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Study in Australia - Travel and Stay Guide for International Students

Abhijeet Singh Abhijeet Singh
Content Curator

As an international student, it is important to consider every aspect before choosing to study in Australia. Universities and education are of exemplary standards and so are the living standards. Living in Australia cost comes up to a minimum of $20,000 per year, excluding tuition fee.

So, if planning to study in Australia, consider some valuable tips for living in Australia. Only 40kg + 10kg (20 kg for economy class) are allowed while boarding a plane, so, some pre and post departure advice should be considered to save all the confusion and panic.

Packing list for International Students to Australia

Important documents (originals in your carry-on luggage and photocopies in your check-in luggage)

  • Valid passport with a valid Australian student visa
  • Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), confirmation of your airport pickup by the institution and accommodation details
  • Receipts of any related payments made including tuition fees, health cover etc.
  • Attested mark sheets, certificates and work experience letters
  • Birth certificate, credit card, ten passport size photographs, an international driver’s license
  • Important telephone numbers and addresses in India and Australia
  • Prescriptions to support use of any required medications
  • Health insurance details

Once done with all the necessary documentation, make sure your check-in luggage has easy access to the items to be declared at the customs.

Important Things to carry in luggage

  • Required clothing and footwear.
  • Backpack, stationery, blanket, bed sheets, pillow cases, towels, alarm clock etc.
  • Electrical appliances like music system, computer etc. can be carried but carry valid bills along.

Cash to carry to Australia as an international student

As an international student, DO NOT rely too much on cash, carry some $1000 and use travelers’ cheque in initial days.

While at the airport, present your valid passport, CoE, Student Visa, accommodation details, contact details od relatives and institution’s international student's service and other required documents when asked to the officials. If students carry some prohibited items on the plane, declare it in the customs form provided in the plane and take the red pathway for necessary security checks.

Living in Australia


Majority of international students in Australia live off-campus, through homestay programs, hostels, or rental properties. However, some students opt for university housing options as well. In terms of accommodations and housing, make sure to confirm that you have information about the following:

  • Contact and address details of the accommodation selected
  • Deposits for housing and security deposit been
  • Checking-in to your accommodation right after getting out of the airport
  • If living at a homestay, make sure the family is ready and made sufficient arrangements.
  • Ask someone to pick you up at the airport


Transportation options include buses, trains, trams and ferries, private and public car services. Some universities have their own in-house transport system.

Transport Concessions for International students in each state of Australia

ACT (Australian Capital Territory)

Student concessions on presentation of formal student identification card or upon successful application for an ACTION Students Concession Card.

NSW (New South Wales)

Discounted MyMulti passes for international students in tertiary education to save up to 35 per cent on the cost of travel on buses, trains, light rail and most ferries throughout Greater Sydney.

NT (Northern Territory)

University and VET students can have unlimited bus travels for three hours on any scheduled public bus service at a cost of $1.00 if carrying a valid student card.

QLD (Queensland)

Full-time international students can have concessions on public transport on presentation of valid student ID.

SA (South Australia)

Transport concessions for all international students on presentation of valid student ID.

TAS (Tasmania)

International students who study in Tasmania qualify for the same travel concessions as local students.

WA (Western Australia)

International students studying full-time in Western Australia are eligible for public transport concessions. With one ticket, students can ride on any bus, train or ferry and transfer between services within a given period.

Some more tips

  • Food in Australia: To save money, cooking food will save a lot of money. Other cheap options like Hungry Jacks, Laksa house are available too.
  • Groceries: Picking groceries at good discounts in bulk can save some cents. Avail discounts at Woolworths, Coles.
  • Fruits and Vegetables: Buy only from local market and not from Woolworths and Coles.
  • Find a job: Use online platforms like Gumtree, Facebook to find suitable jobs or else go and explore market areas. If you still struggle think about doing aged care courses. These courses definitely help you in getting a job with a very good pay rate of 25–30 dollars per hour.

Traveling in Australia

While on weekend getaway or taking a short trip during breaks, international students can travel within Australia. Explore the beauty of Australia and get along with Australian mates for some adventures at following places:

CityPlaces to Visit
MelbourneGreat Ocean Road, Dandenong Ranges and Daylesford
SydneyHiking at Blue Mountains or seating in Sydney ferries
BrisbaneSouthbank parkland, free bike to explore Brisbane in sun.
Queensland Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest 
CanberraNational Arboretum, Canberra district wine region
AdelaideBarossa valley and Port Linclon
PerthAvon valley, New Norcia

Those who cannot invest too much on traveling can treat themselves at the beaches in Australia and explore the wilderness free of cost.

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