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About Debdeep:

Debdeep lives in Kolkata, but he was born and raised in a small town named Chittaranjan in West Bengal. Chittaranjan is a small township which is known for Chittaranjan Locomotive Works, India’s largest Electric Loco Manufacturing unit. 

From childhood he was an active participant of Bharat Scout and Guides and went to many camps around West Bengal. He also was a regional level cricketer during his school times.

Debdeep likes travelling to different places to endure the beautification of different Indian Cultures. In his leisure time he will be found either reading books or watching movies and web series. Debdeep likes writing stories as he has published a few of them at different storytelling sites as he believes ‘Stories are the pathway to knowledge and understanding, which gives you the power to explore your true self ”.


Though he has a great passion for writing, apart from that he is very much enthusiastic about science and technology too. He is an engineering graduate in Electrical Engineering from University of Engineering and Management, Jaipur. He has a keen interest in electrical machines and automation systems.


Debdeep’s love for literature was there from his toddlerhood days. Reading the stories of Satyajit Ray, Ramdhari Singh ‘Dinkar’ made him a curious reader and ignited the knack of writing in him as well. From his school days he started writing poems and stories and too participated in different inter-school writing events. He won prizes at different levels and this somehow initiated a spark inside him, which influenced him to write more contents and stories. Thus, writing became a part of his life.

But the breakthrough as a freelance writer came up during his college days when he started working for different people and companies.

Being a part of Collegedunia:

Debdeep is now working as a Content Writer in Collegedunia Web Private Limited, a web portal which assists students in selecting their academic path for higher education in India as well as abroad. is an encyclopedia of college searches with the tidings of their academics, admissions, exams and daily updates. 

As a content writer at, his job is to accumulate data and coherent figures related to the institutions and present them to the students in a descriptive manner. He enjoys creating articles with facts and figures which can somehow assist the students in a proper manner.