Meghdeepa Mondal

Content Curator

Meghdeepa Mondal

Meghdeepa is a Content Curator at Collegedunia. Working for a while on Study Abroad Project, she has written articles on admissions and course guides for Universities around the globe. Presently, she is curating placement articles for Tier-1 institutes of India.

Life former to Collegedunia found Meghdeepa pursuing postgraduation in Computer Applications. Meanwhile, she also shared a short stint into writing academic content, blogs and articles. Also done with too much programming, life chose the best escapade for her in writing. For Meghdeepa, life's a full circle. It begins with scribbling on paper and slowly gliding towards tapping the keys and repeat. 

Days she doesn't write find her grits, freezing moments in pixels or simply watching Indie movies. A usual wallflower with a wandering mind to her company, she finds life in words and hence made it her living.

About Collegedunia:

Collegedunia is a web portal providing information across all verticals of the education sector. Covering in-depth insights of more than 27000 colleges, 7000+ courses and 350+ exams, Collegedunia aims to reach a wider spectrum of students attempting to pursue higher education in India and abroad.