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Top Business Colleges in Australia

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Australia, being one of the top 5 destinations for studying abroad, is seeing remarkable growth in the number of international students for last few years. According to the International Student Enrollment Data, the count of international students in 2020 has reached 517,519 from 478,469 (in 2019).

A major portion of these students was enrolled in business schools in Australia. Also, international student proportion in top b-schools of Australia like Melbourne Business School, UQ Business School had increased from 20-22% to 28-30% in 2019. Moving on to the employment statistics, International Student Data reported that the number of international employees had a significant rise of 3.7% in 2019 in the field of business.

The global acceptance of Australian business degrees coupled with the moderate cost of living in Australia and the higher employment statistics make the business courses the most preferred courses among international students. Let us look into the details of the business courses in Australia here:

Courses offered:

  • Undergraduate business courses - 3-4 years full-time bachelor degree courses
  • Graduate business courses - 2 years of full-time master degree courses
  • Doctoral business courses - 3-4 years of full-time research programs

Top B-Schools in Australia

According to the QS ranking, following are the top business colleges in Australia. Check out the table to know the number of courses offered in these globally ranked business colleges:

Name of the university Global ranking Courses offered 
Melbourne Business School266 master degree courses; 1 specialist master degree course; 1 graduate research degree;
Part-Time MBA, Executive MBA, and Senior Executive MBA
UNSW Business School425 undergraduate degrees programs; 4 co-op bachelor degree programs; 10+ double Bachelor degree programs;
3 honors degrees; 10+ graduate degree courses; 6 graduate certificate courses; 3 graduate diploma courses; 8 Ph. D. programs;
Monash Business School8910 undergraduate degree course; 1 double degree program; 1 graduate certificate program;
|1 graduate diploma program; 10+ graduate programs; 1 Executive MBA and 1 MBA program; 7 graduate research programs
UQ Business School1296 executive courses; 1 MBA program; 5 bachelor programs; 2 honors courses;
9 postgraduate programs; 6 graduate certificate courses; 2 graduate diploma courses; 1 Ph. D. program
MGSM Macquarie University13710+ bachelor degree courses; 8 master degree programs;
2 graduate certificate courses; 1 M.Res course; 1 Ph. D. degree; 1 M. Phil course

It has to be noted that all these colleges have over 50% of international students and above 90% of the students, studying any master's degree course got employed post 3 months of the course completion.

Specializations available in Business Schools of Australia

A student can get so many specializations in business to select from in Australian universities that gives strong support in their career. Among all the specializations business courses, the following ones are the most preferred among international students:

Business analytics Business strategies development
Global trade analysisEntrepreneurship
International business communicationBusiness Accounting (Financial accounting)
Business Marketing - E-commerceSustainability management
Business valuationBusiness administration
Operation managementBusiness planning
Business Logistic and supply chain managementPublic relation and business development

Business Schools in Australia for Bachelors Program

A bachelor's in business from Australia is much popular among international students who are willing to go for business development and business operations/management. A student with a bachelor's degree can earn 24% more salary than certificate or diploma holders.

Following are popular business colleges in Australia offering bachelors program:

CourseUniversity Duration Tuition Fee per year (in AUD)
Bachelor of Commerce with a Major in Business Information SystemsMGSM Macquarie University3 years $37,500
Bachelor of business Administration MGSM Macquarie University3 years$37,500
Bachelor of Business Management (Honors)UQ Business School1 year$42,272
Bachelor of Business AdministrationMonash Business School3 years$30,200
Bachelor of Business Information Systems La Trobe university3 years$34200
Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Media (PR & Advertising)UNSW Business school4-8 year $41,100
Bachelor of Business (Supply Chain Management)Flinders University3 years $31,500

BBA from Australia offers a job as a Marketing Communications Co-coordinator, Investment Banker, Data Analyst, Financial Adviser and lots of others.

Duration of Undergraduate Programs in Business Schools of Australia

An international student willing to complete a full-time bachelor of business in Australia has to go for 3-4 years of courses. A student can complete this within a duration of 6-8 years if required. However, the duration of the honors courses is 1 year.

Fees and Scholarships for Undergraduate Programs in Business Schools of Australia

Yearly fees of these courses range from 30,000 AUD to 42,000 AUD. There are government as well as university-specific scholarships for international students. These scholarship amounts are meant to reduce the tuition and accommodation charges to half!

