Bachelor of Accounting in Canada: Comprehensive Course Guide

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    Bachelors of Accounting in Canada is usually available as a major to degrees like BCom (Bachelor of Commerce) and BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration). Bachelor of accounting in Canada is usually a 4-year full-time program costing anywhere between 94,000 to 2,74,000 CAD in total. 

    • Top universities in Canada offer intake to the program in majorly two sessions: Fall and Winter. 
    • You are required to complete 120 units (30 per year) for completing a bachelor of accounting from top accounting colleges in Canada
    • Professionals in Accounting and Finance sectors in Canada earn an average salary of 163,000 CAD/year with an annual salary range of 74,700 CAD to 346,000 CAD.
    • The salary forecast for the accounting sector in Canada has been on the rise since 2016. Given below is a graph depicted the average salaries:
    Bachelors of Accounting in Canada

    As per this graph, it can be concluded that an increase of 4% was observed in the average salary from 2016-17. A rise of 3% followed in the next two years. 

    Why Study Bachelors of Accounting in Canada

    • Most accounting degrees offered by the Canadian Universities are accredited by one of the largest national accounting organizations in the world, the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada). 
    • Robert Half survey of more than 250 finance leaders in Canada quote 97% of finance leaders reported challenges in finding a skilled accounting professional. 
    • Accountants in the oil and gas and holding/conglomerate business sectors make the highest median salaries of 157,000 CAD and 150,000 CAD respectively.
    • Smith School of Business records 98% of Bcom graduates employed within 6 months with a high base salary of 119,655 CAD/year. 
      • The chart focuses on the employment distribution of the 2018 BCom students with accounting specialization in various sectors.
    Accounting graduates salary and sectors

    Bachelors in Accounting in Canada: Top Universities

    The enlisted table illustrates the top 10 universities in Canada (listed by QS World University Rankings: Accounting and Finance 2020) offering a 4-year undergraduate program with an accounts specialization. The table also enlists the schools, program offered and the program fees.

    QS World University Rankings University School/Faculty Degree offered Total Program Fees(CAD)
    BAcc (Bachelors in Accounting)
    51-100 Brock University Goodman School of Business BAcc 1,33,236
    BCom (Bachelors in Commerce) Accounting Specialization
    #29 University of Toronto (U of T) UToronto, Mississauga BCom 2,28,080
    #51 University of British Columbia Commerce and Business Administration Bcom 1,96,950
    #113 University of Alberta* Alberta School of Business Bcom 1,40,000
    #140 McMaster University DeGroote School of Business Bcom 1,52,640
    #173 University of Waterloo School of Accounting and Finance Bachelors in Accounting and Financial Management(BAFM) 1,41,600
    #233 University of Calgary Haskayne School of Business Bcom 91,160
    #239 Queen’s University at Kingston Smith School of Business Bcom 1,83,160
    #280 Dalhousie University Rowe School of Business Bcom 94,500
    #281 University of Ottawa Telfer School of Management Honours BCom Accounting 2,74,524

    *University of Alberta does not offer BCom accounting directly after completion of high school. 

    Note: BBA with an accounting major is offered Concordia University, QueensUniversity, York University, Yorkville University, St.Francis Xavier University. 

    Bachelors of Accounting in Canada: Admission Process

    The admission process for pursuing a Bachelor in Accounting in Canada is almost similar for international and domestic students. However, international applicants should present a senior level/Grade 12 English course for admission consideration, apart from fulfilling the program-specific academic/non-academic requirements of the Canadian universities.

    How To Apply

    Prospective international applicants can apply in one of two ways to the desired university of study for an accounting degree. Apply well in advance before the application deadlines to ensure enough time for obtaining a Canadian study permit.

    • Directly to the university, by completing the online application on the official website of the respective university (or)
    • The university specified application processing services.

    Note: During the application process, prospective students are free to select a Commerce/ Business Administration/ other relative undergraduate degree program but will not officially be admitted to a formal program of study(specialist, major, minor) until after the first year.

