Masters in Social Work in Australia: Complete Guidelines for International Students

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    Masters in social work in Australia is a program of study for 2 years. In Australia, 33 institutions offer master of Social work. Out of these 33 institutions, 10 universities come under the top 10 universities in Australia. Among 50 universities in Australia, 4 universities rank under the top universities in the world. This postgraduate program offers diverse fields of specialization including youth, child welfare, family, psychiatric, and mental health services. The average tuition fee for masters in social work in Australia is 20,000 EUR per year.

    Why to Opt for Masters in Social Work in Australia?

    • It is an academic as well as professional field that deals with the mental health of an individual. The coursework of masters in social work extends professional help for well-being.
    • The graduates of masters in social work can work in different healthcare sectors including NGOs, psychiatric clinics, hospitals. These graduates act as the advocates of the society and look for the remedies of social problems.
    • After graduating from any university in Australia, the postgraduates of social work can apply for an Australian migration visa through an eminent authority called AASW (Australia Association of Social workers). This authority conducts the assessment test for social work graduates.
    • For the last 5 years, it has seen a steep inclination for the need of skilled social workers across Australia.
    • According to the data surveyed by Occupation Ceiling, 1562 places require social workers. Only 72 out of these places have skilled social workers. Due to a shortage of professionals, only 4.6% have skillful professionals.
    • Master in Social Work falls under MTSSL (Medium- and Long-term Strategic Skill List). So with a minimum of 60 points and skill assessment test from AASW, one can easily apply for permanent residency in Australia.

    Admission Process for Masters in Social Work in Top Universities of Australia

    Most of the universities have a similar deadline to complete the application procedures. The applicants must know the Application dates for Australian Universities before enrolling for the course program. A detailed list of universities and its entry requirements is given below 

    Name of the universities IELTS TOEFL GPA Application deadline
    University of Wollongong 7.0 with a minimum score of 7.0 in speaking, writing, listening 100 3 Application closes on 14th February, 2020 for International students
    Edith Cowan University 6.5 70 (with a minimum of 17 in each section) 2.5 30th September (closed)
    University of New South Wales 7 (minimum score 6 in each section) 94 (with a minimum of 25 in writing and 23 in speaking, listening and reading) 3 30th November (closed)
    Griffith University 7 (minimum score of 6.5 in each section) 71 (with a minimum score of 19 in writing and 17 in speaking, listening and reading) A minimum of 3.5 14th June, 2020
    University of Newcastle 6.5 (minimum of 6 in each section) 83-93 ‘(with a minimum of 23 in Reading, 22 in listening, 24 in speaking and 26 in writing) 4.0 With a bachelor degree in a related discipline 31st January
    James Cook University 6 (with a minimum of 6 in each section) 74 (with a minimum score of 18 in each section) 2.8 31st October, 2019 (closed)
    University of Western Australia 7 94 (with a minimum score of 27 in writing, 23 in speaking and 24 in listening and reading sections) 4.0 30th November,2019 (closed)
    University of Queensland 6.5 (with a minimum of 6 in each section like speaking, listening, writing and reading) 87 with a minimum score of 21 in speaking and reading and 19 in listening 2.7 28th February, 2020
    La Trobe University 6.5 79 (with a minimum of 13 in reading, 21 in writing and 18 in speaking 3.5 Bachelor degree in a related field 15th September,2019
    Curtin University 7(with a minimum of 7 in reading, writing, speaking and listening) 79(with a minimum score of 13 in reading and listening, 18 in speaking and 21 in writing) 3.5 13th February, 2020

    Tuition Fees and National Ranking for Top Universities of Australia for Masters in Social Work

    Here is the list of the top universities for masters in Social Work in Australia and its tuition fees

    Name of the universities National Ranking Duration  Tuition fees
    University of Wollongong 12 2 years full time  AUD 63264
    Edith Cowan University 28 1year  AUD 74,680
    University of New South Wales 25 2years AUD 36480
    Griffith University 12 2 years AUD 61,920
    University of Newcastle 21 2years AUD 59510
    James Cook University 12  2 years AUD 61000
    University of Western Australia (UWA) 8 2 years AUD 64400
    University of Queensland 4 2 years AUD 41616
    La Trobe University 16 2years AUD 67200
    Curtin University 16 2years AUD 110000

    *The costs are given in AUD. 1AUD= INR 48.97 (14th January 2020)

    Masters in Social Work in Australia- Cost of Living

    Other than tuition fees, the applicants should also have financial support to sustain the high cost of living in Australia. Here is a detailed list of the cost of living in different cities of Australia.

