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    University of Queensland: World Ranking., National Ranking, Subject Specific Ranking (2020)

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    The University of Queensland Rankings as per latest release highlight the academic, teaching, and research excellence of the university. As per Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World rankings the university has made it to the top 50 list for the past 3 consecutive years. Times Higher Education rankings for University of Queensland has been honored among the top 70 in the world for over 7 years. 

    The university is placed within top 50 for 23 of its subjects as per QS Rankings 2020. Similarly, as per ARWU, UQ is the only among Australian universities with four of its subjects ranked in top 10. It is also honored among the top 50 list for 19 of its subjects as per Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU). The MBA program at UQ is ranked among the top 120 in the world as per QS. 

    Alongside universities global and subject rankings, the university has been honored among a variety of other world rankings. Some of these include UQ’s performance in world reputation rankings- lies among the top 100 as per Times Higher Rankings (2020). Similarly, University of Queensland is currently ranked among the top 5% of the institutions globally. 

    University of Queensland World Rankings

    The University of Queensland is recognized by various ranking agencies for its research performance and teaching excellence. These rankings agencies have placed UQ within top 100 higher education institutions as per their specific-criteria of giving a university a spot amongst the others. Tabulated below are the University of Queensland world rankings as per some of the popular ranking agencies:

    Ranking Agency 2020 Rankings 2019 Rankings
    QS Rankings 47 48
    THE Rankings 66 69
    US News Rankings 42
    ARWU Rankings - 54
    CWUR Rankings - 115
    NTU Rankings - 40
    Nature Index Top Academic Institution 102 -
    CWTS Leiden Rankings - 32

    Apart from the above-mentioned rankings, University of Queensland is also recognized among:

    • Performance ranking for scientific papers for world universities: #40 (2019)
    • Research Performance Rankings by CWUR : #42 (2019)
    • Global Nature Rankings: #79 (2020)
    • Nature Index Ranking in Australia: #1
    • Global Impact Rankings, THE: 100-200 (2020)

    Being familiar with a university’s rankings makes it easier for an international student to choose from the pool of study abroad institutions. The most prestigious and widely-recognized rankings of the world universities have certain specific criteria for placing any university among their top lists. The details of these criteria as per agencies and UQ’s performance in these is discussed in details below:

    University of Queensland Rankings: Times Higher Education

    Over the past few years, the University of Queensland ranks among the top 60--70 universities as per Times Higher Education Rankings. There are various parameters on which THE scores University of Queensland and the overall score of the university is used for placing it on a spot. Given below is a graph comparing the universities ranking by THE for past years followed by the criteria on which THE ranks University of Queensland. 

    University of Queensland Rankings_THE

    The criteria and scores for UQ Times Higher Education Rankings are:

    Parameter Weightage Score
    Teaching 30% 49.3
    Research 30% 58.7
    Citations 30% 86.8
    Industry Income 7.5% 80.9
    International Outlook 2.5% 92.5

    The overall score generated for UQ as per the above mentioned scores is 67.4 which results in University ranking #66 currently.

    University of Queensland Rankings: QS

    Quacquarelli Symonds indicators for rankings differ from THE. It also ranks university for its graduate employability. Given below is a graph comparing the global rankings and graduate employability of UQ for past few years:

    University of Queensland Rankings_QS

    The indicators utilized by QS to rank the university are as follows:

    Parameter for Overall Ranking Score Weightage
    Academic Reputation 88.5 40%
    Employer Reputation 88.2 10%
    Faculty: Student 27.7 20%
    Citations per Faculty 81.8 20%
    International Faculty 100 5%
    International Students 99.5 5%

    The overall score for UQ Rankings of QS is 75.7% The graduate employability is however, judged on the following parameters:

    Parameter Score Weightage
    Employer Reputation 74.8 30%
    Alumni Outcome 48.7 25%
    Partnership with Employers 92.6 25%
    Employer Student Connections - 10%
    Graduate Employment Rate - 10%
    Overall 68 -

