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SOP for Masters in Law in Australia: Guidelines for International Students

Sugandhi Sood Sugandhi Sood
Study Abroad Expert

A well-written Statement of Purpose serves the actual purpose of representing an applicant before the selection committee without physical presence. It is your best chance to appeal to the admission committee of the chosen university & program.

Talking about SOP for Masters in Law in Australia, students have reviewed that the personal statement issignificant yet optional in various Australian universities. Since interviews rarely take place for Masters in Law admissions, it is the applicant’s SOP that offers an insight into their journey and perspective. But, presently, SOP for Master in Law is not a mandatory requirement for admission in all Australian universities.

  • Australia is known for evidence-based SOPs which highlight applicant’s individuality, in turn, allowing them to put their best foot forward.
  • SOP for Masters in Law in Australia must be precise and strongly reflect your understanding of legal procedures.
  • All ambiguous ideas should be strictly avoided while working on an SOP for Law program.
  • A well-constructed SOP for Masters in Law in Australia should be around 500-800 words (not more than two pages).
  • An SOP written for the Law program must be different from an SOP for Australian student visa.

SOP for Masters in Law in Australia: Guidelines for Top Australian Universities

While drafting an SOP for Law in Australia, applicants tend to use the same guidelines which are incorporated in an SOP for LLM in USA or Canada. However, doing so only leads to rejection as applicants need to work on it as per the guidelines of Australian education institutions

  • Western Sydney University: A two-page personal essay/report explaining the motivation and relevant experiences to take up Masters in Law
  • Victoria University: SOP for Law and justice courses is mandatory. It should underline your work experience, reasons for choosing the university over other Australian institutions. No word limit is specified.
  • The University of Newcastle: Here, a statement of purpose is not mandatory, however, is highly recommended to international students.
  • Australian National University: An SOP in the form of motivation letter is required for all Law programs including SOP for Masters in Law. A letter of around 500 words is enough for ANU Law admission committee.
  • University of Melbourne: Personal statement at the university is to be submitted as a document containing list of academic and professional accomplishments, volunteer work, etc. This way all details are combined in a single document, making the decision process easier.
  • University of Western Australia: An essay/statement for Masters in Law is needed in about 2-3 pages, focusing majorly only post study plans.

Some Australian universities allow applicants to submit an SOP for Masters in Law instead of a CV; especially if the applicant lacks work experience requirements in any way.

Since admission to law courses is extremely competitive, enclosing a well written crisp SOP for Masters in Law in Australia may always prove to be beneficial for the applicant. Keep in mind that instead of your personal presence this document will speak for you.

SOP for Masters in Law in Australia: A Sample Draft

When I was studying in high school a lady from our colony lost her husband in an accident. As the death was by accident there was no will left by her husband. The relatives from the husband’s family harassed her and she was dragged into a legal battle which she was not able to fight due to lack of finances and thorough knowledge of the legal system. It was then I decided that I will be studying law and serve for social justice and to make society aware of its rights in a lawful manner.

Currently, I am a final year student of an undergraduate degree in law at Law college Delhi, India and during the last few years, I have not only studied various areas of the legal system but also got opportunities to attend few live court proceedings. With the extensive course study and the reference readings, I have identified a special interest in the area of criminal law though my grades are A+ even in Common, Financial, and Civil law subjects. I would like to pursue higher studies in criminal law and I know that this specialization will require special efforts.

I am aware of the fact that strong interpersonal skills and great collaborative efforts are the basic skills needed to be a good legal practitioner, in order to inculcate these I have been actively participating in social activities and related workshops, etc during the studies of undergraduate level. My experiences as a class coordinator and assistant to the law union in school enriched my leadership skills and gave me the insight to work with messes. I was a keen sports player at the school level and I have continued that participation as that provides a much-needed vent for unwinding after long and engaging law classes.

I have a profound interest in criminal law studies and while studying in the college I got an opportunity to study the number of books written by foreign law professors, in which their research methodologies and outcomes are written was very interesting. I believe good methodologies are critical to successful studies and analysis of specific issues. In addition, one of my professors has studied in Australia and told us the differences between education methodologies of two places igniting my interest in doing my higher education in the field of law in Australia.

I also came to know that In Australia your institution specializes in focusing on practical training and knowledge along with the theoretical coursework. I am now working on my graduation thesis titled Studies on the Witnesses. I wish to continue with the exploration in future studies also so that I am able to work out a perfect legislative approach from sociological and economic perspectives.

To become proficient in criminal law and work for the community and for my fellow countrymen is my career goal. I would like to contribute to the development of the rule of law and an improved criminal law in my country after completing my higher education from your institution if I am able to get this opportunity. While attaining the goal of my life, I will surely benefit tremendously from the resources of faculty, dynamic academic atmosphere, and unparalleled facilities of your distinguished university. Moreover, I am confident that, considering my keen interest in criminal law, the fundamental knowledge I gained in this field, and a spirit of perseverance I have always cherished, I will make substantial contributions to the sector of the law of India in the future.

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