Bachelors of Architecture in Australia: A Guide for International Aspirants

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    Bachelors of Architecture in Australia is a three-year program costing around 96,000 AUD- 135,000 AUD. Australian universities invite applications for admissions to bachelors of architecture for February and July sessions. International students from India are required to have at least 70% or more (on average) to apply for bachelors of architecture in Australia. With eight state and territory architect boards in Australia, there are a variety of accredited programs to choose from. These programs are recognized in all the states within Australia. Currently, over 80 colleges offer architecture as a higher education degree in Australia

    The annual tuition fees of the program range between 32,500 to 45,100 AUD. This equals around 18 LPA to 23 LPA (exchange rate: Jul’20). After completion of your B.Arch degree in Australia, you cannot register as an Architect. To register as an architect you are required to have a masters in architecture from Australia or an internationally recognized university. However, you can still work after completion of the degree with other registered architects and earn around 60,000 AUD to 80,000 AUD per annum. Work experience gained with a registered architect after your bachelor's will help you when you plan on registering as an architect yourself. 

    Why study Bachelors of Architecture in Australia?

    • Four Australian universities rank within the Top 50 Global Universities for Architectural program.
    • 10 Australian universities rank within the Top 100 Global Universities for Architectural program.
    • According to the AACA (Architects Accreditation Council of Australia) reports, there are around 13,000 enterprises that employ 40,000 architects in Australia.
    • In 2017-2018, the sector generated an income of approximately A$ 34 billion which shows the rapid growth of the sector.
    • As per Job Outlook, a rise of over 12,000 jobs was observed in a time span of 2014-2019.
    • As per Department of Skills Education and Employment, architects and related jobs as categorized under skill-shortage programs. A shortage of skilled labor results in higher salary packages.

    Bachelors of Architecture in Australia; Top Universities

    There are more than 40 universities offering bachelors of architecture in Australia. Around 15 Australian Universities rank globally among top 250 for their architecture program, as per the QS top universities subject rankings 2020. Given below is a table providing details of some of the top-ranking universities, programs offered and the total program fees.

    QS Global Subject-Wise Rankings University Name Courses offered Course Duration Program fee (AUD)
    15 University of Sydney Bachelor of Design (architecture) 3 years 123,000
    17 University of Melbourne Bachelor of Design ( architecture)  3 years 102,336 – 133896
    22 RMIT University Bachelor of Architectural Design 3 years 123,840
    25 University of New South Wales Bachelor of architectural studies 3 years 123,840
    51-100 University of Queensland Bachelor of architectural design 3 years 135,360
    51-100 Monash University Bachelor of architectural design 3 years 123,000
    51-100 Queensland University of technology Bachelor of Design (architecture)
    Bachelor of Design (interior architecture)
    Bachelor of Design (landscape architecture)
    3 years 108,300
    51-100 University of Technology Sydney Bachelor of Design (architecture) 3 years 116,160
    51-100 University of Newcastle Bachelor of Design ( architecture) 3 years 98,100
    51-100 Curtin University Bachelor of Applied Science (architectural sciences) 3 years 98,100
    101-150 University of Adelaide Bachelor of architectural design 3 years 105,000
    101-150 Griffith University Bachelor of architectural design 3 years 97,500
    101-150 University of Western Australia Bachelors of Architecture 3 years 110,100
    151-200 Deakin University  Bachelor of Design (architecture) 3 year 96,000
    - Western Sydney University Bachelor of architectural design 3 year 99,000

    Bachelors of Architecture in Australia: Admissions

    Each university has its own minimum eligibility to be fulfilled. Most of the Australian Universities consider ATAR rank ( Australian Tertiary admission rank) for admissions. It is calculated using HSC (Higher secondary certificate) overall score and is an estimate of the particular student’s rank amongst the candidates of the same year group. In general, one must have completed the minimum qualification of 10+2 years to pursue a Bachelors of Architecture in Australia. The admission is usually offered in February and July months.

