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    Acumen Institute of Further Education: Campus, Accommodation, Programs Application Process, Scholarships

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    Established in 2009, Acumen Institute of Further Education is a private Vocational Education Training provider institution located in Melbourne, Australia. The institute was set up with the aim to enrich the lives of students planning to study in Australia through nationally accredited practical, innovative and quality vocational training courses, and help them to transform their lives and choose a sustainable career.

    The Institute offers multiple courses ranging from advanced diplomas to advanced certifications in the field of Hospitality, Automotive, and Business. Due to Covid-19, all the processes and classes are being conducted in online mode. There are 2 intake seasons at Acumen Institute. The admission process is conducted online and students are also required to sit for an interview to get a seat. Candidates have to pay 4,000 AUD to 24,000 AUD to study at Acumen institute, they are also eligible to avail scholarships in Australia.


    College Type Private
    College Campus Urban
    No. of Campus 4 3
    Campus Location Melbourne and Victoria
    Application mode Online
    Application portal Portal
    I Intake Sessions 1 2 intakes in a year
    Accommodation No
    Enrollment fee 200 AUD (non-refundable)
    Basic Tuition Fee for International Students 4,000 AUD - 24,000 AUD
    Mode of Programs Full time, part-time
    Types of Programs Certificate, diploma
    Help Desk

    Acumen Institute of Further Education Campus

    Acumen Institute has 3 fully-fledged campuses located in multiple cities of Australia. The main campus is located at Level 8, 55 Swanston St, Melbourne, Vic 3000 in front of Flinders St station and easily accessible by public transport.

    Other campuses are located at Elizabeth St., Richmond, Islington St., Collingwood, Victoria Australia. All the campuses are situated at a place where it can easily be reached by public transports and surrounded by cafes, restaurants.

    All the Campuses at Acumen Institute equipped with facilities such as:

    • High speed easily accessible internet and Wi-Fi connectivity
    • Big and spacious fully furnished classrooms
    • Student lounges
    • Classrooms equipped with Audio and Video equipment
    • Computer labs with modern technology
    • Workshops area and simulated learning facilities
    • Other facilities like student support, English Language support, student job, and airport pickup as well.

    Modern Libraries: All 3 campuses have libraries equipped with a large collection of books, magazines, DVDs & CDs, and other useful resources needed in the whole program.

    • Institute also has a State Library in which after enrolling you can access online resources and materials like journals, newspapers, and ebooks, etc. which are available in the library.

    Acumen Institute of Further Education Residence

    Acumen institute is a non-resident college and it doesn’t provide any hostel or accommodation facilities to students on the campus. But student support officers of institutes help prospective pupils to look for various types of student accommodation in Australia.

    • There are lots of housing facilities available near the college campuses like rental, student apartments, hotel rooms, flatshare and homestay options which are popular among the overseas students.
    • Staying at homestay or other accommodation will cost you an average of $150 to $550 per week.

    One can contact the student support branch of the college to get more information about accommodation as well as visit the official websites of housing rental companies in Australia.

    Top Programs at Acumen Institute of Further Education

    Acumen Institute offers multiple diplomas, advanced diplomas, certificate III, certificate IV programs in courses such as light vehicle mechanical technology, hospitality management, commercial cookery, Automotive technology and Business field.

    A few essential information regarding the programs at Acumen Institute of Further Education have been given below:

    Degree Type Fees in AUD Duration Requirements
    Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology $15,600 52 weeks Successfully completed Australian year 11 or equivalent
    Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis $5,000 22 weeks Successfully complete Australian year 11 or equivalent + completed Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology
    Diploma of Automotive Technology $7,000 37 weeks Successfully completed Australian year 12 or equivalent + completed Certificate IV automotive mechanical diagnosis
    Certificate IV in Business $4,500 22 weeks Completed Year 11
    Diploma in Business $4,000 30 weeks Completed Year 12 or equivalent
    Advanced Diploma of Business $5,000 30 weeks Completed Year 11
    Diploma of Hospitality and Management $18,000 64 weeks Completion of Year 12
    Advanced Diploma of Hospitality and Management $24,000 104 weeks Completion of Year 12

    Acumen Institute of Further Education Application Process

    Application procedure for international students is a time consuming process. Candidates must complete each step accurately.

