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Masters in Construction Management in Australia: Complete Course Guide

Bhavya Rawal Bhavya Rawal
Study Abroad Expert

Masters in Construction Management is offered by many top-ranked institutions in Australia as a course-work and research degree. The program takes from around 2-3 years in Full-time and up to 5 years for part-time applicants. The cost of completing the masters in construction management in Australia ranges from 37,000 to 50,000 annually. 

Construction industry in Australia is one of the largest employing industries in Australia, with over one million people working in the sector. This makes up 9% of the workforce in Australia. An expected rise of 54,000 jobs in the next five years offers postgraduate in construction management with great career growth. 

Why Study Construction Management in Australia

  • 3 Australian Universities rank amongst the top 150 universities offering masters in construction management abroad. 
  • It was estimated that between 2018 to 2023 Australia will require approximately 15,000 more construction managers.
  • Average annual salaries are around 65,000 AUD. 
  • With civil engineers working at around 55,000 AUD annual salary, construction managers are hired at better salary packages.
  • Some of the top-paying cities for the sector in Australia are compared with their annual average salary packages in the image below: 
Average Salary (AUD) by City

Top Universities offering Masters in Construction Management in Australia

Some of the top ranking universities in Australia offer a masters degree in construction management. Listed below are some of these universities along with their rankings, tuition fees, and other details:

Ranking in Australia (THE)Name of the UniversityRanking in the World (THE)ProgramTotal Tuition Fees in AUDDuration of the ProgramAcademic Year Intakes
2University of Melbourne38Masters in Construction management135,7202, 2.5, 3 yearsMarch and July
4University of New South Wales43Masters in Construction Management516661.7 yearsFeb and July
8University of Adelaide106Master of Construction Management74,0002 yearsFeb and July
16Deakin University271Masters in Construction Management (research)74,8002 yearsMarch and July
21Swinburne University of Technology383Masters in Construction Management51,2701.5 yearsMarch and August

Other PG programs in Construction Management

  1. Bond University: Graduate Certificate and Diploma in construction practice. 
  2. Swinburne University of Technology: Graduate Certificate and Diploma in construction management. 
  3. The University of Western Australia: Masters of Building Information Modelling. 
  4. University of Technology Sydney: Graduate Diploma in construction management. 

Masters in Construction Management - Course Curriculum

The subject matter of Construction Management is more precise than the Civil Engineering as the study is related to the site evaluation, actual construction, designing of the buildings, cost of materials and effect of constructing buildings on the environment, etc. 

The range of subjects which are covered in the course of Construction Management at postgraduate levels are listed below but is not limited to subjects like Construction of Buildings, Fundamentals of Built Environment Law, Commercial Construction, Environmental Systems, Management of Construction, Cost Management, Materials and Structures, Contract Management, Building Services and Operations, Construction Measurement and Estimating, Management Systems for Construction, Construction Scheduling, Means and Methods in Construction, Construction Law, Project Management, Construction Regulations, and Control, Advanced Construction Technology, Research in Construction, etc.

Generally, the students get an opportunity to choose what they wish to study within the framework of the course.

Masters in Construction Management in Australia: Admissions

The international students who wish to study Masters in Construction Management in Australia have to check their eligibility and apply to the selected university by paying the application fee and fulfilling the admission seeking requirements. 

Once the student receives the conditional offer, he/she has to pay the enrollment fees and receive the CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment). Meanwhile, all the requirements to apply for Australian study visa needs to be completed. This process needs to start almost a year in advance from the course commencement date in Australia. 

University-Specific Eligibility Criteria

For applying at Australian universities offering the program, you are required to fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

CriteriaUniversity of MelbourneUNSWUniversity of AdelaideDeakin UniversitySwinburne University
Academic Qualification65% in UG degreeUG degree in relevant fieldEngineering degree in relevant fieldRelevant (60%)/any UG (65%) degreeUG in relevant subjects
IELTS Score6.
TOEFL Score79 (Writing 21, Listening 13, Reading 13, Speaking 18)TOEFL: 90 (Writing 23, Listening, Reading & Speaking 22)TOEFL: 79 (Writing 21, Speaking 18 Listening and Reading 13))TOEFL: 82 (Writing 22, Listening 20, Reading 18, Speaking 20)TOEFL iBT – 79 (Writing 20, Listening Reading and Speaking 18)
Other ELP ScoresPTE: 58, CAEL: 176PTE: 64, CAEL: 176PTE: 58, CAEL: 176PTE: 64, CAEL: 184PTE: 58
Other RequirementsPersonal Statement3 years work experience, in case credit requirements not fulfilledNA5 years experience if non-relevant UG degreeNA

Documents Required

Along with your application package for masters program your are required to submit the following documents:

  1. Transcripts: Certificates and transcripts of previous studies. 
  2. Letters of Recommendations: LORs are an important part of your applications, academic LORs can make or break your applications. 
  3. ELP scores:Tests for studying in Australia include scores from English proficiency tests like IELTS/TOEFL, etc required from non-native English speaking applicants. Test scores should be preferably submitted directly from the testing agency.
  4. Additional document requirements vary from university to university. Some of the additional documents that may required include: SOP/Personal Statement/CV, etc. 

