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    Australian National- University Rankings 2019-2020: Global Rankings, National Rankings, and Subject-Specific Rankings

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    Included in the list of world’s leading research universities, Australian National University is ranked 1st in Australia and the whole of Oceania by the 2019th edition of QS World Universities. The university is located in Canberra, the city that enjoys the highest quality of life in the world as published by 2020 Numbeo Quality of Life Index. The University was established to enhance the economic, social and intellectual development of Australia. Nearly seven decades later, it is living up to its expectations - 96% of broad field research at ANU is rated above world standard by the Australian government’s Excellence in Research for Australia Report 2018.

    ANU is counted on top among Australia's leading universities for education and is the only Australian member of the International Alliance of Research Universities. ANU is an excellent choice for international students willing to gain higher education from Australia.

    Australian National University Ranking in the World

    As an international student planning to study abroad, it is important to consider every aspect of studying in Australia. Rankings and ratings provide insightful data for comparison between the best institutions.

    1. Shanghai Rankings

    Shanghai Ranking, also known as Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) is a China-based ranking institute that publishes global rankings every year since 2009. Shanghai Ranking Consultancy is a fully independent organization dedicated to research and consultancy in education which publishes these rankings.

    The global rank of The Australian National University is 76th in the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2019.

    Institutional Ranking

    There has been a considerable improvement in ANU’s World ranking in the 2018 edition.

    ARWU takes 6 overall factors into consideration which are described below:

    Indicators Description Weight
    Alumni Number of alumni who have won the Nobel Prize of Field Medals 10%
    Awards  Number of staff who has won the Nobel Prize or Field Medals 20%
    Highly Cited Researchers Number of highly cited researchers from the institutions 20%
    Papers in Nature and Science The number of articles published in 4 years. This does not apply for Social Sciences and Humanities 20%
    Papers Indexed The number of papers indexed in the Science Citation Index-Expanded and Social Science Citation Index in the previous year.
    Double weight for papers indexed in Social Science Citation
    Per capita Performance Weighted scores of all indicators divided by the number of full time equivalent academic staff 10%

    Score Breakdown of the Australian National University:

    • Alumni 13.7
    • Awards 19
    • Highly Cited Researchers 23.2
    • Papers in Nature & Science 25.7
    • Papers Indexed 48.1
    • Per Capita Performance 31.2

    The overall score of the University of Toronto is 28.3 on a scale of 100, as published by the Shanghai Rankings.

    2. The Times Higher Education Rankings

    The Australian National University is one of the highest in Australia for International Outlook by THE. Times Higher Education uses five scoring parameters to come up with its rankings. ‘International Outlook’ is one of them.

    The Australian National University is ranked 50th in THE World University Rankings 2020, with an overall score of 72.1. However, the university was ranked 49th in the year 2019. The score breakdown after the analysis in the year 2020 is given below:

    • Overall: 72.1
    • Teaching: 54.4
    • Research: 69.7
    • Citations: 88.4
    • Industry Income: 46.4
    • International Outlook: 95.5

    Over the years, many factors have influenced the Times Higher Education Ranking system, hence bringing a change in the World University Ranking of ANU.

    Ranking Position

    3. QS Top Universities - World University Rankings

    The Australian National University is ranked #29 worldwide with an overall score of 82.1 as mentioned in the QS World University Rankings 2020. World University Rankings QS is believed to have adopted a consistent method in its analysis of world universities. Their framework is compiled of six metrics that effectively outline a university’s performance.

    Metric Points Weight Score
    Academic Reputation  40% 96.9
    Employer Reputation  10% 81.3
    Faculty/Student Ratio 20% 37.5
    Citations Per Faculty 20% 87.4
    International Faculty 5% 100
    International Student 5% 99.8

    Going by the numbers, the University can be an excellent option for international students. ANU shares its 29th position in the world rankings 2020 with the University of Toronto which is a very prestigious institute in Canada.

    QS World university Ranking

    The Australian National University National Ranking

    The Australian National University is ranked #1 in Australia by QS World University Ranking 2020. ANU can be acknowledged for exceptional student satisfaction and graduate employability.

    The Good Universities Guide

    The Good Universities Guide is a trusted platform providing a one-stop solution to all your issues relating to Australia’s Universities - courses offered, vocational training, scholarships, and Australian Career Services. It enlists universities on experience-based ratings across a range of indicators. The website’s purpose is to provide insightful data on universities for comparisons into varying strengths and weaknesses.

    ANU receives a 5-star maximum rating for student demand, student retention, student-teacher ratio, and staff qualifications. A five-star rating suggests that ANU is in the 80th percentile or is among the top 20% institutions for that particular indicator.

    Subject-Specific Rankings

    1. QS - World University Rankings by Subject

    It identifies the world’s strongest universities covering a total of 48 subjects. 15 individual subjects offered by ANU are ranked in the world-top-25 and 13 are number one in Australia.

    The top 20 Subject-Specific Rankings 2019 by QS World University Rankings are given below:

    • #9 in Earth and Marine Sciences
    • #12 in Geography
    • #9 in Development Studies
    • #8 in Politics and International Studies
    • #7 in Anthropology
    • #12 in History
    • #24 in Economics & Econometrics
    • #22 in Mathematics
    • #88 in Mechanical Engineering
    • #98 in Medicine

    2. Times Higher Education

    Below is a list of subjects and streams offered by Harvard University, ranked by the Times Higher Education 2020 Rankings:

    Subjects/Streams Ranks
    Life Sciences #47
    Clinical, pre-clinical & health  #71
    Social Sciences  #27
    Engineering & Technology #81
    Physical Sciences #39
    Arts & Humanities  #33
    Psychology #61
    Business & Economics  #63
    Law #42

    The Australian National University is located in Canberra, which is ranked #23 in Best Student Cities by QS Rankings. The city scores a top-30 which ultimately implies good quality of life and higher student demand in the city. Canberra’s safe and welcoming environment has added to the university’s desirability when it comes to international students.

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