The experience of Bond university

    6.7 /10

    My ambition was to study for an MBA in Australia, and my intention was to do so at this institution. As a result, I applied here as well as at a few other colleges and universities. I was asked to fill out an online application form and no application fee was taken. My decent bachelor's grades, along with my four years of experience, helped me get admitted here.

    Course Curriculum :

    Every class uses contemporary, real-world simulations to help mid-to senior-level professionals cultivate skills that today's employers require of executive-level executives, such as decision-making by measurements, productive collaboration, and effective interactive.

    Exams :

    To be admitted to this university's MBA programme, I submitted all of the requisite papers, as well as my GMAT and IELTS scores of 720 and 7.5, respectively. I was also asked to apply my CV and letters of recommendation to get successful admission in this college.

    Placement :

    Our college has a Career Center that aims to associate employers with us for jobs and internship opportunities in all majors and degree levels. Career Fairs, On-Campus Recruiting Program, Trojan Talks, and Resume Books are some of the activities and resources offered by the career center.

    Events :

    Our university hosts a variety of career-related, alumni meet-ups, sporting activities, academic, and social events. I even participated in many events and made many friends throughout my college life.

    Faculty :

    Faculty helped me lot in my career development and even provided me all the necessary guidance. Professors used to ensure that every student is able to understand the concept. As the session were held in small groups it was easy to grasp the concept and ask any doubt.

    Hostel :

    I charged almost $7,000 for off-campus housing. The rooms are tastefully decorated. I was given both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options when it comes to food. I pay about $100 a month on transportation because the location is a mile away.

    6.7 out of 10
    9.0/10Social Life