    University of Sydney UG, PG Semester 1 31 January 2021 AUD 125
    Semester 2 30 June 2021
    University of Melbourne UG, PG Semester 1 30 November 2020 AUD 100
    Semester 2 June 2021
    University of New South Wales UG, PG Term 1 30 November 2020 AUD 125
    Term 2 31 March 2021
    Term 3 31 July 2021
    PG in Psychology Deadlines as early as October of the previous year
    University of Queensland UG Semester 1 4 February 2021 AUD 100
    Semester 2 13 May 2021
    PG February 31 January
    July 30 June
    Monash University UG Semester 1 Varies for courses AUD 100
    Semester 2
    PG Semester 1 Varies for courses
    Semester 2 mid-June
    University of Western Australia UG Semester 1 1 December AUD 150
    Semester 2 1 June
    Medicine, Dentistry, Podiatric Medicine or Pharmacy 31 May
    PG Semester 1 19 February 2021, but varies for some courses AUD 100
    University of Adelaide UG Semester 1 30 September 2020 AUD 110
    Semester 2 28 January 2021
    Term 3 (for some courses) 1 April 2021
    Medicine/Surgery, Dental Surgery, Oral Health and Veterinary Bioscience 30 September 2020
    PG Semester 1 October/November 2020
    Semester 2 5 February 2021
    University of Technology Sydney UG Autumn Session Ongoing AUD 100
    PG Autumn Session 15 January 2021
    Spring Session 30 April 2021
    Summer Session 15 October
    University of Wollongong UG Autumn Session 24 December 2020 None
    Spring Session 27 June 2021
    PG Trimester 1 29 January 2021
    Autumn 2021 31 January 2021
    Trimester 2 18 April 2021
    Spring 2021 30 June 2021

    Australian Universities Deadlines: Top Courses

    Certain courses are in high demand by international students, like:

    The application deadlines for these courses in Australia are specifically outlined in the tables below.

    Australian Universities Deadlines for MBA

    The admission application to MBA universities is invited twice a year. The deadlines for top Australian business schools offering MBA are:

    Business School Intake Application Deadline Application Fee
    Melbourne Business School September 2021 30 April 2021 AUD 100
    UNSW (AGSM) May 2021 15 January 2021 AUD 125
    Monash Business School February 2021 30 September 2020 AUD 100
    UQ Business school N/A 31 May 2021 N/A
    MGSM Macquarie Term 1 08 November 2020 N/A
    Term 2 07 March 2021
    Term 3 23 May 2021
    Term 4 22 August 2021

    Australian Universities Deadlines: Engineering

    Among one of the most popular courses for international students in Engineering. Listed below are some of the top engineering colleges in Australia along with their admission deadlines and related details:

    University Program Intake Application Deadline Application Fee
    University of New South Wales (UNSW) Bachelors, Masters Term 1 30 November 2020 AUD 125
    Term 2 31 March 2021
    Term 3 31 July 2021
    University of Melbourne Masters September 30 December 2020 AUD 100
    Monash University Bachelors, Masters, PhD Semester 1 Apply anytime AUD 100
    Semester 2
    University of Sydney Bachelors Semester 1 31 January 2021 AUD 125
    Semester 2 30 June 2021
    Masters Semester 1 31 January 2021
    Semester 2 24 August 2021
    Australian National University Bachelors, Masters Semester 1 16 November 2020 N/A
    Semester 2 30 April 2021

    Australian Universities Deadlines for Masters in Business Analytics

    Business analytics courses are highly gaining popularity among the international crowd, so the table below discusses the deadlines for top Australian universities offering the program:

    University/School Intake Application Deadline Application Fee
    Melbourne Business School January 15 October N/A
    La Trobe Business school Semester 1 16 February 2021 N/A
    Semester 2 N/A
    Monash University Semester 1 Apply anytime AUD 100
    University of Technology Sydney Autumn 15 January 2021 AUD 100
    Macquarie University Session 1 8 November 2020 N/A
    Session 2 7 March 2021

    Application Deadlines for VETs in Australia

    Vocational Education and Training Institutes offer practical courses that train people in specific professions, enabling them to earn a diploma. These institutes have two to four intakes a year, mostly divided into February, April, July and October sessions. The exact deadlines vary from course to course and centre to centre.

    A good number of universities accept international students throughout the year, but one must always try to apply as soon as possible in order to get benefits like good scholarship offers in Australia. Another reason to start the process early is that one may have to take exams to study in Australia in order to gain admission to educational institutions. Lastly, since applying through agents is a popular option for students going to Australia, it is recommended to discuss the process at length with them and seek their advice every step of the way.