Master of Pharmacy in Australia: Top Colleges, Eligibility, Fees, Financial Aid, Jobs

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    The Masters in Pharmacy is a two years course and provides a direct pathway for registering as a pharmacist. Minimum eligibility criteria for applying to this degree is a B.Pharm. or related degree from a recognized university. 

    • Average tuition fees of Master of Pharmacy in Australian universities 31,900 AUD - 52,440 AUD per year. 
    • Average pharmacist salary in Australia is 70,944 AUD per annum.
    • Chemist Warehouse, Priceline, Terry White, Amcal, My Chemist etc are some of the top companies recruiting master of pharmacy graduates in Australia.

    Why Study Master of Pharmacy in Australia

    • Jobs for Pharmacists are expected to grow from 25,500 in 2018 to 27,400 in 2023, according to Job Outlook of Australia. 
    • It is predicted that there will be around 2,600 pharmacist jobs per year in Australia for the next five years
    • 68% of the pharmacists are working on a full-time basis in Australia. 
    • The percentage of female pharmacists in Australia is much higher than male pharmacists ie. 62%. 


    Duration 2 years
    Examination type Sem Semester-System
    Eligibility Bach Bachelors in Pharmacy or related field
    Course Fees (per year) 31,900 AUD - 52,440 AUD
    Job Positions Phar Pharmacy Executive, Medical marketing executive/manager, Pharmacist, Lecturer, Pharmacy In-Charge, etc.
    Top Recruiting Companies Chemist Warehouse, Priceline, Terry White, Amcal, My Chemist, Pharmacy 777, Terry White Pharmacy
    Average Salary 70,944 AUD per annum

    Top Universities for Master of Pharmacy in Australia

    Top universities for Master of Pharmacy in Australia, with their QS News World University Rankings for 2020, are mentioned below in the table.

    University QS Ranking 2020 Course Fees (per year)
    University of Sydney 42 49,000
    University of Queensland 47 41,040
    University of Monash 58 31,900
    University of Western Australia 86 48,600
    University of Technology Sydney 140 52,440
    University of Canberra 193 38,500
    Griffith University 201 34,500
    University of Tasmania 291 36,200

    Master of Pharmacy in Australia: What It Is About

    The masters degree in pharmacy provides advanced study in the field of pharmacy practice, clinical practice, pharmaceutics and also includes practical training in the community and hospital pharmacy. It is being designed to provide a strong basis of advanced medicine topics for enhancing career prospects. 

    Following types of postgraduate pharmacy degrees are offered in Australia: 

    • Master of Pharmacy: Provides advanced study in the areas of pharmacy practice, clinical pharmacy, pharmaceutics, medicinal chemistry, and also includes practical training.
    • Masters of Pharmacy (Research): Perfect way for us to merge seamlessly into academic studies while opening new doors into broader pharmaceutical sectors.
    • Diploma of Clinical Pharmacy: Provides an opportunity for registered pharmacists to develop clinical pharmacy skills and qualifications particularly those from rural and remote areas.

    Specializations for Master of Pharmacy in Australia

    The common areas of specializations offered by most Australian universities include the following emerging fields:

    • Diagnostic Pathology
    • Pharmacotherapy Pharmacy
    • Pharmacy(Research)
    • Pharmaceutical Science
    • Clinical Research
    • Radiopharmaceutical Science
    • Pharmaceutical Medicine

    Master of Pharmacy in Australia: Admission Process

    To apply for a Master's degree in pharmacy, a bachelor's degree in this field is required. Also, many universities require you to be registered as a practicing pharmacist or having some experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Another important factor is that you must have a clean criminal record. Being pharmacists, we work with potentially dangerous and addictive drugs. So, you can understand the university's concerns regarding criminal records. 

    When to Apply

    Most of the universities in Australia offer admission intakes twice a year from January to June, and from June to November. The university recommends international students to apply well in advance of the specified deadlines so that they have enough time for the Australian visa process and secure admission to the program in the desired semester. 

    ELigibility for Master in Pharmacy in Australia Admission

    Applicants eligible for admission into the Master of Pharmacy are subject to meeting the following criteria:

    • Minimum 15 years of education with a 10+2+3 breakup
    • A 3-4 year bachelor's degree in pharmacy field or other related fields. 
    • Proof of English proficiency
    • Completed an eligible science or health science Bachelor degree within the past 10 years;
    • Achieved an overall GPA greater than or equal to 5.0 (on a 7.0 point scale) or 60% in the last 18 months of undergraduate study;

    Admission Requirements for Master in Pharmacy in Australia

    Before applying for Master of Pharmacy in Australia, you should make sure to have following requisites:

    • Application form
    • Statement of purpose
    • GPA scores
    • TOEFL, IELTS or other similar English proficiency test scores
    • Official transcripts and Bachelor’s diploma
    • Updated CV
    • Criminal record/police clearance

    Proof of English Proficiency

    IELTS, TOEFL or other equivalent test scores are required as a proof of English proficiency. Most universities accept the following minimum scores:

    •  TOEFL iBT: 88. 
    •  TOEFL PBT: 570
    •  IELTS: 6.5 – 7.0
    •  C1 Advanced: 180

    Visa Process for International Students

    An international student must obtain Australian Student Visa to study and work in Australia for a period longer than six months. You can complete the visa application with the payment of the necessary fee of 413 AUD. The overall student visa acceptance rate is 90%-95% for all the levels of study.