    Bachelors of Architecture in Australia: Eligibility

    Given below is a table for details on the university-specific eligibility criteria. This includes the ATAR ranks, score for Indian high school graduates, and language proficiency requirements that must be fulfilled by international students. To study in Australia, it is required that you fulfill these minimum requirements:

    University name ATAR RANK CBSE  Indian School Certificate Grade Equivalent TOEFL(iBT) IELTS
    University of Sydney 80-92 16.5 92% A2 96(17/19) 7.0
    University of Melbourne 75-80 English Language scores are required English Language scores are required A2 79 6.5
    RMIT NA English language is mandatory 80% B1 79 6.5
    University of New South Wales 80 13 83 B2  94(25/23) 7.0
    University of Queensland 87 NA 77.5-85 B1-A2 87(19/21) 6.5
    Monash University NA English is required English is required NA 79(21/18) 6.5
    Queensland University of Technology 80+ 12 60%+ B2 79 6.5
    The University of Technology, Sydney 75-95 NA NA NA 102-109 6.5-7.5
    University of New Castle 14.5 70+ B1 NA NA 6.0
    Curtin University 70 60% 65% B2 NA 6.5
    University of Adelaide 75-80 70% 80% B1 79(18/21) 6.5

    In various universities, applicants who are unable to fulfill the above-mentioned minimum requirements are still considered for admissions. This is possible if the applicants apply through pathways.

    Bachelors of Architecture in Australia: Application Package

    International applicants are required to submit additional documents along with their application. These are as follows:

    • Academic certificates and mark sheets of 12th qualification.
    • Resume/CV.
    • Language proficiency test: IELTS/TOEFL
    • Health insurance.
    • Passport size photographs.
    • Residential proof or Australian visa

    Bachelors of Architecture in Australia: Cost of Study

    When planning to study abroad, international applicants must keep in mind that they will encounter expenses like tuition, accommodation, etc. These expenses can be broadly categorized in pre-arrival and post-arrival. Pre-arrival costs include one-time expenses including exams, travel, etc. Post-arrival cost includes tuition and the cost of living abroad. The detailed outline of these is briefed in the sections below.

    Pre-arrival costs

    These are one-time investment costs that cannot be ignored in any circumstances. These mainly include application fees, fees for exams required to study in Australia, visa application fees, airfare, and more

    Type of expenses Costs in AUD
    Application fees 125-300
    Visa application fees 575
    IELTS application fees 340
    TOEFL application fees 300
    Airfare 200-750.
    Health insurance 2,149

    Bachelors of Architecture in Australia: Tuition Fee

    Given below is a graph comparing the tuition fees for some of the popular Australian universities offering a bachelors in architecture:

    Cost of Living in Australia

    The overall cost of pursuing this three-year program for an Indian student ranges from 50 lakhs to 70 lakhs depending on the choice of university. This is a hefty amount and to fund yourself you can find financial aids, such as scholarships to study in Australia

    Cost of Living in Australia

    The Australian government suggests international students have an extra amount of around 21,000 AUD annually. This amount will cover your accommodation and other expenses. You must have an additional 7,000 AUD, if a partner is accompanying you, These expenses include the basic cost of living in Australia. Given below is a detailed description of the monthly expenses that you may experience

    Type of Expense Cost (AUD)
    Homestay 450 – 1200
    Students Hall 440 – 1100
    Rent of Appart 750 – 1700
    Food 500 – 1000
    Transportation cost 30 – 70
    Internet 70 – 120
    Entertainment 200

    Bachelors of Architecture in Australia with Scholarships

    Despite being one of the most expensive countries, Australia is still amongst one of the most preferable destinations for students. This is mostly because of the number of scholarships that are available for international students. Given below is the list of scholarships among some of the top universities:

    Government-funded scholarships

    • Australian Awards: This is a government-funded scholarship that covers all the student expenses such as accommodation, transportation, 100% tuition fees, etc. For 2020, the award will be given to 1982 students belonging to around 50 countries. The department of foreign affairs and Trade released a budget of A$ 280 million for this scholarship.
    • Provider Scholarships: Based on the academic performances, the government provides meritorious international students with scholarships.
    • Destination Australia Scholarship: Introduced to improve mobility in Australia, this scholarship is offered to both domestic and international students. Over 1000 scholarships are offered each year to promote Australia as a study abroad destination and enhance the study-abroad domestic aspirants.