Please ensure that the applications are made on time and all the documents are submitted along with the applications before deadlines approach. 

Masters in Construction Management in Australia: Cost of Study

The cost for an international student can be divided into Pre-departure; Study costs basically Tuition fee and Post-arrival basically living costs. These are detailed in the sections below:

Pre-Departure Costs

The students have to go through the English Proficiency tests, visa obtaining costs and airfare as three major components of this cost. A glance at these costs can be taken from the table below:

Expense TypeCost (AUD)
Application Fees50 – 100
Australian Visa Fees606
Medical106 – 120
Health Insurance450 – 600
IELTS282 – 300
TOEFL245 – 380
PTE280 – 300
Air Travel900 – 1700

Masters in Construction Management in Australia: Tuition Fees

The tuition fee for the course in Construction Management ranges from 37,000 to 50,000 AUD annually at different universities. The tuition cost is not the only cost, the students also need stationery supplies, books and site visits or practical work expenses too which may range anywhere between 2500 to 4000. Given below is an image comparing the cost of study in top universities:

Annual Tuition Fees (AUD) by University

Cost of Living in Australia

Once the student arrives at an Australian University the living cost ranges from AUD 2800 to 3100. Sydney is one of the most costly cities in Australia whereas life in the suburbs is cheaper. Students are also able to get sharing accommodations, which are much cheaper and provide company at the foreign land also. Accommodations otherwise may cost AUD 3,500-15,000. Cost of living in Australia will depend on the type of accommodation and lifestyle choices of the student. 

Looking for information on student accommodation type? Find out here.

Scholarships to Study Masters in Construction Management in Australia

The scholarships for international studentsstudying Australia which can provide required financial help to meet the expenses costs of studying in this country. Some of these scholarships are linked with admission applications and students are automatically considered for them whereas for some a specific application needs to be submitted.

UniversityScholarshipDetails In AUD
University of MelbourneMelbourne Graduate Scholarship25-50% tuition waiver
Scholarships for specific Asian countries10,000
Dean's International ScholarshipFull tuition waiver, & up to 60,000
University of New South WalesUNSW International Scholarships5000
University of AdelaideGlobal Academic Excellence Scholarship50% of Tuition Fees
Global Citizens scholarship15-30% of Tuition fees
Deakin UniversityScholarship for Excellence10,000/year
Student Support Scholarship10,000/year
Swinburne University of TechnologySwinburne International Scholarship50% of Tuition fees
Swinburne International Postgraduate excellence scholarship21,000

The Australian government and various other organizations also offer external grants and awards for meritorious students, which can be tapped through the international student’s office of the universities.

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Masters in Construction Management in Australia: Scope

Earlier the field of construction managers was male-dominated but now more and more women are also entering the area. The average annual salary difference between the two genders is only about 5%. 

The demand for construction managers is continuously increasing as each project requires its services. The larger the project, the bigger the number of people required on the job. You are required to usually work for 46 hours/week.

PositionAverage Annual Salary in AUD
Construction Manager1,12,407
Construction Project Manager98,242
Site Engineer98,500
Project Engineer89,158
Construction Estimator72,534
Quantity Surveyor76,728

Construction sector in Australia is the third largest contributor to the national GDP. This makes pursuing a masters program in construction management from Australia a degree worth obtaining post your bachelors. The program helps you hone your skills in the given field and land with cushy median salaries of around 65,000 AUD. 


Ques. What is the cost to study Master’s in Construction Management in Australia?

Ans .The cost and duration of the course differs from University to University. The course is available from approximately AUD 60,000 to AUD 120,000. This is equivalent to 

Ques. What are the best universities to study Master’s in Construction Management in Australia?

Ans .Institutions like the University of Sydney, University of New South Wales and the University of Adelaide are ranked in the ten top universities in Australia offering this course. 

Ques. What is the eligibility for a Master’s in Construction Management in Australia?

Ans .Undergraduate Degree in relevant field or two to five years experience in the related area along with any degree, IELTS/TOEFL score, the financial capacity to fund the education are some of the basic eligibility requirements to study Construction Management at postgraduate level in Australia.

Ques. Is it easy to get a job in Australia after completing a Master's in Construction Management if I worked in other unrelated areas during my study?

Ans . The areas of work during study do not affect the employability after completion of the course. In Australia, the entry-level salaries for postgraduate construction management students are better than engineering students. This is around 65,000 AUD equivalent to 

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