Sayantani Barman

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Sayantani Barman

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  •  Web content writer for e-commerce, tourism, education, entertainment industry
  • Pursuing PhD in New Media studies from JNU, New Delhi
  • Former Content developer for Nepal Tourism

Work Experience

Sayatani Barman is a web content writer with expertise in different industries like e-commerce, tourism, education and entertainment. She completed her MPhil degree in Children literature and its cinematic world across Bengal. Her book titled, The New Media Bengali Kid: Film, Television, Radio and Other Entertainment for Children in Contemporary Bengal (2019), was published by JNU, Central Library. She wants to share her research analytical skills in the education industry to make it more accessible. She believes education makes an individual remarkable in society. She wants to explore her research knowledge to make the education industry an erudite sphere.

Her former work experience with Nepal Tourism made her more prominent in the tourism sector. She loves writing so she follows her passion by writing on different online portals. She takes Quora as one of the prominent platforms to express her individualistic opinions for politics, films, tourism and education.

Earlier she worked for an educational startup called NEETell located in Kolkata. There she writes blogs, articles, and web content for the NEET aspirants. In both these organizations, she used social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube) for sharing content with the target audience. She used different SEO tools. She wrote content for the landing page and promotion banner.

Apart from writing, she likes to read books on mythology. She is a part of a program initiated by JNU called UNNOTICED for the underprivileged children who dare to dream. She teaches English in that program on her weekends. She loves to study psychology of the children because very few work on the mental health of the children. It is quite difficult to communicate with the children. She finds it challenging to know the inner strength of the children. Is the education industry helpful for her? She believes that edu-tech is a booming industry that will change the mind mappings of the future generation and their parents. With her wide knowledge in new media and her academic expertise she wants to offer a one stop solution to the student’s community.


She holds a Bachelors in Comparative Literature degree from Jadavpur University, West Bengal. She completed her Masters in Arts and Aesthetics with a specialization in Cinema Studies from JNU, New Delhi. She got her MPhil degree from JNU by offering a detailed research work on Children literature and its intervention into new media. She was an executive producer for the Community Radio and conceptualized program schedules for the listeners. Currently she is pursuing her PhD degree in New Media Sensorium from JNU, New Delhi.

Sayantani’s piece of word

Children are the future of the nation. While choosing an academic program, a student decides the future path of life. One should be critical enough to know the best thing possible for the future. Due to less knowledge about the academic world, the student might make the wrong decision in finding the right option for a career.