MS in Information Technology in Australia: Complete Study Guide

    Masters in Information technology (IT) is offered by many prestigious institutions in Australia with almost 7 of them appearing in the top 100 institutions in the world. The program has a duration of around 2 years and is offered with specialization in areas like cloud computing, networking, data management, etc. Pursuing masters in information technology from universities in Australia may cost you around 28,000 AUD to 43,000 AUD. 

    • Admissions for the program is mostly offered twice a year. 
    • Pursuing a two-year masters degree will allow international students for a two-year work permit. 
    • Some of the top IT start-ups to work with in the Australia include Manterl Group, Shippit, Alex Solutions, Versent, Clinicl to Cloud, etc as per 2019. 

    Why Study Information Technology in Australia?

    • Some of the top universities offering Masters in Information Technology in Australia are RMIT University, UTS, Monash University,  La Trobe, Queensland University of Technology, Victoria University.
    • The average salary of 79,400 AUD in 2016 has risen to 87,000 AUD in 2019, and the average salary is expected to rise more in the future.
    • Around eight lackhs plus international students study in Australia in any given year and overall 50% enroll for masters or higher degrees.
    • Some of the top MS in information technology Recruiters in Australia are: U&U (2018 Gold Winner), M&T Resources (2018 & 17 winner client excellence service award), Hays (2018 silver winner), CharterHouse (2018 BRonze winner), Chandler Macleod, etc.

    Masters in Information Technology in Australia: Top Universities

    Listed below are the top Australian universities offering the masters in information technology in Australia. Except for Deakin University, all the universities listed offer a two year program. While Deakin University has a program duration of 1.5 years

    University World Rankings National Rankings Academic Intakes Annual Tuition Fees (AUD)
    University of Melbourne 38 2 March and July 35,744
    Monash University 58 6 Feb and July 33,600
    University of Western Australia 86 7 Feb and July 43,580
    University of Technology (UTS) 140 9 March and July 39,540
    Queensland University of Technology 224 12 Feb and July 34,700
    RMIT University 238 15 Feb and July 28,800
    Deakin University 271 16 March and July 31,500
    La Trobe University 400 22 Feb and July 31,500
    University of Canberra 484 26 Feb and July 32,000

    Master in Information Technology: Course Curriculum

    Some of the subjects which are covered while pursuing masters of Information technology in Australia are ICT Project Management, Topics in IT Ethics, IT Fundamentals, Database Systems, Application Programming, Business Applications, Network Programming, System Administration, Web Systems, Data Structures and Algorithms, Operating Systems, Databases, Artificial Intelligence, Information Organization and Retrieval, Computer Architecture, Software Engineering. Generally, the students get an opportunity to choose what they wish to study within the framework of the course.

    Specialization areas available: Business Analysis, Business Process Management, Computer Science, Cyber Security and Networks, Data Science, Enterprise Systems, Executive IT, Software Development.

    Masters in Information Technology in Australia: Admissions 

    The international students who wish to apply for Australian universities have to plan almost a year in advance as the admission process of obtaining offer letters, paying the fees and getting the CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment) takes around two to three months time and after filing of visa. 

    University-Specific Eligibility Criteria

    Though the basic admission process throughout the Australian universities is common, but most universities have some specific eligibility requirements which must be fulfiled by an international applicant. These include various test scores and academic requirements of previous degree. The detailed admission requirements for pursuin MS in information technology in Australia are as follows:

    University Academic Requirement IELTS TOEFL Additional Requirements
    University of Melbourne 65% 6.5 79 Must have a technical subject focussing on computer programming
    Monash University 60% 6.5 79 Personal statement
    University of Western Australia 65% 6.5 82 Personal statement
    UTS 65% 7.5 102-109 Personal Statement
    Queensland University GPA: 4.0 on Scale of 7.0 6.5 79 Personal statement
    RMIT 73 – 76% 6.5 82 -
    Deakin University Relevant UG degree or a short term course 6.5 82 -

    Documents Required

    When applying for international universities, international students are required to submit some documents. These are listed below: 

    1. Transcripts: Transcripts/marksheets/certificates from previous study institutions must be submitted. 
    2. ELP test scores: Both domestic and international students are required to submit proof of language proficiency. Test scores for internationally accepted ELP tests should be directly submitted to the university from the testing agency. 
    3. LOR: Letters of references are required for admissions to masters program in Australian universities. 2 academic LORs are usually required at most of the universities. Some universities may ask for 3 LORs.
    4. Additional documents: SOP/Personal Statement/CV etc may be asked by some universities. 

    Masters in Information Technology in Australia: Cost of Study

    Planning to study abroad? You are going to have spent a handsome amount on expenses like tuition fees, application fees, enrollment fees, etc. broadly categorized into Pre-arrival and Post-arrival costs. Given below are the details of most of the expenses an international student will experience to study in Australia. 

    Pre-Departure Costs

    The students have to spend on the fees of standardized tests to study in Australia, visa obtaining costs and airfare as three major components of this cost. A glance at these costs can be taken from the table below:

    Type of Expense Amount (Australian Dollars)
    Application Fees 50-100
    Australian Visa Fees 606
    Medical 106-120
    Health Insurance 450-600
    English Proficiency test

    Air Travel 900-1700

    Masters in Information Technology in Australia: Tuition Fees

    Though the tuition fees are little on the higher side, students can get an opportunity to work 20 hours per week while studying and full days during holidays which helps in covering their expenses. 