    University-Specific Scholarships

    Given below are the scholarships for international students studying in Australia. Some universities offer specific scholarships for Bachelors of Architecture programs. The details of the value/amount offered are also included in the below-mentioned table:

    University Scholarship Value
    University of Sydney Cox Architectural Scholarship Dean’s International Merit Scholarship 5000 1000
    University of Melbourne Melbourne Mobility Award Students Grant 6000 1000-10,000
    Monash University Commonwealth Indigenous Access Scholarship 3000
    RMIT Australian Awards Varies
    University of New South Wales UNSW International Scholarships 5000
    University of Technology Sydney International Undergraduate Full Tuition Scholarship Complete Tuition is Waived

    Apart from funding yourself through scholarships, you can also look for loans available to study abroad. Additionally, working while learning is another way of keeping the inflow of money. The Australian government has standardized the work hour limit to 20 hours a week for students with an Australian visa. You can either work with your university of around your campus, the payscale offered to part-time jobs are also standardized and regulated by the government to ensure no cheap labor is encouraged.  

    Bachelors of Architecture in Australia: Job prospects

    As per the AACA survey, it was discovered that for around 10,000 architects who had bachelors as their highest qualification. This was followed by a masters in architecture degree, which is held by around 2,800 architects in Australia.

    It is expected that there will be around 9,000 job openings in the coming five years. This means that around 1800 opening will be seen each year. Given below is an image of the major industries and their share of employment for architects:

    Bachelors of Architecture in Australia

    An architect in Australia working with the government earns around 93,800 AUD on an annual average. However, the ones working in the private sector make around 89,400 AUD annually.

    Job type Annual Average Salary (AUD)
    Architectural draftsperson 67400
    Architect & Architectural Designer 81500
    Architectural Technician 83800
    Architectural Consultant 86600
    CAD Drafter 71600
    Design & Decoration Assistant 74900
    Interior Designer 89800
    Landscape Architect 88600
    Mapping Technician 65800
    Architectural Manager 105000

    The architecture sector has a great scope in Australia. The demand for highly proficient architects is rapidly Increasing. The jobs in this sector have all the important roles from planning a project to construction and legal documentation which makes the sector more stimulating.

    A bachelor’s degree followed by masters in architecture from Australia will bring more job opportunities and exposure. The industry is worth $100 billion and has millions of employees. The architects in Australia are registered under the state or territory architect’s board. Any graduate, prior to registration, cannot call themselves Architects legally in Australia. There are a total of 8 boards in Australia.

    However, to be eligible to register under the Board, one must have completed master's in architecture, have 2 years of experience in the industry and then, one has to pass the competency test. International students must keep this in mind while applying for the program and various jobs in Australia.


    Ques. Where can I study bachelors in architecture in Australia?

    Ans. Over 25 universities in Australia offer a bachelor's in architecture. Some of the top architecture universities include the University of Sydney, Monash University, UNSW, University of Melbourne, RMIT University, UTS< Curtin University, and more. 

    Ques. How long is a B.Arch degree in Australia?

    Ans. A bachelor of architecture in Australia takes around 3 years to complete. 

    Ques. Can I register as an Architect in Australia after bachelor's in architecture? 

    Ans. No, to register as an architect in Australia you need to complete 5 years of education after high school. A bachelors in architecture followed by a masters in architecture is mandatory. 

    Ques. How much do bachelors in architecture in Australia cost?

    Ans. The annual cost of the program ranges between 32,500 to 45,100 AUD (18 LPA to 23 LPA). Completion of the degree will cost around 50 lakhs to 70 lakhs depending on the choice of university. 

    Ques. Can I work with a bachelors in architecture in Australia?

    Ans. Yes, you can work under a registered architect and with companies hiring junior or assistants. The salary package offered ranges between 50,000 AUD to 60,000 AUD. 

    Ques. Is it worth pursuing bachelors in architecture from Australia?

    Ans. No, the cost of pursuing a BArch degree in Australia (50-70 Lakhs) is a lot higher than in India (5-7Lakhs). Students can also not register as an architect after completion of the degree from Australia.

    Ques. What do I need to pursue bachelors in architecture from Australia?

    Ans. International students need to have a high school conpletion certificate with at least 70% along with language proficiency scores- IELTS (6.5-7.0)/TOEFL (79-96) to apply for a bachelor’s in architecture in Australia.