    Typically, students must submit the following for the visa:

    • Scanned copy of Birth Certificate.
    • Copy of passport bio-data page (some students may be asked to physically provide their passport)
    • Certificate of Enrolment or Letter of Offer
    • Evidence of sufficient funds
    • Evidence of health insurance cover
    • English proficiency test results
    • Criminal record check results
    • Four recent passport-sized photographs
    • Australian student visa application form

    Most visa applications take four weeks to get processed. If one studies in Australia for a particular course which is longer than ten months and gets finished at the end of the Australian academic year (usually mid-December), your visa will often be valid till 15th March the following year. 

    If your course is longer than ten months and gets finished from January to October, then your visa will usually be valid for two months following the completion of your course.

    Cost of Study for Master of Pharmacy in Australia

    Australia is one of the most popular study destinations in the world, but unfortunately, it is one of the most expensive countries as students need 20,290 AUD each year for living costs alone. 

    The 12-month living costs in Australia are as follows;

    • For students or guardians - 21,041 AUD
    • For partners coming with you - 7,362 AUD
    • For a child coming with you - 3,152 AUD

    Pre-arrival Cost

    The price that you will spend before reaching Australia is a part of your pre-arrival expense. 

    Type of Expense Cost (in AUD)
    Australian Student Visa Fee 606
    Health Insurance 450 - 600
    IELTS Fee 282 - 300
    TOEFL (iBT) Fee 245 - 380
    PTE Fee 280 - 300
    Air Travel 900 - 1700
    Tuition Fee of master in Pharmacy in Australia

    Cost of Living in Australia

    Knowing the average living costs in Australia is an important part of your financial preparation. For the reference, here are some of the costs associated with living and studying in Australia (all costs are in Australian dollars):

    Types of Expenses Cost per week (in AUD)
    Shared Rental 95 to 215
    On campus 110 to 280
    Homestay 235 to 325
    Groceries and eating out 140 to 280
    Gas, electricity 10 to 20
    Phone and Internet 15 to 30
    Public transport 30 to 60
    Food 120 to 280
    Entertainment 80 to 150

    Scholarships for Master of Pharmacy in Australia

    The universities and colleges provide a wide range of scholarships for international students in Australia. This helps them to bear the cost of study. The Australian government also offers some of the awards. 

    Before applying to any of these scholarships, you need to check the eligibility and criteria, along with the closing date.

    Below is the list of the scholarships offered in Australia:

    Scholarship Amount Offered (in AUD)
    Griffith Family Scholarship 1,000
    Equity Scholarships scheme 1,500 per semester
    PhD opportunity: Modulating cardiac fibrosis 26,682
    Full-Bright Scholarship 1000 – 2500
    ADCO Sports Excellence Scholarship 10000
    The Westpac future Leaders Scholarship – USYD 120,000
    Accommodation Service Merit Scholarship 4000
    Monash Support Scholarship 3000

    Scope of Master of Pharmacy in Australia

    The average pharmacist salary in Australia is 70,944 AUD per annum. Employees with Pharmacists in their job titles earn an average of 6.5% more than the national average. Hobart, Tasmania, Sydney, Queensland, Perth are some of the highest paying cities in Australia for Pharmacy.

    Job Opportunities after Master of Pharmacy in Australia

    With the demand for pharmacists growing worldwide day-by-day, the career opportunities with a master's degree is vast and financially rewarding.

    Some of the top companies for employing pharmacists in Australia with their salaries are as follows:-

    Companies Salary in AUD (hourly basis)
    The Chemist Warehouse 31
    Priceline 35
    Terry White 35
    Amcal 39
    My Chemist 33
    Pharmacy 777 37
    Terry White Pharmacy 33

    Australia is relatively affordable, and the scholarships provided to international students make it easier for them to fund their living and tuition costs. 

    For many people, a pharmacist is someone who wears a white coat and works behind a counter filling the prescriptions and providing advice to treat common illness. Pharmacy is not only just about filling prescriptions, but it is promotion of health awareness and contributing to the betterment of the community.


    Ques. What is a Master of Pharmacy degree?

    Ans. Masters in Pharmacy (MPharm) is a two years post graduation degree. It is required for registering as a pharmacist in that particular country.

    Ques. Which countries are best for MS in Pharmacy? 

    Ans. The countries which are best for MS in Pharmacy are the USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

    Ques. How much Pharmacists earn in Australia?

    Ans. The average salary for a pharmacist is 43.07 AUD per hour in Australia.

    Ques. What are the top universities for MPharm in Australia?

    Ans. Top Universities in Australia offering this degree are University of Tasmania, University of Monash, University for Queensland, etc.