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Affordable Universities for Master’s Degree in Canada- Tuition Fee, Cost of Living, City Cost Comparison

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Canada is amongst the most famous student destinations. It offers best-in-class education along with the inexpensive cost of living. Candidates who wish to earn a master’s degree and are looking out for an economical solution can consider studying in Canadian Universities

While searching for a low-cost university for a master’s degree in Canada, there are few other factors apart from tuition fee which must be considered.

  • Cost of Living: Besides tuition fee, cost of living is the next major reason behind the expenses which is unavoidable. It may include factors like accommodation, meal and extras.
  • Scholarships: Scholarship is a cost-cutting factor. It is either paid in monetary terms or through various other ways like waiving of the tuition fees.
  • Work while you Study: This program lets the students earn money along with studies. They are paid on an hourly basis and have a flexible schedule for not missing their studies. The job could be on-campus or off-campus.

Top Canadian Universities with Low Tuition Fee

Scholarship (external or internal) provides an idea about how much financial help the students can avail, if they get lucky with the scholarships. To determine the average expenditure a student may need to bear, average tuition fee, accommodation fees and meals costs.

The table shows Tuition Fee, Residence fee and Scholarships for international students in 10 well-known, low cost universities of Canada: -

  1. Memorial University of Newfoundland
Average Tuition FeeCAD 4,000
Average Residence FeeCAD 5,000 to CAD 8,000 (annually)
ScholarshipsA.G. Hatcher Memorial Scholarship
AAC Student Scholarship (Aquaculture Association of Canada)
ACUNS Awards Program - Canadian Northern Studies Trust Awards Program
Affinity NL (Ottawa) Scholarship
Air and Waste Management Association (A&WMA) Scholarship Program
  1. Brandon University
Average Tuition FeeCAD 8,591
Average Residence FeeCAD 7,426 - CAD 9,644
Scholarship ValueBoard of Governors (BoG) Entrance Scholarships – up to CAD 2,000
IB (International Baccalaureate) Scholarships – up to CAD 2,800
AP (Advanced Placement) Scholarships – up to CAD 250
Automatic-Consideration & Applied-For Entrance Scholarships – up to CAD 2,000 same as BoG
  1. University of Saskatchewan
Average Tuition FeeCAD 6,536
Average Residence FeeCAD 470 – CAD 7,976
ScholarshipsCFUW - Canadian Home Economics Association (CHEA) Fellowship – CAD 6,000
CFUW - Ruth Binnie Fellowship – CAD 6,000
CFUW Memorial Fellowship – CAD 8,000
Elizabeth Helen McLeod Scholarship – CAD 2,000
Garry H. Beatty Scholarship – CAD 1,000
  1. University of British Columbia
Average Tuition FeeCAD 7,641
Average Residence FeeCAD 5,318 – CAD 11,254
ScholarshipsInternational Tuition Award – up to CAD 3,200
  1. University of Alberta
Average Tuition FeeCAD 10,260
Average Residence FeeCAD 7,056 – CAD 8,771
ScholarshipsMackenzie King Open Scholarship – CAD 8,500
Alberta Innovates Graduate Student Scholarship – CAD 26,500
Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship – CAD 10,800
  1. University of Manitoba
Average Tuition FeeCAD 10,280
Average Residence FeeCAD 1,813 – CAD 7,540
ScholarshipsJ.W. Dafoe Graduate Fellowship – CAD 10,000
University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship – CAD 14,000
International Graduate Student Entrance Scholarship – CAD 5,400
Manitoba Graduate Scholarship – CAD 15,000
  1. University of Guelph
Average Tuition FeeCAD 10,544
Average Residence FeeCAD 5,574 – CAD 7,630
ScholarshipsCanada Graduate Scholarships - Master's (CGSM) Program – CAD 17,500
Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) Program – CAD 15,000
Ontario Graduate Fellowships (OGF) Program – CAD 3,000 per semester
  1. McGill University
Average Tuition FeeCAD 12,600
Average Residence FeeCAD 6,215 – CAD 12,496
ScholarshipsStravros S. Niarchos Foundation Scholarships for Excellence in Graduate Education (Master’s) – CAD 34,000
Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship – CAD 50,000
The Mackenzie King Travelling Scholarship – CAD 10,500
Pierre Arbour Foundation – Scholarship for Master and Doctoral level study in Computer Science and Engineering – CAD 10,000
  1. University of Calgary
Average Tuition FeeCAD 12,695
Average Residence FeeCAD 800 – CAD 11,440
ScholarshipsAlberta Innovates Graduate Student Scholarships – CAD 26,500
Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Vanier CGS) – CAD 50,000
Graduate Award Competition – CAD 36,000
  1. University of Moncton
Average Tuition FeeCAD 12,030
Average Residence Fee (Interns)CAD 23.57 – CAD 15.60 (Per Day)
ScholarshipsGraduate Scholarships - Assumption Life (Moncton Campus) – CAD 7,500
Student Leadership Awards (2018-2019) (Moncton Campus) – CAD 1,000
Masters of Public Administration Recruitment Scholarships (Moncton Campus) – CAD 7,000

Cost of Living in Canada

Living cost in Canada is little above the average cost but a high quality of living is guaranteed. On average, the minimum amount required for basic living in Quebec, Montreal and Ottawa falls between CAD 1,200 to CAD 1,800 on monthly basis. The most expensive cities in Canada: -

  • Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Hamilton-Burlington, Ontario
  • Victoria, British Columbia
  • Calgary, Alberta

The most affordable cities in Canada: -

  • Sherbrooke, Quebec
  • Windsor, Ontario
  • Edmonton, Alberta
  • Regina, Saskatchewan
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba

Location-based Expenditure in Canada

Every place has its own cost of living which might be cheap or expensive in comparison with any reference place.

Expenditure amongst Canada cities

A way to compare the cost of living in different cities, is to compare the price of a standard amenity in those cities. Here, a 3- bedroom apartment is compared amongst different cities of Canada. In the table, you can find the average cost of an apartment in six different cities.

CityApartment Cost
TorontoCAD 1,900
VancouverCAD 1,950
OttawaCAD 1,300
MontrealCAD 1,050
EdmontonCAD 1,500
CalgaryCAD 1,600

For universities, the on-campus accommodation is generally cheaper than off-campus accommodation due to fixed charges and facilities of on-campus accommodation. Off-campus accommodation has variable expenditure which may affect the budget.

Expenditure of a Canadian City in Comparison to International Cities

As per the table, selective cities famous for the world known universities are compared to each other.

Comparing basic cost of living1 bedroom flat in city centre (monthly rent)Meal for 2 (mid-range restaurant, three courses)Transportation (monthly pass)
Toronto, CanadaCAD 1,632CAD 70CAD 143
London, UKCAD 2,781CAD 91CAD 218
New York City, USACAD 3,809CAD 94CAD 151
Berlin, GermanyCAD 1,094CAD 58CAD 118
Sydney, Australia CAD 2,622 CAD 79 CAD 159

The Comparison between the cities on various parameters provides the knowledge about average expenses on monthly basis (except meals).

Toronto stands second after Germany. It is amongst the most expensive cities in Canada. The table shows that Canadian cities for students are quite less expensive than other international student cities.

Canada being a less expensive country is suitable for best education in limited budget.

The cost of education must always be accompanied by cost of living if you are considering overall cost of an institution along with the stay.

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