BBA in Australia: Complete Guide for International Applicants

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    BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration is an undergraduate course-work of three years in Australia. The universities in Australia offer BBA as a mainstream program as well as specializations like commerce, accounting, economics, finance, HRM, marketing, and emerging fields such as and hospitality management. 

    • Most of the top Universities offer admissions to the program twice a year during the months of February and July. 
    • The annual tuition fees for international students pursuing a BBA from Australi ranges from 25,000 AUD to 50,000 AUD.
    • The average annual salary for entry-level business analysts in Australia is 46,000 AUD
    • Business and management courses with diverse specializations are offered by Australian institutions across major areas of the country, from TAFE institutes to private colleges and universities.

    Why Business Administration from Australia

    • Top 5 Australian Universities offering a bachelor's degree in business administration are ranked amongst the top 100 universities by the “Times Higher Education World University Rankings”.
    • Three of the B-schools in Australia have been ranked among the top 100 business schools of the world, as per QS Global MBA Ranking 2019.
    • Australia has been ranked 5th in the list of top countries for MBA salaries in 2019 by QS News.
    • Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, and the Gold Coast: The home of top universities is listed amongst the world’s top 100 student cities by QS Best Student Cities 2019.
    • Apart from scholarships awarded by the universities in Australia, the Australian Government has invested over 300 million AUD in scholarships for international students
    • Australia is currently home to around 700,000 international students. The percentage of international students in some of the top universities are depicted below:
    BBA in Australia

    BBA Colleges in Australia

    The enlisted table illustrates the list of top universities in Australia based on THE World University Rankings 2020 offering a full-time Bachelor's degree in Business Administration along with the program fees.

    THE World University Rankings National Rank  University Program Fees (AUD)
    #32 2 Australian National University 1,38,240
    #75 6 Monash University 1,35,000
    #120 7 University of Adelaide 1,23,000
    #193 11 University of Canberra 96,900
    201-250 12 Macquarie University 1,12,500
    251-300 16 Western Sydney University (bachelor of business) 84,240
    301-350 21 University of Tasmania 96,138
    351-400 25 Swinburne University of Technology (Business Administration major) 94,080
    351-400 25 Australian Catholic University 84,744

    BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration): What is it about?

    A Bachelors in Business Administration is a general management education course available post completion of 12th grade. BBA imparts a foundation knowledge to graduates who wish to pursue a career in management, business, and related fields. 

    BBA in Australia: Course Details

    The course is designed to produce highly educated and adaptable graduates, with significant professional skills to meet the existing needs and demands of diverse business sectors. The program lays emphasis on the expertise of leadership and management skills including problem-solving and decision-making, leadership, cross-cultural communications, and strategic thinking. BBA graduates build real-world skills through internships, industry projects, and entrepreneurial challenges. As part of a BBA degree, the prospective aspirants develop strong business knowledge, while building expertise from day one in core business disciplines as listed below:

    • Accountancy
    • Business administration studies
    • Economics and business decisions
    • Finance and economics
    • Management practice
    • Marketing and communications
    • Human Resource Management
    • Organizational Behaviour
    • Strategic Management

    BBA in Australia: Admissions

    International aspirants for a BBA in Australia are required to meet program-specific academic/non-academic requirements, in addition to the English language requirements to secure admission to the program. The eligibility criteria for applying for BBA in Australia is detailed below. 

    How to Apply: Prospective applicants can apply through one of the following ways:

    • The official website of the respective university in Australia before the application deadlines to ensure enough time for obtaining a Australian student visa.
    • Agents and representatives of the corresponding university. They assist with the preparation and submission of the application to study as well as the student visa application. 

    BBA in Australia: Eligibility

    Most of the universities in Australia follow similar eligibility criteria for admission to a Bachelors in Business Administration. However, the application requirements are university dependent. International students must meet the following admission requirements to secure admission to the program:

    • Age requirement: The student must have completed 17 years of age at the time of enrollment.
    • Applicants who have successfully completed Equivalent Australian Year 12 are eligible to apply for this course, proof of which is mandatory.
      • Indian students can provide proof of CBSE/ICSE/GCE A level/Senior Secondary Education certificates. 
      • International Baccalaureate students can provide certificate of completion of diploma. 
    • Minimum academic entry requirements in the secondary school qualifications as specified by the university. 
    • International applicants should meet the minimum test scores in IELTS, TOEFL or other tests specified by the university to demonstrate proficiency in the English language.
    • The admission eligibility is also subject to high academic standing with proficiency in skills like analysis, design, problem-solving and math skills. 