    Bachelors of Accounting in Canada: Eligibility

    Most of the universities in Canada follow similar eligibility criteria for admission to a bachelor's accounting degree. However, the application requirements are university dependent. International students must meet the following requirements to be eligible for the program:

    • Applicants must have a minimum educational background of 12 years which mandates a break up of 10+2, proof of which is mandatory. 
    • Indian students can provide proof of CBSE/ICSE/GCE A level/Senior Secondary Education certificates. 
    • International Baccalaureate students can provide a certificate of completion of a diploma
    • International applicants should meet the minimum test scores in IELTS, TOEFL or other tests specified by the university to demonstrate proficiency in the English language
    • The admission eligibility is also subject to high academic standing with a strong background in mathematics. However, a background in statistics or business will be an added advantage

    English Language Proficiency for International Students

    The enlisted table illustrates the university-specific minimum test score requirements in the English language for international students to secure admission to the program.

    University IELTS TOEFL Others
    University of Brock 6.5 88 CAEL: 70
    University of Toronto 6.5 iBT:100 CAE:180
    University of British Columbia 6.5 iBT:90 PTE:65
    McMaster University 6.5 iBT:86 PTE:60
    University of Waterloo 6.5 iBT:90 CAEL:70
    University of Calgary 6.5 iBT:86
    Queen’s University at Kingston 6.5 iBT:88
    Dalhousie University 7.0 iBT:92 MELAB:90
    University of Ottawa 6.5 iBT:86 CAEL:70

    Bachelor of Accounting in Canada: Documents Required

    International applicants should submit the following documents electronically before the document deadlines or along with the application including the payment of the application fee.

    • Official transcripts of all secondary and post-secondary studies attempted along with grades and scores
    • Notarized translations of all transcripts other than English/French 
    • Passport, citizenship documents and other official ID are mandatory submissions post the admission offer.
    • Financial affidavit as proof of funding to afford your studies abroad. 
    • Applicants with experience should submit their resume and their current statement of employment. 
    • Proof of English Proficiency
    • Additionally, you may need to present specific subject prerequisites, personal profile or statement of interest if required.

    Bachelor of Accounting in Canada: Cost of Study

    International students incur a pre-arrival cost, tuition fee, and post-arrival costs while planning for a Bachelor of Accounting degree in Canada. Being familiar with the costs makes you stay ahead and plan accordingly. Some of the importnat expenses you will suffer when planning to study abroad are listed below:

    Pre-arrival Costs

    The major one-time pre-arrival expenses incurred by international students include the following:

    Expenses Cost (CAD)
    Application Fee 95-156
    Visa Application Fee 150
    IELTS Fee 309
    TOEFL Fee 210-330
    Air travel 350-1200
    Health Insurance 600-800

    Bachelor of Accounting in Canada: Tuition Fee

    The following graph compares the full-time tuition fee(approx) of the universities offering bachelor's accounting in Canada. Hence, the graph indicates that the cost involved in studying the program at top universities like U of T, UBC is comparatively higher than others.

    Bachelors of Accounting in Canada

    Post-arrival Cost

    The expenses are an overall cost of living in Canada. These include the cost of accommodation, food, local transportation and others which varies from city to city. However, the housing costs include 25% of your study in the Canada budget. The costs involved in various housing types in Canada are tabulated below:

    Housing Type Cost (CAD)
    On-Campus 6000
    Homestays 9600
    Dormitory 7500
    Private 8400

    Bachelors of Accounting in Canada: Scholarships

    International aspirants registered full-time in an undergraduate degree program with high academics are eligible for university specified international scholarship. The details of university specific scholarships are tabulated below:

    University Scholarship Details
    Brock University Brock Scholars Award Amount varies as per admission average grades
    University of Toronto International Scholar Award
    U of T Mississauga Entrance Scholarship
    45,000 CAD for 4 years
    3000 CAD for 4 years
    University of British Columbia International Major Entrance Scholarship
    Outstanding international student award
    Variable scholarship offered
    In the first year and renewable for 3 years
    McMaster University Provost Entrance Scholarship for International Students
    WOO family International Entrance Scholarship
    Up to 7500 CAD
    3000 CAD/student
    University of Waterloo International Student Entrance Scholarship 10,000 CAD/student for 20 students
    University of Calgary International Entrance Award
    International Entrance Scholarship
    Award for International Student-Athletes
    10,000 CAD
    15,000 CAD (renewable)
    Up to 10,000 CAD waiver of tuition & fees
    Queen’s University at Kingston Principal’s Scholarship
    Excellence Scholarship
    Queen’s University International Admission Scholarship
    4000 CAD/year
    1500 CAD/year
    9000 CAD/year
    Dalhousie University CorpFinance International Limited (Kevin Andrews) Indian Scholarship 15,000 CAD for Indian BCom students
    University of Ottawa President’s Scholarship for International Students
    Challenger’s Scholarship for International Students
    7,500 CAD/year for 4 years
    6,500 CAD/year for 4 years