Admission Process for Undergraduate Degree in Business Schools of Australia

Check the following sections thoroughly for admission requirements of popular Australian universities offering bachelors in business:

Intake Season:

The start date of admission varies, but it is around February start to mid. For specific details, a student needs to check the university website thoroughly.

Eligibility Criteria:

A student applying for the bachelor courses must have

  • Studies English and maths as compulsory subjects in the boards.
  • 75% or above score in the board finals.
  • Qualifying or above marks in IELTS (6.5), TOEFL IBT (79), TOEFL PBT (570), Pearson’s (58), BE (4+), and CES (176).
  • Qualify the university-specific entrance exam.

A diploma or a certificate holder will get the added advantage. In addition, the eligibility criteria vary depending on the universities the students opt for.

Required Documents for Admission:

A student needs to carry

  • Mark sheet and certificate from the board
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Statement of purpose

Business Schools in Australia for Masters Program

A student can directly get the responsibility of project handling or strategic management under the supervisors within 3 months of completing their master's degree courses. The salary of the Assistant Project managers has seen a hike in recent years from 18% to 26% (2017-2019).

Following are the best postgraduate programs an international student can go for:

Name of the courseName of the university Duration of the course Tuition fee per year (in AUD)
Master of Business AnalyticsMelbourne Business School 1 year$ 55,000
Master of Business Administration (Digital Transformation)University of Southern Queensland1.5 year$29,840
Master of Marketing ManagementUniversity of Canberra2 years$35,000
Masters in Business Administration (Global)University of Newcastle2 years$29,770
Master of International Business/Master of international relationsGriffith University2 years $31,500

A student with an MBA from Australia is eligible for the Global Experiences Expo, Networking events, Wealth management analyst, Asset management trainee and more.

Duration of Postgraduate Programs in Business Schools of Australia

The master's degree programs in Australia are designed to be completed within a span of 2 years maximum. For the students willing for the past time master's degree programs, they have the opportunity to extend it to 2.5 years maximum.

Fees and Scholarship for Postgraduate Programs in Business Schools of Australia

The average fee of the master's degree courses varies based on the specializations. In general, a student willing to complete a master's degree course in Australia needs to spend AUD $30,000-50,000 on an average a year.

Also, there are universities, offering more than one specializations (like applied finance, professional accounting, and information system) in the master's degree programs and naturally, the course fee and duration are much above compared to the rest.

There are university-specific scholarships for the international students with academic excellence that bear the entire expense of the student including tuition fees, books, accommodation, medical and travel expenses.

Admission Process for Postgraduate Degree in Business Schools of Australia

Admission requirements may vary, but to help the candidates, the following are the general guidelines.

Intake Season:

A student needs to apply through the online form in the university portal by the end of February. Some universities invite applications during July as well for the next semester. UNSW accepts the applications thrice a year: February, June, and September.

It means a student has to plan and keep track of the university website to get enrolled in the desired program.

Eligibility Criteria:

A student needs to

  • Hold a bachelor degree in the relevant field with a score of 75% or up
  • Fulfill the university-specific entrance exam requirement
  • A major in mathematics or statistics
  • Work experience with financial responsibilities (university-specific)
  • Qualifying score in English language proficiency test just like the bachelors

Required Documents:

At the time of admission, a student needs to carry

  • All the academic documents of bachelors, diploma and certificate courses
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Statement of purpose
  • CV
  • Proof of work experience including the documents of project worked on (if applicable)

Business Schools in Australia for Doctoral Program

For students willing for the position of independent business professional or independent project manager, a doctorate degree is a must. They are welcomed with near about 7-8% more salary compared to the master degree holders in different job sectors. The best universities that offer the doctorate degree are the following ones:

Name of the courseName of the university Duration of the course Tuition Fee per year (in AUD)
Doctoral Program in Business Administration and AnalyticsMelbourne Business School 4 years (full time) $37,952
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Information Systems and Technology ManagementUNSW Business School4 years$150,640
Phd. in business and economicsMonash Business School3-4 years (full time) 6-8 years (part-time) $32,100
Doctor of Philosophy management and commerceUQ Business School3-4 years$9,170
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.)MGSM Macquarie University3 years Funded by Government

It is beyond mention that the doctorate business programs from Australian universities are worth shaping the career of the students largely with a satisfactory career at the end of the course. With the learning outcomes of project management, strategic management, business planning and a thorough idea of business analytics take the students some steps ahead to others.