    English Language Proficiency for International Students

    International students planning to study abroad are usually required to submit test scores of IELTS/TOEFL and others as proof of their language proficiency. The details of the university-specific minimum test score requirements are as follows:

    Universities IELTS TOEFL Others
    Australian National University 6.5 PBT:570
    Monash University 6.5 iBT:79 PTE:58
    The University of Adelaide 6.5 iBT:79
    University of Canberra 6.0 - -
    Macquarie University 6.5 iBT:83 PTE:58
    Western Sydney University 6.5 iBT:82
    Swinburne University of Technology 6.0 iBT:75 PTE:50

    BBA in Australia: Documents Required

    Applicants must submit the following documents electronically along with the application and payment of the application fee while applying for the BBA program:

    • All academic records along with grades and scores.
    • Officially certified transcripts of completed secondary education
    • Proof of English language proficiency.
    • Official ID including the birth certificate, Citizenship documents or the passport, which will be mandatory to submit in case the admission is approved in the college
    • Financial affidavit suggesting that you can afford your studies abroad. 
    • Applicants with experience should submit their resume and their current statement of employment. 

    BBA in Australia: Cost

    You will be experiencing two major types of expenses: pre-admissions and post-admissions. The pre-admissions cost will include application fees, ELP test fees, cost of travelling to Australia, visa fees, etc. Post-admissions one of the major expenses will be BBA fees in Australia. Other expenses will include accommodations, travel, living, etc. 

    Pre-arrival cost

    Pre-arrival or Pre-admissions costs are mostly one-time expenses. Some of your major expenses pre-admissions are given below:

    Expenses Cost(AUD)
    Application Fee 50 – 100(university dependent)
    Visa Fee 620
    IELTS Registration 340
    TOEFL Registration 235-370
    Health Insurance 438

    BBA in Australia: Tuition Fee

    The tuition fee incurred by international students for pursuing a BBA in Australia is dependent on the university and the type of program enrolled. The graph lists the BBA program fees in the top universities of Australia. Students should also take into account the Student Services and Amenities Fee charged extra by some Australian Universities.

    Cost of Living in Australia

    According to Australian Government requirements, students require 20,290 AUD annually on top of the university tuition fee to meet the living costs. It also suggests that an expense of 5 AUD to 440 AUD/week can be incurred for accommodation depending on the type and city. Some of the other living expenses in Australia are depicted below:

    BBA in Australia: Scholarships for International Students

    In addition to the international scholarships and fellowships funded by the Australian Government through the Australia Awards, the Australian Universities also offer financial aid to international students in the form of scholarships, grants, loans, and Bursaries. The enlisted table details the scholarship offered to international students pursuing a BBA degree:

    University Scholarship Details
    Australian National University Business and Economics of India Excellence Scholarship
    Business and Economics International Undergraduate Scholarship
    10,000 AUD/year
    100% international fee tuition waiver for the duration of the program
    Monash University Monash International Merit Scholarship
    MRS Queer Leadership Scholarship
    10,000 AUD/year
    Up to 3500 AUD/year
    University of Adelaide Global Citizens Scholarship
    Global Academic Excellence Scholarship
    15%-30% tuition fee waiver
    50% tuition fee waiver
    University of Canberra  University of Canberra International Course Merit Scholarship
    International High Achiever Scholarship
    25% tuition fee waiver
    20% tuition fee waiver
    Macquarie University Macquarie University of India Scholarship
    Vice-Chancellor's International scholarship
    10,000 AUD/year
    Up to 10,000 AUD/year towards tuition fee
    Swinburne University of Technology International Excellence Undergraduate Scholarship Up to 38,000 AUD for the duration of bachelor degree

    Scope of Studying BBA in Australia

    International students from more than 53 countries complete BBA in Australia every year to enhance their career opportunities and earning potential. On successful completion of a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, students can opt for postgraduate studies or choose career options from a wide range of business domains. 

    The Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector also offers practical courses in diverse areas of business, bookkeeping and accounting to prepare students for the workforce or act as a pathway into university.

