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Collegedunia $1000 Dream Scholarship

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Canada seems to be a one of the most desired destinations for students to study and stay. The number of international students enrolling to Canadian universities has been on a tremendous rise. The growth rate has been in double digits since four consecutive years. And, India continues to play a big part in Canada’s International student growth rate. Various factors such as affordability, lenient study visa approvals, higher post-study work options, and education quality contribute to the emergence of Canada as a lucrative study destination.

On average, the cost of study for an international student in Canada is nearly INR 15 Lakh per year. To ease out the burden, Collegedunia has planned a ‘dream’ scholarship for International students studying in Canada.

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What is Collegedunia $1000 Dream Scholarship?

As the cost of study and cost of living increases in Canada, Collegedunia has taken the initiative to ease out the monetary burden. Collegedunia $1000 Dream Scholarship is about fulfilling your dream by writing a small essay and meeting the set eligibility criteria.

Collegedunia Dream Scholarship

All you need to do is, meet the eligibility criteria, fill-up the form, submit an original piece of content on the topic “Why did you choose this course or university?

Key Details of Collegedunia $1000 Dream Scholarship

Start of Application ProcessNovember 15, 2019
EligibilityAn international student with admission to reputed Canadian university/ Institute
End of Application ProcessFebruary 2021
Result DeclarationMarch 2021

Eligibility Criteria for $1000 Dream Scholarship

The scholarship is available to all international students who are planning to pursue or pursuing higher education from a reputed Canadian university.

  • Should be 18 years or older at the time of enrollment
  • Should be enrolled in an approved undergraduate/postgraduate course in the reputed Canadian educational institute
  • Should submit a non-plagiarized, original essay including the following points:
    • Why did you choose this course and university?
    • How will it help you in your career growth?
    • What will be your next course of action after completion of the course?
    • How does it give you an extra edge as compared to other applicants?

Where Can you Avail $1000 Dream Scholarship?

International students who wish to pursue higher education in any reputed college/university in Canada can avail the Collegedunia Dream Scholarship. Some of the top universities accepting this scholarship include:

  1. University of Toronto (U of T)
  2. University of British Columbia
  3. McGill University
  4. University of Montreal
  5. University of Calgary
  6. University of Waterloo

Higher education in Canada might not be as expensive as studying in the UK or the USA. However, it is by no means inexpensive. On an average, an international student has to pay around $20,530 USD per year for an undergraduate program. The cost of rent, utilities, food and other necessities amounts no less than $9,000 per year. Keeping this in mind, pursuing a degree program from even the cheapest universities in Canada would require an international candidate to spend a considerable sum of money.

The Work-Study program in Canada allows 20 hours of weekly work for international students during study period. The work time is extended upto a maximum of 40 hours per week during holidays. Students may be able to support their stay considerably by opting for work-study but they’d have to sacrifice on the holidays. Moreover, some programs may require a high amount of course work and participating extensively in the Work-Study program might hamper the academic performance. Hence, it is always a good idea to seek as many funding/scholarships as available.

How to Apply for $1000 Dream Scholarship?

You can apply for Collegedunia $1000 Dream Scholarship in few easy steps. All you need to do is to ensure that you are eligible for the scholarship, fill the form thoroughly and write a minimum 300-word essay on “Why did you choose this university?”The entries will be accepted until February 20, 2021.

  • One applicant must submit only one form. More than one application will be considered disqualified
  • The application is in online mode only. Hence, no offline forms are available.
  • Personal details such as name, contact information, education qualification, background details are a must fill
  • A short original essay has to be written on the topic given by It will be the main criteria for selection.
  • The word limit should not exceed more than 600 words and should not be less than 300 words
  • Your write up should be up to the mark with correct spellings, correct punctuation and grammar, and a proper sentence formation.
  • There will be no provision to edit/change your answer once it is submitted.
  • If the write up is found to be obscene, pornographic, libelous, targeting religious sentiments or otherwise objectionable will stand disqualified
  • Once you are done with your write up, proof-read it and enter submit.

Benefits of $1000 Dream Scholarship

As the name suggests, a qualifying student will get a scholarship of $1000 for studying in Canada

  • Only one winner will be selected to win the scholarship prize
  • It will be payable directly to Institute you are enrolled in
  • The amount will be released once the student has enrolled in a higher educational Institute and submits the proof
  • Proof must be submitted before or latest by February 2021
  • It is only cash scholarship and no cash equivalent prize will be awarded
  • Student cannot assign or transfer the scholarship prize without the discretion of the sponsor
  • Sponsorship prize will be awarded full regards to official rules and post verification of the applicant.
  • Tax from the scholarship prize will be deducted as per Section 194B of the Income Tax Act

Selection Criteria for $1000 Dream Scholarship

The primary criteria of selection is that an applicant must meet the eligibility criteria and submit an essay as per the guidelines set by the sponsor.

  • Applicant must have completed Higher Senior Secondary
  • Must have submitted the application form and essay by the given deadline
  • The write up should adhere to the word limit
  • It should be an original, non-plagiarised piece
  • The criteria on which the essay will be judged is
    • Inclusion of all asked details
    • Grammar
    • Sentence Formation
    • Creative Bent
    • How aptly you can answer the question
    • How crisp and convincing the write up is
  • If the write up is found to be incomplete or doesn’t meet the mentioned criteria, it will not be considered for the scholarship prize
  • If the winner fails to provide with required documents to prove the admission, he or she shall be disqualified. In such a case, the next highest scorer will be offered the scholarship prize
  • Selection of the write up solely depends on the sponsor. The decision taken will be final and binding

Terms and Conditions for $1000 Dream Scholarship

Collegedunia’s Dream Scholarship rewards one student with $1000 for his/ her studies in Canada. It comes with the conditions that every student needs to abide by.

  • Student must meet the eligibility criteria in order to apply for the scholarship
  • Scholarship money will be disbursed directly to the institute in Canada
  • The form must be duly filled. Also, any form with incomplete information will be considered as non-applicable.
  • Your write up must be written in English only
  • One applicant can submit only one application form. Cross-verify before submitting
  • Applicants entering just information is not considered proof of delivery or submission of the form
  • The applications, once submitted, are the property of the sponsor and will not be returned
  • If the scholarship prize winner fails to provide identity proof, submit any required document or otherwise doesn’t meet eligibility criteria, will be considered disqualified
  • The sponsor will not be liable for any injuries, losses or damages occurred in the process of application form submission
  • Taxes on scholarship prize stands as scholarship prize recipient's responsibility.
  • Taxes will be deducted as per Section 194B of the Income Tax Act
  • The submission of application form marks that the applicant, unconditionally, accept and agree to all official rules set by the sponsor
  • The decision of the sponsor will be final and binding.

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