Candidates with a doctorate degree are eligible for handling projects solely in different MNCs.

Duration of Doctoral Programs in Business Schools of Australia

Duration of the doctorate courses in business is generally 3 to 4 years. It is based on the time needed to complete the research paper including the fieldwork.

Fees and Scholarships for Doctoral Programs in Business Schools of Australia

Yearly charges of the doctorate courses vary based on the specializations selected. Just like the master's degree courses, the annual course fee increases by 10-15% if a student chooses to complete the course in part-time. Generally, a student has to spend 30,000 AUD to 100,000 AUD to receive a doctorate degree.

Australia has always been very lenient when it comes to education and all the universities mentioned above have different scholarships for international students.

Admission Process for Doctoral Degree in Business Schools of Australia

Check the following sections to be prepared for the admissions:

Intake Season:

The start date of application in the doctorate business courses is February in almost all the universities. There are a few colleges and universities with two or more sessions for the doctorate courses. Students can get admission in July there.

Eligibility Criteria:

Students willing for the doctorate degree in business should have:

  • Completed bachelor and master degree on the relevant field with 75% or above score


  • A double bachelor degree in a similar field


  • 4 years bachelor degree with an upper second class score
  • The ability to conduct independent research on the approved proposal
  • Qualifying score in English language proficiency tests
  • Work experience with the ability to handle a project

Required Documents:

During the admission, the students must carry

  • All the academic documents
  • Recommendation letter
  • Statement of purpose
  • CV
  • Certificate of work experience showing the evidence of project handling under a senior project manager
  • Approved proposal

Available Scholarships in Business Schools of Australia

The international students with academic excellence are given support from the Australian government as well as the top business colleges to continue their studies. Here are a few scholarships for international students in Australia:

Name of the scholarshipScholarship is given byScholarship is given toScholarship includes 
Graduate Research ScholarshipMelbourne Business School International students pursuing any graduate research courses Fee remission General allowance
Monash Scholarship for Outstanding AchievementMonash UniversityTop performers of any academic programUp to 32,500 AUD
The Destination Australia Program (DAP)Australian GovernmentInternationals students to any Australian universityUp to 15,000 AUD
Australia Awards ScholarshipsDepartment of Foreign Affairs and TradeStudents from developing countries especially Indo-Pacific regionTuition fees Travel fare
Macquarie University International ScholarshipsVice-chancellor of Macquarie UniversityInternational students pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate degreeUp to 10,000 AUD
International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS)The government of AustraliaPostgraduate research students Tuition fees All health expenses 

Scope after Studying Business in Australia

Any degree in business can help the candidates to achieve a satisfactory position in the 21st-century business market. Among all the fields, business planning and business analytics seemed to receive the greatest hike of approximately 11% last year which is higher than most others.

A business professional in Australia earns 69,800 AUD to 163,000 AUD per year based on the qualification and experience of the candidate. Compared to a diploma holder, a candidate with a bachelor's degree is offered 24% more salary in Australia. With a master's degree, one can earn 29% more than the bachelor's and doctorates earn 23% more in the equivalent field.

In the cities like Brisbane, Gold coast, business professionals receive 112,000 AUD to 119,000 AUD salary on an average per annum. The table below shows the post wise annual salaries of the candidates:

Designation Average Annual Salary (in AUD)
Business Development Manager$53,000-123,000
Administrative Assistant $29,000-56,000
Business Analyst$87,000-142,000
Account manager$77,000-120,000
Business Operations Specialist$56,000-135,000
Data Analyst$50,00-100000
Customer service representative$28,000-53,000
Finance Manager$62,000-138,000
Operations manager$53,000-135,000
Marketing Manager$50,000-112,000
Project Manager$48,000-112,000
Project engineer$60,000-124,000
Practice manager$51,000-93,000

The salary of the business professionals has seen a constant hike since 2015 and that too is not limited to only 5%. Qualified candidates have always received a decent salary in Australia that is also a reason behind the double-digit growth in the number of international students last year.

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