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Study in Australia - Jobs for International Students, Salaries, Work Visa

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Post-graduation, international students in Australia have some options available to them. They can either finish their studies and return to their home country, extend their stay and take up a job or continue to study in Australia and upgrade their skills.

The overall scenario as per the survey conducted by Australian Government suggests that approximately 50% of international students return to their home country after graduating. However, 4% of the students came out to be self-employed, while 6% of students carry on with further studies. Students from countries like India, China and Pakistan are among the major population of international students staying in Australia.

Jobs in Australia for Foreigners

Australia is a hub of opportunities for fresh graduates in the fields of computer science, IT, Education services, Earth Sciences, etc. As per the survey conducted of international students graduating from Australian Universities, it has been drawn that 71%-79% of graduates have a full-time job. After completion of VET course, 70% diploma/ certificate holders got employed in their respective fields.

On average, female in Australia with a bachelor’s degree can earn between $30,180- $55,900. While a male graduate earns $36,700- $75,880. The average salary is an estimate, it may vary as per the field of operation and job profile.

Top Industries Recruiting International Students in Australia

Jobs for International students in Australia are majorly covered in the following fields:

IndustryInternational Student Employment Percentage
Education and Training14%
Finance and Insurance13%
Healthcare and Social Assistance12%
Professional Scientific and Technical Services11%
Media and Telecommunications6%

Australian Companies Hiring International Graduates

The Department of Employment in Australia has predicted that job market in Australia will see an overall increase of 12.8%. Following are the Top Companies recruiting International Students in Australia:

CompanyField of Hiring Graduates
AECOMMathematics, IT and Computer Sciences, Property and Built Environment
AllenLaw and Legal Studies
EYAccountancy and Advisory, Banking and Financial Services, Consulting, IT and Communications
Goldman SachsBanking and Financial Services
Google AustraliaEngineering, R&D and Manufacturing, IT and Communications
Herbert Smith FreehillsLaw
KPMGAccountancy and Advisory, Consulting
PwCAccountancy and Advisory, Banking and Financial Services, Consulting, IT and Communications
ResMedEngineering, R&D and Manufacturing

According to QS world rankings, graduates from the following universities are likely to be employed immediately after completion of their degree.

  • University of Sydney
  • University of Melbourne
  • University of New South Wales
  • University of Queensland
  • University of Technology, Sydney
  • Monash University
  • Australian National University
  • RMIT University
  • Queensland University of Technology
  • Macquarie University

Field-wise average salary offered to international graduates in Australia is:

FieldAverage Salary (per anum)
Healthcare and Medical$60,000- $300,000
Legal$60,000- $120,000
ICT$80,000- $100,000
Accountancy$70,000- $85,000
Banking and Finance$40,000- $100,000
Consultancy$80,000- $100,000
Rail and Maritime Transport$80,000- $100,000
Mining Jobs$100,000- $250,000
Sales$50,000- $100,000
Marketing and Communication$60,000- $80,000

Further Studies in Australia

After completing a degree course in Australia, international students can extend their student visa and opt for further studies. Australian Universities and TAFE Colleges offer Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate courses in various fields. Those who want to take up research work can also enroll themselves to universities in Australia.

Graduate Diploma Courses in Australia for International Students

Foreign students who wish to upgrade their knowledge and skills can take up these certificate/ Diploma courses. Also, these can prove to be a pathway to various job opportunities for International students in Australia.

Some of the popular Graduate diploma/ certificate among international students in Australia are:

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Health Professions Education
  • Taxation law
  • Human Resource Management
  • Heritage studies
  • Social research methods
  • Sports and recreation

PhD in Australia for International Students

Australia, being a hub for research and innovation has plenty of options for international students to undertake research work at prestigious Australian Universities post-degree. The country offers unique PhD options from Marine biology to anthropology.

In order to continue research in Australia, extension of student visa must be taken in order to live and work in the country. Typically, length of PhD degree is 3 years and average tuition fee ranges between $11000 to $29000. However, numerous Scholarships, Fellowships and Awards are granted to students of high academic capabilities from the Government of Australia.

Extend Stay in Australia

Extending stay in Australia for studies, travel or job is quite easy. Following could be the possibilities and visa requirements after completing a degree from Australia. If student visa expires with the completion of degree, immediately apply for Bridging Visa E-BE (subclass 050-051). This will allow a student to apply for valid visa or time to prepare for departure from the country.

  • Working holiday:  Apply for a ‘work and holiday visa (subclass 462), to travel and work for up to 12 months.
  • Travel: After finishing a degree from Australian Universities, students can stay for a while and explore the country. In such case, a tourist visa (subclass 600) or other type of temporary visa would be a good option.
  • Apply for a temporary visa: Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) can be obtained to work in Australia. Those belonging to graduate work stream can work till 18 months, while post- study work stream applicants can work from 2 to 4 years.
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