    The tuition fee for the Master's course in Information Technology in Australia ranges from 32,000 to 45,000 AUD for a year at top universities in Australia. The tuition fees at the current exchange rate (May 2020) will mean that an Indian student will have to spend around 15 Lakhs to 22 Lakhs annually. Along with this cost, there is a cost of books and materials which may range anywhere between 2000 to 2500 AUD.  

    Post Arrival Costs

    Once the student arrives at an Australian University the living cost ranges from AUD 2800 to 3100. Adelaide is considered one of the cheapest cities whereas Melbourne comes under modest category and Sydney is one of the costliest cities in Australia. Accommodations may cost AUD 3,500-15,000.

    The graphical image below details the overall cost of attendance of studying MS in Information Technology in Australia. This includes your on-campus living charge, tuition fees and other academic costs. 

    Tuition Fees for Top Universities in Australia - Masters in Information Technology

    Scholarships to Study Masters in Information Technology in Australia

    The cost of studying MS in information technology crosses the mark of 80,000 AUD in some universities. This can be a cause of concern for an international student on a budget. In such cases, you always apply for the scholarships offered by Australian universities for international students. These can provide required financial help to meet the expenses costs of studying in this country.

    University Scholarship Details In AUD
    University of Melbourne Melbourne-mobility-awards Up to 6000
    Student grants 1,000-10,000
    Graduate Research Scholarships 100% fee waiver – 1,10,000
    Gates Cambridge scholarships Fully paid study
    Monash University John Gandel Scholarship and Pauline Gandel Scholarship Up to 45,700
    Monash International Merit Scholarship Up to 50,000
    University of Technology (UTS) International Postgraduate Coursework Full Tuition Scholarship Full Tuition Scholarship
    UTS Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship 5,000 for the first year
    UTS Grant for Masters by Coursework Students 3,000 for the first year
    Queensland University of Technology International Merit Scholarship 25% of Tuition fees
    RMIT University Future Leaders Scholarships 20% of tuition fees
    Deakin University Scholarship for Excellence 10,000 in equal installments
    Destination Australia Scholarship Up to 15,000 per year
    La Trobe University Excellence Scholarships 25% of tuition fee
    University of Canberra International Alumni Scholarships 10% of tuition fee

    The Australian government and various other organizations also offer external grants and awards for meritorious students which can be tapped through the international student’s office of the universities. Looking for more scholarships to study in Australia? Find out more.

    Masters in Information Technology in Australia: Salaries

    Around 25% of people working after Masters in Information Technology earn 44,900 AUD or less. 50% of people working after completing Masters in Information Technology earn around 86,900 AUD. The maximum salary for which people are working after completing masters in information technology earn 141,000 AUD.

    Popular Job Roles

    Some of the popular job roles you can apply for post completion of masters in information technology from Australia are listed below along with the average annual salaries offered at these designations:

    Position Annual Average Salary (AUD)
    Systems Analyst 1,77,000
    Information technology consultant 2,88,000
    Cloud Engineer 2,00,700
    Software and applications trainer 1,30,400
    Data Communication Technician 98,000
    Telecommunications, Business Analyst 1,34,100
    Network Administrator 1,15,000
    Database Administrator 1,149,00
    Solutions Architect 2,88,800
    Software Developer 2,90,000
    Technology Consultant 1,84,116
    Security Systems Manager 1,80,000

    Masters in Information Technology is one of the highly demanded courses all over the world and in Australia too. Those who successfully obtain a world-class degree in this course from Australia can work in companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Infosys to name a few giants of the IT industry worldwide. With some of the top univeristies within the nation offering masters of information technology in Australia, pursuing this course will not only offer jobs with cushy median salaries and a two year stay back in the country. 


    Ques. What are the best universities to pursue Masters in Information Technology in Australia?

    Ans. Australia has many prominent universities to pursue Masters in Information Technology. Some of them are RMIT University, University of Melbourne, Queensland University, University of Technology, La Trobe University, and Monash University. 

    Ques. What are the career scopes after completing Masters in Information Technology in Australia?

    Ans. After completing Masters in Information Technology, students can get placed or seek employment at tech giants like Google, HP, Optiver, Microsoft and other companies as System Analyst, Cloud Engineer, Software Developer, technology Consultant and other IT related profiles.

    Ques. What is the total cost for doing Masters in Information technology from Australia?

    Ans. The fees for Masters in Information Technology may vary in between AUD 26,000 to AUD 40,000 per year. Apart from the tuition, other expenses like living expense, transportation, book and supplies should be considered for the total cost for the duration of study.

    Ques. What is the required eligibility for pursuing Masters in Information Technology from Australia?

    Ans. A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with at least 60% and English language proficiency scores, like IELTS-6.5 and TOEFL- 79 for pursuing a Masters in Information Technology from Australia.

    Ques. Is GRE mandatory to pursue Masters in Information Technology from Australia?

    Ans. Most universities do not require you to submit a GRE scores for pursuing MS in information technology in Australia. Though, having a GRE will have an advantage while applying for the universities.