    For details on scholarships for studying in Canada, click here

    Bachelor of Accounting in Canada: Scope

    Undergraduates of accounting degrees can pursue a master's degree/professional accountant status or work in entry-level positions as accountants. 

    Postgraduate Study Options

    A master’s degree or its equivalent is required for more lucrative accounting careers in Canada and other parts of the world. Pursuing higher studies enhance the growth prospects to broaden the spectrum of career opportunities for students. The postgraduate study options with the leading universities and global business schools are as follows:

    Note: Accounting graduates can also pursue Graduate Diploma (GDip) programs and other short-term programs from Canada in diverse specializations of accounting offered by leading universities apart from the master’s degree.

    Bachelor of Accounting in Canada: Job Prospects

    A career in Accounting involves the preparation and review of financial records to ensure accuracy and payment of tax obligations on time. Hence, they are recruited by an outstanding network of employers in Canada and around the world. The major areas of employment for accounting professionals in Canada include the following: Accounting Firms, Banks and Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Educational Institutions, Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments, Self-employment, and Organizations in a wide range of industries in virtually every sector of the economy. 

    Some of the popular recruiting agencies include: TVOntario, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, AME Learning, Lafarge North America, etc. The following graph details the lucrative positions for accounting professionals in comparison with entry-level and high-level salaries.

    Bachelors of Accounting in Canada

    For a rewarding career in accounting, ambitious students can pursue a Chartered Professional Accountant followed by a BCom degree with a specialization in accounts. The enlisted table details the average annual salary of top designations for accounting professionals in Canada:

    Designation Average Salary(CAD)
    Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) 66,165
    Certified Management Accountant(CMA) 84,000
    Certified General Accountants(CGA) 61,928
    Certified Information Systems Auditor(CISA) 92,000
    Certified Credit Professional(CCP) 61,000
    Certified Payroll Manager(CPM) 78,000
    Payroll Compliance Practitioner(PCP) 53,000

    Based on the recent salaries and reports, the Accounting and Finance salaries will have a rise of 3% in 2020 than those of 2019. Hence the trend forecasts a slow and steady increase in salaries in 2021 and the future years. By 2022, there will be around 19,400 job openings for accounting professionals. These trends suggest that pursuing a bachelors of accounting from Canada will bring a high ROI and open many doors for students who wish to pursue their studies further. 


    Ques. Which universities are best for pursuing bachelor of accounting from Canada?

    Ans. Some of the top accounting colleges in Canada offering a bachelors degree are Brock University, UToronto, UBC, McGill University, etc. 

    Ques. How many years does it take to become an Accountant in Canada?

    Ans. With a stepping stone of Bachelors in accounting of 4 years followed by a masters in accounting of 1-3 years a total of 5-8 years of academics is required for becoming accountant in Canada. 

    Ques. How much does a bachelors of accounting from Canada cost?

    Ans. The cost of studying bachelor of accounting in Canada ranges from 94,000 to 274,000 CAD in total. This for an Indian student is equivalent to 51 Lacs to 1 Cr. 

    Ques. What are the requirements for pursuing Bachelor or accounting in Canada?

    Ans. International students are required to have completed +2 along with English language proficiency. Certain universities require Indian students to have a specific percentage in their secondary school (75% or more). IELTS score should be at least 6.5 and TOEFL should be at least 88. 

    Ques. Can I take-up a job after bachelor of accounting in Canada?

    Ans. Yes, after completion of bachelor of accounting in Canada, you can apply for jobs. The salary package offered to students ranges from 50,000 to 79,000 CAD.