Study Abroad Expert


Vidushi is a budding writer currently curating useful content for young aspirants seeking help with studies abroad.


  • Actively involved in the education sector, from NGOs to professional life
  • Experienced in mentoring and guiding students from different backgrounds
  • An advocate of quality education- actively studying and researching different fields of education


Vidushi has worked with a publishing agency which gives her an acute understanding of easy-to-understand course books and how to enhance their text and quality. She has also worked briefly in the past with an educational consultancy which gave her deeper insights into the education sector. As a writing specialist, she has helped students with one-on-one mentoring and has given classes on effective writing.

Because of these experiences, she is acquainted with the necessities of high quality and accessible education. Having volunteered for many NGOs, she realizes the abject poverty faced by brilliant students who have to work harder and longer for the same opportunities. She has also written life-coaching blogs in the past and provided her writing skills as a freelancer during her college time. 

Currently, Vidushi works as a content curator for Collegedunia, helping students explore their options in different programs available throughout the world. When not working with Collegedunia, she is most probably hunting obscure music and watching old cinema from around the world.


Vidushi currently holds a Masters’s degree in English Literature. She completed her post-graduation from the University of Delhi. She completed her undergraduate with English, History and Political Science as her subjects.

She has been a part of various conferences, MUNs and writing competitions throughout her education span.

Author’s Two Cents

Education is not always a degree but a constant way of life. Even if an individual makes an effort to teach just one person in their spare time, it will amount to a huge change in that person’s life.