    Application portal – click here
    Application mode – online

    Application procedure

    • Visit the official website and select your course
    • Download the form and fill the form carefully
    • Attach the required documents and send them to the admission department of the Institute. (Email address is in highlights table)
    • College authority will review your form under admission policies, If required you have to sit for Genuine Temporary Entrants (GTE) interview
    • Students need to submit the proof of English proficiency or if required you have to pass the Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) test
    • After evaluating scores and other requirements, you will get an offer letter from the institute
    • Accept the offer letter by submitting the required amount through online payments, telegraphic transfer, direct deposit, and pay by mail, etc.
    • After that, students will get a confirmation letter, which can be used to apply for the visa.

    Application Requirements for International Students

    International students applying for a course at Acumen Institute for Further Education must meet the following requirements.

    Course Eligibility Requirements
    • Applicants must be 18 years or more of age
    • Applicants must have completed Australian year 11 qualification or equivalent (from overseas) (for some courses Year 12)
    • Applicants must meet the visa requirements
    • Applicants have successfully passed the placement test conducted by the institute of ACF level
    • Another main requirement is mentioned in the top courses table
    Documents required
    • Fully filled signed application form
    • Transcripts of English proficiency test
    • Transcripts of Year 11/Year 12 or equivalent qualification
    • Visa and age proof
    • Certified copy of passport
    • E-receipt of seat confirmation
    • Receipt of payment
    • Other required documents mentioned in the form

    Visa Process for International Students

    After getting the confirmation of offer letter from the institute, Applicants have to apply for the visa on the website of the Australian government of home affairs with all the required documents. This includes the following -

    • Application fee
    • Passport
    • Seat confirmation letter
    • English test score
    • Overseas student health insurance cover
    • proof of financial stability
    • Statement of purpose for Australian Student VisaTo get more information, one can visit the Australian government website.

    English Language Proficiency Test score requirement

    Candidates whose first language is not English, are required to submit the English language proficiency test scores to prove their English proficiency and to get a student visa. Institute accepts test scores like IELTS score, TOEFL, PTE, CAE, and OET.

    The accepted scores are given below

    English Test Name Required Test Scores 10 weeks package of ELICOS 20 weeks package of ELICOS
    IELTS Overall score of 5.5 Overall score of 5.0 Overall score of 4.5
    TOEFL iBT 46 35 32
    Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) 162 154 147
    Occupational English Test (OET) B B B
    PTE 42 36 30


    • If a candidate doesn't meet the language criteria then they have to enrol in the ELICOS program for English proficiency.
    • Students may also need to sit for the Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) test to prove their English proficiency.

    Acumen Institute of Further Education Cost of Attendance

    At Acumen Institute the tuition fee will cost you around 4,000 AUD to 24,000 AUD depending upon the course you opt for. Besides that, minimum living expenses in Australia will cost you around $20,500 to $22,000 per year.

    Data related to cost of living in Australia have been given below:

    Expenses Cost in AUD
    Accommodation/flats 90 - 550 AUD per week
    Meal from restaurant 80 - 280 AUD per week
    Transportation cost 35 - 65 AUD (depends upon the transport)
    Breakfast 12 AUD per day
    Gas and electricity 35 - 140 AUD per week

    Acumen Institute of Further Education Scholarships/Financial Aid

    Acumen Institute offers a range of scholarships to international students to recognise their academic achievement as well as to provide financial aid to those in need. For instance, to help and motivate well-performing students, the institute provides 50 scholarships to 50 best-performing students of any course/department.

    15 scholarships per term are available (4 terms a year). Selected students will be awarded a paycheck of $500 which students can use to learn some skills and improve themselves or buy some equipment and materials related to the course. More information related to the course have been given below:

    Eligibility, Application, and Selection Process for scholarship

    Scholarship available 50 scholarships for 50 students. Each term has 15 scholarship (4 terms a year)
    Scholarship amount 500 AUD
    Eligibility Must enrolled in program + Competent in all subjects + 90% attendance record + valid COE
    Application deadline Before the end of each term
    Application process Offline (on reception)
    Selection process Must be under scholarship guidelines


    • The candidate must have enrolled in any of the program provided by the institute with a valid visa (if international student)
    • The candidate must be competent in all units with a 90% attendance record
    • To fill the application form visit the reception and submit a fully filled form. Notifications of a scholarship will be announced on the official website and on the notice board of the college. The candidate must fill the form before the end of each term
    • Selection will be done strictly under the guidelines, the winner will be announced on the notice board and through a newsletter by the scholarship committee of the institute. Selected students need to accept the offer in written format to be considered winners.