    Postgraduate Study Options

    BBA graduates are eligible to undertake further study at postgraduate level, including the following postgraduate study options with the leading universities and global business schools:

    • Master of Business Administration: You can pursue MBA from Australia, USA or from any other country from around the world. 
    • Master of International Business
    • Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    • Master of Finance
    • Master of Commerce
    • Master of Marketing Management
    • Master of Professional Accounting
    • Master of Business 

    Note: BBA graduates can also pursue graduate certificate programs in varied business disciplines. They can also apply for permanent residency through the SkillSelect skilled migration program. 

    BBA in Australia: Job Prospects

    The career prospects for BBA graduates are wide open in the emerging sectors such as accounting, business analysis, commercial law, communications, entrepreneurship, event management, finance, financial planning, human resources, international business, management, marketing or public relations. The potential careers of interest for BBA graduates from Australia and their average salaries are as tabulated:

    Job Profile Job Description Average Annual Salary (AUD)
    Economist Perform economic research & analysis, provide advice on economic issues, develop and apply theories for production and distribution of goods & services, 85,666
    Market Research Analyst Determine the market for new goods and services, develop advertising strategies for the best reach out 110,000
    Human Resource Manager Organize, plan, direct, control and coordinate human resource and workplace relations within organizations 1,30,000
    Advertising Professional Develop and coordinate advertising strategies and campaigns, identify and develop market opportunities for new and existing goods and services 80,200
    Business Analyst conduct market and business analysis, outlining problems, opportunities, and solutions for a business. 106,000

    Salary Trends in Australia

    Average salary trends for various sectors in Australia have been changing for the past few years. These trends are shown in the image below:

    As per the above given image, it can be concluded that there has been an increase in average salary by 4% from year 2016 to 2017. Similarly, in 2018 an increase of another 2% was observed. This was followed by an increase of 3% in 2019. A suggested and forecasted 2% increase is expected in 2020. Australia has a growing economy and graduates can always look forward to a bright career. 

    BBA in Australia: Learning Outcomes

    Upon successful completion of a Bachelor of Business Administration, graduates will have a flair for business with expertise in the following skill sets:

    1. Cognitive skills to review, analyze, consolidate and synthesize organizational knowledge for specialized business management
    2. Cognitive and technical skills to demonstrate comprehensive management and leadership knowledge 
    3. Creative skills to exercise critical thinking and judgment to recommend appropriate solutions for business management tasks in complex contexts
    4. Communication skills to present complex business management ideas in a clear, coherent and independent exposition. 
    5. Initiative and judgment in identifying and solving problems with intellectual independence, planning, problem-solving and decision making in professional practice 
    6. Ability to adapt knowledge and skills in diverse contexts to effectively manage people, resources and projects

    A BBA degree aims to transform today’s brightest business minds into tomorrow’s adaptable, innovative, entrepreneurial and enterprising leaders. Business administration and management are some of the most popular fields of study among international students in Australia. 

    The business planning professionals in Australia earn salaries ranging from 69,800 to 1,63,000 AUD annually. The average annual salary for business planning professionals is projected to be 104,000 AUD, which is 3% higher than those of 2019. 

    The growing demand suggests a slow yet continuous increase in salaries in 2021 and future years. Furthermore, International students graduating from accounting or business information systems degrees can apply for a Professional Year Program to gain work experience with an Australian company and increased opportunities to qualify for permanent residency.


    1. How much does it cost to study BBA in Australia?

    A BBA in Australia will cost you around 60,000 AUD annually, inclusive of accommodation and other expenses. This is equal to 28,00,000 INR.

    2. Is BBA better or BComm?

    BBA and BCom both offer similar career prospects. Choosing BBA over BCom depends on the future aspects you might want to take in consideration. MBA aspirants should preferably opt for BBA and CA, CS and CFA aspirants should preferably opt for BCom.

    3. What are the job offers post completion of a BBA from Australia?

    BBA applicants can explore career opportunities in the field of business analytics, market research, etc. Average annual salary for beginners is around 46,000 AUD (22,00,000 INR). For graduate planning to study further post a BBA degree, they can pursue an MBA from various countries like USA, Australia, Canada, etc.

    4.What are the eligibility criteria for pursuing a BBA in Australia?

    Applicants should have completed their senior secondary education (12th grade) from a recognized institution. Some universities in Australia may ask you to fulfill core subject requirements. This means that you must have the required subjects as a part of your 12th grade curriculum. Some of these are science, English, and maths.

    5.Which universities offer BBA in Australia?

    Some of the top ranking public universities in Australia offering the BBA are Australia National University, Monash University, University of Adelaide, University of Canberra, etc.