Swati Mishra

Content Curator

Swati Mishra

“Take care of my poems

 When I leave this world

 Recite them to your children 

 in summer evenings, telling them

“There is a sun, a moon, a universe, and a poet”,

 And they never die.”

About Swati Mishra

Because words are more dangerous than weapons, more beautiful than the sunsets, live longer than the seashores and words are the most magical healing in this universe. Not just this, but she dived into the sea of words for more reasons. So, here is her story.

Swati studied to become an engineer and worked another three years in a firm as a Project coordinator taking up Delhi Metro III phase work. Most of her work revolved around collecting the requirements from DMRC and coordinating it with the engineers on the field. She basically had to travel within the metro a lot, attending the meeting at the DMRC office, reporting them about the updates from their side and traveling to office sites for the same. Tired of listening to songs, she decided to read books while traveling. Reading books was not enough for her, she started writing and gradually fell for stationary too. She spends a lot of money on books and stationery.

With this practically normal life, she was living, “One day, at the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, she awakened to life and writing”, (Tryst with Destiny- Jawaharlal Nehru). And yes, she decided to pursue writing. 

It is pretty difficult to survive on royalty earned initially and she does not advise it to the younger generation also. As she believes, one is not doing justice to one’s words by asking them to pay for room rent and burger, especially at the initial phase. 

If it is paying you enough to live and chill, it is good and if it is not then also it is good. Because at the end of the day, one writes for oneself. As sooner as she realized it, she separated this earning money and writing as two different things. 

After all this extended gyaan, she pretty much loves her job in Collegedunia too. She works here as a content writer and pursuing her master’s in Psychology (Organizational Behavior) from distance learning too. She tries to read and write every day. Some days are too harsh when she is left with no time but she still manages to read, at least the beautiful faces she sees in the office or on her way to work every day.

If you are still reading her author bio, you can bear up to her more. You can connect to her through email swati.mishra@collegedunia.com or Linkedin at (Swati Mishra Collegedunia) and she is always available to guide you in following

  • Creative writing

  • Job in the Content Writing field 

  • Masters in Psychology (Organizational Behaviour)

Words from her

See you someday at some sunset with a cappuccino, having a conversation full of our laughter!

“Let's write a poem

 About you

 About us”.

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