    Prospective students can also apply for the Australian government vocational education and training scholarship programs.

    Given below are a few essential information related to scholarships:

    Organization Name Australian Government Department of Education and Training
    Application deadline June
    Scholarship Amount $6,500 to $1, 31,000 (including travel allowance, health insurance, tuition fee, etc.)
    Eligibility The candidate must be 18 years of age Citizen of the participating country Currently studying in the proposed program Meet documents criteria

    Acumen Institute of Further Education Placement

    After completing their courses at Acumen institute, students can easily land entry-level jobs in their preferred field of specialization with the help of the Institute’s Jobs and Placements portal. Through the portal, the Institute helps students in finding jobs and offers various resources regarding CV writing, interview cracking, etc.

    • The Institute provides students information about job vacancies and job portals so that it becomes easy for students to prepare and land a job. It increases the job opportunities for international students in Australia through networking with companies.
    • Institute also hires professionals to work with the institute as trainee & assessor, student support officer, and other job roles. Students can visit the official website to get information.

    Since its establishment, Acumen Institute has gained a lot of popularity in the field of Vocational Education. Institute and its programs are accredited and comply with State or Tertiary Legislation and Regulatory Requirement as well as Australian Qualification Framework (AQF). All the programs are developed after consultation with industry experts and stakeholders to provide quality education.

    The institute’s multiple campuses offer all the necessary facilities ranging from academics to job placements. The admission requirement for each course is nearly the same. However, the institute also provides assistance to students in case of ELP requirements. The application process takes place online.


    Q1. How to apply at Acumen Institute of Further Education?

    Ans. The application procedure of the institute is online, visit the official website, select the course and download the form. See the eligibility criteria and submit the form with the required documents. If your application is approved, you will receive an offer letter from the institute.

    Q2. What happens if I am not able to provide English proficiency test scores at Acumen Institute?

    Ans. If you don’t pass the English proficiency requirement then you have to sit for an LLP test to prove English language proficiency. You may also need to study in the ELICOS program after visiting the campus for English proficiency.

    Q3. What are the other fees apart from the tuition fee charged by Acumen Institute?

    Ans. Acumen institute will charge you tuition fees, material fees, late fees, reassessment fees, and other fees.

    Q4. Does Acumen Institute of Further Education provide any Financial Aid?

    Ans. Yes, the Institute provides scholarships and awards to top-performing students. Institute gives 50 scholarships to 50 top-performing students every year.

    Q5. What are the facilities Acumen Institute of Further Education offers to International students?

    Ans. College offers various facilities to students like help in admission, searching for the perfect accommodation, English language support, airport pickup, and other facilities required to study and live on campus.

    Q6. When is the intake session of Acumen Institute of Further Education?

    Ans. Acumen Institute accepts applications multiple times a year. It has 2 intake sessions per year. Students can check the entry requirements and apply with the required documents.

    Q7. How much will it cost me to study at Acumen Institute of Further Education?

    Ans. Studying at Acumen costs you around $4000 to $24,000 of tuition fee for the entire course. It also costs you around $22,550 per year for a living (may change according to your preference).

    Q8. What are the basic requirements to study at Acumen Institute?

    Ans. The basic requirement is Candidate must be 18 years of age, the candidate must complete Australian year 11/12 or equivalent qualification and meet each course requirement as well as Visa requirement.

    Q9. Are students required to maintain a particular percentage of attendance at Acumen Institute of Further Education?

    Ans. Institute maintains the attendance record but doesn’t have any policy regarding attendance. You need to maintain a 90% attendance rate if you want to get the scholarship.

    1 year

    Course Duration

    $2,7471st YEAR

    6 months

    Course Duration

    $4,8071st YEAR

    6 months

    Course Duration

    $3,4331st YEAR

    6 months

    Course Duration

    $12,3621st YEAR

    1 year

    Course Duration


    Acumen Institute of Further education Overview

    Insitution type
    Application Cost
    Average Cost of Attendance
    $16,482 / Year

    Admission & dates

    Test Scores For International Applicants

    ExamsAvg. ScoreMin ScoreMax. Score%Submitted
    Language Proficiency

    Attendance Cost


    attendance cost

    The table shows average yearly cost of attendance for international students. Amount may vary with the course opted, nature of accommodation, and personal spending habits of a candidate. Check Program wise Fees

    Tuition fees
    Undergraduate Programs
    $16,482 / Year
    Level 8, 55 Swanston St Melbourne, VIC 3000

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