My journey at Griffith University

    6.5 /10

    Opting was this university was one of the best decisions that I ever made as I know success often comes from being an exception to the norm- challenging convention, adapting and innovating, creating bold new trends, and pioneering solutions ahead of my time. At Griffith, remarkable is the norm, thus encouraged me. After securing a GPA of 8, I was required to submit a common application and paid $50 for it.

    Course Curriculum :

    An MBA is an advanced general management degree trains us to become managers who wish to develop a solid business foundation, as well as skills and knowledge of cutting-edge business practices for the 21st century. At Griffith they offer two MBA programs, both are focused on the values of responsible leadership; sustainable business practices; and a global perspective with the aim of making me an effective globally responsible business leader.

    Exams :

    Business is a ever growing and developing industry and a degree in this subject will never be out if use, so I joined this program. I was required to submit my internet-based TOEFL score of around 97. The documents required were my official transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a copy of my passport.

    Placement :

    Whether I was looking for new skills, new inspiration, or a new sense of purpose in this ever-changing world, kept my career moving towards a brighter, more secure future with the innovative new range of stackable professional courses, expertly matched to the emerging economy.

    Events :

    There are so many reasons to visit your local campus: access Griffith Health Clinics; use the world-class sporting facilities; attend Queensland Conservatorium events; the art galleries or participate in creative short courses; or use of the library.

    Faculty :

    Each course is underpinned by Griffith’s values and a student support structure built to helped me succeed and thrive. I learned how to be adaptable and think sustainably and strategically, essential skills for today's professionals. It’s not just a better way forward for me, it’s a better way forward for all of us.

    Hostel :

    Living on-campus, I was close to lectures, labs, libraries, and other campus facilities. I had an active social life, and build strong foundations for their future while making memories and lifelong friends, all while living in a picturesque bushland setting with walking tracks. My living expenses were around $7000.

    6.5 out of 10
    8.0/10Social Life