Rekha Solanki

Content writer

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  • Content writer at Collegedunia Pvt. ltd.
  • Writes research based authentic content for candidates aspiring to study abroad.


Rekha has started her career as content writer at collegedunia. Joined recently, she is writing articles for the Study Abroad project. 

With the help of experienced professionals and expert guidance, she is able to deliver quality content as required by students. 


Rekha is pursuing an honors degree in biotechnology from GLA University. She aspires to study more about education in future.

About Collegedunia

Collegedunia, an education portal has managed to make its mark in the online academic world. With quality content, it is guiding the students to mold a better future for themselves.

In 2014, with a small team of both fresher and experienced people, Collegedunia began generating information for Indian students. In the next few years, it became one of the go-to websites for students with queries related to colleges, admissions, exams, etc.

After establishing itself as a leading website in the Indian education industry, Collegedunia launched the Study-Abroad Project, adding another feather to its success. The project currently focuses on 12 countries, including the UK, Australia, Germany, the US, and New Zealand.