Mariam : Journalism : Bond University

    8.8 /10

    Being an international student at Bond University it was a bit difficult for me to study in an English speaking country. However, my experiences while traveling helped me a lot in understanding the culture out there. After coming to university I got to study in a friendly and supportive community.

    Course Curriculum :

    The Bachelor of Journalism is driven by a digital-first ethos and grounded in core journalistic traditions and values of truth, fairness, and accuracy. This approach empowers us to harness and exploit established and emerging technologies to create career opportunities and new pathways. While studying this course I am also getting a chance to learn the art of conceptualizing and creating original and compelling content across platforms.

    Exams :

    During the admission procedure in the college, I was asked to apply online using the Common Application Portal. Then I submitted my IELTS score as well as my High School Transcripts which showed that I was eligible to study there. After the completion of these formalities, I was called for a personal interview.

    Placement :

    After completing my studies I can expect to find a job in a wide range of fields such as broadcast journalists, television, radio producers, print journalists, editors, magazine feature writers, editors, etc.

    Events :

    Seminars, workshops, and Interdisciplinary Colloquium on Sport are some of the events regularly organized by the university.

    Fees :

    $20,040 is the per semester for my course.

    Scholarship :

    English Pathway Studies Scholarship, International Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship, and Transformer Scholarship are the scholarships available for me. Therefore I have applied for all of them and the results of if are still awaited.

    Faculty :

    The student to faculty ratio is around 25:1. All my professors are with terminal degrees. They teach us to study the supernatural aspects of the course. I am also getting the knowledge of creating original and compelling content across the various platforms.

    Hostel :

    My per year spending on accommodation and food is between $20,000 to $27,000. I am also provided with the facilities, including Wi-Fi and gym facilities.

    8.8 out of 10
    8.0/10Social Life