Sounak Banerjee

Content Curator

Sounak Banerjee


  • Studied BA English Honours from Calcutta University
  • Worked on Study Abroad, Listing Pages and Course Guides.
  • Certified Rock Climber and an avid trekker.


Previously worked as a content writer in Study Abroad, Sounak Banerjee is now working as a Content Curator in the India Team of Collegedunia. While working in the India Team he has curated content about various degree courses in India. He has also edited degree courses written by freelancers which have helped him gain knowledge about SEO and Google Analytics. 

He also loves to share his experiences of traveling through the remote corners of the Himalayas and understand the life of the people who live beyond the reaches of civilization as we know it. He took part in The Great Global Cleanup by Earth Day Network which made him realize the adverse effects of plastic pollution on nature.


Sounak Banerjee has completed his BA in English Honours from Calcutta University. Being a 2018 batch pass out he went on to do a number of scholarships and received certificates in areas of his interest. Having an arts background and keen interest in writing made sure he started his professional career at Collegedunia.

About Collegedunia:

Collegedunia is an online portal that caters to the students who want to know about the subject as well as the place of study of their subjects. It is a one-click destination for all information related to studies. 

A strong team of 350+ people, working hard to provide reliable data about anything that comes to the mind of the student is what collegedunia is and always aspires to be.