    The graduate employability indicators are helpful for a student planning to pursue a masters degree from UQ

    University of Queensland Ranking: US News

    US News recognizes University of Queensland among the top 50 best universities in the world. It caters to the following aspects to honor the university the spot #42:

    Ranking Indicators Relative Ranks Weightage
    Global research reputation #90 12.5%
    Regional research reputation #3 12.5%
    Publications #34 10%
    Books #44 2.5%
    Conferences #285 2.5%
    Normalized citation impact #285 10%
    Total Citations #37 7.5%
    Number of publications among 10% most cited #40 12.5%
    Percentage of total publication that are among 10% most cited #222 10%
    International collaboration- relative to country #597 5%
    International collaboration #372 5%
    Number of highly cited papers among top 1% of the field #46 5%
    Percentage of total publications that are among top 1% most highly cited papers #268 5%

    US News ranks University of Queensland #3 within Australia and #3 within Australia and New Zealand (#3 best regional university). 

    University of Queensland Rankings: ARWU

    UQ climbed to its highest ever rankings by ARWU or Shanghai Rankings for the year of 2019 (last published rankings by the agency). Depicted below graphically are the global rankings of the university for the past 5 years:

    University of Queensland Rankings_ARWU

    University of Queensland Rankings: CWUR

    University of Queensland makes it to the top 120 list of Center for World University Rankings. Tabulated below for UQ’s CWUR Rankings

    CWUR Rankings 2019 2018
    Global Rankings 115 74
    Quality of Education Ranking 281 310
    Research Performance Ranking 56 46

    University of Queensland Rankings: NTU

    NTU or Performance Ranking for Scientific Papers of World Universities rankings considers research productivity, impact and excellence for placing a university at a specific rank. The NTU rankings for UQ are given as below:

    University of Queensland National Rankings

    The University of Queensland not only stands out globally but also makes it to the top lists of national rankings for higher education in Australia. Given below are the UQs national rankings as per various ranking agencies:

    Agency UQ National Ranking (2020) UQ National Ranking (2019)
    QS #5 #5
    THE #4 -
    USNews #3 -
    ARWU - #2
    CWRU - #6

    When applying for Australian Universities, international students must make sure that they go through universities national rankings and recognition awarded to the university for its contribution to the country.

    University of Queensland: Subject-Specific Rankings

    When planning to study in Australia, a student's decision of opting between any university is highly dependent on the program they wish to pursue. There are a number of programs, fields and subjects of University of Queensland that make it to the global ranking lists. 

    Discussed below are UQ’s rankings for various field of studies at the university:

    Subjects THE (2020) QS Ranking (2020) NTU Rankings (2019)
    Engineering & Technology #94 #76 #68
    Natural Science - #91 #121
    Social Science & Management #69 #50 #19
    Life Science #42 #37 #35
    Medicine #66 #48 #58
    Arts & Humanities #89 #85 -

    As per the above mentioned field rankings, it can be concluded that life sciences at UQ is one of the fields highly ranked among all three agencies. 

    Furthermore rankings of various subjects and programs for the University of Queensland are as follows:

    Program/Subject QS Ranking (2020) US News Ranking (2020) NTU Rankings (2019)
    Agriculture #25 #16 #16
    Environment/Ecology #14 #6 #4
    Pharmacology/Toxicology/Pharmacy #31 #20 #14
    Microbiology #29 #14 -
    Business and Economics #51-100 #55 #52
    Computer Science #51-100 #101-125 #117
    Civil Engineering #26 #80 #29
    Mechanical Engineering #101-150 #88 #96
    Electrical Engineering #51-100 #186 #189

    University of Queensland apart from making its mark in global rankings is also known for developing the world's first cancer vaccine that was capable of saving around 250,000 lives a year. It is the university responsible for Australia’s biggest biotech deal till date with its drug development for nerve and chronic inflammatory pain. Recognizing the abundance of initiative in research, the university has been consistently being honored amongst some of the other top universities across the globe.

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