    Cities Accommodation Food Transport Miscellaneous
    Melbourne AUD 1400 AUD 1120 AUD 100 AUD 800
    Sydney AUD 1000 AUD 1400 AUD 150  AUD 1200
    Brisbane AUD 800 AUD 1000 AUD 220 AUD 1000
    Canberra AUD 1000 AUD 668 AUD 140 AUD 500
    Adelaide AUD 1500 AUD 600 AUD 140 AUD 600
    Geelong AUD 1000 AUD 400 AUD 100 AUD 800
    Hobart AUD 1000 AUD 412 AUD 100 AUD 500

    Masters in Social Work in Australia- Cost to Study vs Salary Package

    In the below mentioned figure, it is prominently shown that the cost to study for masters in social work in Australia is comparatively lesser than other well-known universities in the world. In Australia, masters in social work offers diversities to the graduates working in different mental health sectors. In the figure, the average salary package is given per year. If a graduate in masters of social work starts working around Australia, then can easily pay back his educational loan within 4-5years. With the growth in the industry, the salary package will also get a hike. So within 4-5years, a graduate of masters in social work can earn up to AUD 110000 per year.

    Cost to study V/S Average Salary

    Now a question arises, why do applicants opt for Curtin University despite the high tuition fees? Though the course fee is higher than other mentioned universities, the students get chances to work with children and correctional homes during the course of the program. The university focuses on the practical approach of education. In the long run, the students can earn in higher ranges as compared to other mentioned universities.

    Masters in Social work in Australia Scholarships

    Due to high academic fees, international student scholarships in Australia are available to study masters in social work. The top universities of Australia have provisions for scholarships to international students. There are specific scholarships for the students pursuing masters in social work in Australia. Besides this, the students can also apply for scholarships specifically meant by the universities. In the latter, the competitive rates of acquiring scholarships are higher due to its wide horizon. The applicant must analyze properly the scholarship rates and its durations before application.

    Name of the scholarship University Amount
    JCU Postgraduate Research Scholarship (JCUPRS) James Cook University $28,092 per annum 
    UOW Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship  University of Wollongong Deduction of 30% from tuition fees 
    Frank Knox Memorial Fellowships University of New South Wales  AUD 32,000 per year
    International Student Excellence Scholarship – Postgraduate Coursework Griffith University Deduction of 25% from tuition fee 
    Griffith Remarkable Scholarship Griffith University Deduction of 25% from tuition fee
    UWA International Fee Scholarships University of Western Australia AUD 30,000 per annum for free accommodation 
    La Trobe College Excellence Scholarship (CES)  La Trobe University  15-25% deduction on yearly tuition fees
    UQ Graduate School Scholarships  University of Queensland $26,682 per year 
    University of Newcastle Postgraduate Research Scholarships University of Newcastle $28,092 per annum
    Meng Fei Innovative Future Leader Scholarship Curtin University  10% deduction on tuition fees 

    Masters in Social Work in Australia – Top Recruiters

    Among the big names in the field of social work, few recruitment agencies paved the path of social work in Australia long back. Some of those recruiting organizations are given below

    • Tradewind Australia
    • Keeley Pope Media Recruitment
    • ProCare Australia
    • TaylorCare Recruitment
    • McArthur Melbourne
    • Zinc Recruitment
    • Manpower Services Australia Pty Ltd
    • Wright Executive
    • Mission Employment
    • BRC recruitment
    • Sugarman
    • Australian Barnardos Recruitment services

    Masters in Social Work in Australia – Job Prospects Across Sectors

    After graduating from the masters in social work in Australia, most of the graduates can work in recruitment firms that extend social support in different fields. Jobs for international students in Australia is easier to hunt for its booming economic structure.The social workers help individuals to improve mental well-being. In the graph, it is shown that the healthcare sector needs social workers at the highest level. In the healthcare industry, the graduates of masters in Social Work can work for different work profiles like social assistance, diversional therapists, midwives, occupational therapists, family counselors, psychotherapists and many other roles. The healthcare industry seeks skillful social workers for making it grow rapidly.

    Job Prospects in Social Work Sector

    Masters in Social Work in Australia- Professional Recognition

    Graduates after completing the masters in social work in Australia are eligible to take membership in AASW to be a professional practitioner. After taking the membership, the graduates are allowed to become accredited practitioners. The graduates can also upload updated resumes on different online job portals like SEEK, INDEED and many more.