Masters in Business Analytics in Canada: Top Universities, Admission Process, Tuition & Cost of Study, Scholarships, and Job Prospects

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    Masters in Business Analytics in Canada is a one-two year program available as MBAN (masters in business analytics) and an MBA with a specialization in business analytics. The average tuition fee for pursuing MS in Business Analytics in Canadian Colleges is around 20,000 to 50,000 USD.

    Masters in business analytics courses intersect technology and business, providing analytical insights that help in achieving business goals. Business Analytics courses in Canada open a wide range of job opportunities for its graduates. A postgraduate in business analytics from Canada can earn around 70,000 to 100,00 USD/year.

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    Why Pursue Masters in Business Analytics in Canada

    • Around 8 Canadian Universities offer Masters in Business Analytics of which three are in the world’s top 100, according to QS World Universities Ranking, 2019.
    • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs related to business analytics will observe a steep rise of around 110,000 by 2026.
    • According to GMAC survey 2018, 71% of employers plan on hiring business school graduates for analytical roles. 52% of these hired applicants are required to have MBAN or a similar degree.

    Business Analytics Course Description

    Masters in Business Analytics is a one-two year program available to graduates of Computer Science, data analytics, or students with a background in statistical mathematics. The core subjects offered include big data analytics, predictive modeling, supply chain analytics, data visualization, energy analytics, and programming for analytics. Customer analytics, operations analytics, people analytics, and accounting analytics are other specializations available within the MBA program.

    Top Universities offering Masters in Business Analytics in Canada

    Masters in business analytics are available in some top-ranking Canadian universities and business colleges. These best universities/colleges for business analytics in Canada are mentioned below along with the program specialization available:

    World Ranking University/College Program
    #34 UBC Sauder School of Business Masters of Business Analytics
    #401-500 York Schulich School of Business Masters of Business Analytics
    #136 University of Alberta MBA Business Analytics
    #201-250 Western Ivey Business School MS in Business Analytics
    #137 HEC University MS in Data Science and Business Analytics
    #42 McGill University MBA Business Analytics
    #72 McMaster DeGroote School of Business MBA Business Analytics
    #501-600 Carleton University MS Business Analytics (collaborative masters)

    Masters in Business Analytics in Canada Admission Process

    International applicants who wish to study in Canada are required to fulfill some general criteria for admissions. However, the admissions process in master’s programs in Canada varies from institution to institution. The details of the admissions process are briefed in the sections below:

    Where to Apply

    Applicants must visit the program page on the official website of the institution they wish to apply for, for details on the admission portals/forms.

    International applicants are suggested to apply for the fall term for most of the universities.

    Masters in Business Analytics in Canada Eligibility

    The general eligibility criteria for admission in business analytics courses in Canada is given below:

    • Completed education of 16 years- 10+2+4.
    • Completion of a four-year undergraduate program with exposure to linear algebra, statistics, and calculus.
    • Hands-on experience in computer programming and data analytics.
    • GPA of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0, suggesting the percentage score should be within 76-81% and letter grade as B or above.

    Other university-specific requirements are as follows:

    University/College Specific Eligibility Criteria
    UBC Sauder School of Business GRE/GMAT
    York Schulich School of Business GMAT (avg)- 680, Letter grade B+, work experience recommended
    University of Alberta GMAT- 550, 50% percentile in GRE, average work experience- 5 years, 60% in UG(Indian Applicants)
    Western Ivey Business School GMAT/GRE- recommended
    HEC University GMAT- 600, GRE, TAGE MAGE- 300 French language proficiency: TEF/TCF- B2 to C1 level
    Carleton University 2-year work experience, GMAT-550 or GRE equivalent, interview
    McGill University GMAT/GRE, interview
    McMaster DeGroote School of Business Work Experience, GMAT- 600, KIRA online video interview

    Masters in Business Analytics in Canada Application Requirements

    Applicants for master’s programs are required to submit various documents along with their application. The details for the documents required for admission in Masters in Business Analytics in Canada are listed below:

    1. Transcripts: Certificates, mark sheets, and other documents from previous institutions must be submitted. Some universities ask applicants to submit original transcripts. However, some universities ask applicants to submit certified original copies of the transcripts.
    2. Proof of Language Proficiency: International applicants from non-native English speaking countries must submit proof of language proficiency. Applicants can submit the score of standardized language tests. The minimum score requirements for studying MS Business Analytics in Canada are as follows:
      1. IELTS: 7.0 (with a band score of 6.5 each). Carleton University accepts a minimum overall score of 6.5.
      2. TOEFL (iBT): 100. Carleton University accepts a minimum overall score of 87.
    3. Letter of Recommendation: Applicants for MS in Business Analytics are required to submit academic or professional letters of recommendation. Most of the universities require two-three LORs.
    4. Resume/CV: An updated professional resume is required along with the application.
    5. Supporting Documents: Statement of intent, personal essays are some of the additional documents that may be required for admissions.

    Masters in Business Analytics in Canada without GMAT

    GMAT is one of the mandatory requirements for pursuing a Masters in Business Analytics in Canada. However, some universities may waive off the GMAT requirement in special cases. Applicants with excellent academic skills may be considered for admission without GMAT in business analytics. International applicants must ensure that they contact the respective universities for details.

    Admission Decisions for Masters in Business Analytics

    Admission to MS in Business Analytics from Canada is a moderately selective procedure. UBC received around 392 applications for the 2018 term. However, admissions are offered to only 112 applicants. This suggests that the acceptance rate for UBC was only 28%.

    The applications for all the universities are reviewed holistically. GRE/GMAT scores, LORs, and interviews play a decisive role in admissions. The decisions are released in a time period of two-six months.

    Cost for Studying Masters in Business Analytics in Canada

    International applicants planning to study in Canada are required to have minimum funds for supporting their studies for the first year. The costs of studying for international students can be widely distributed into three categories. These are pre-arrival costs, cost of study, and cost of living. The cost of studying or the tuition fee Masters in Business Analytics in Canada varies among different universities.

    Pre-arrival Costs

    Given below is a table indicating the one-time major costs involved for an international student planning to study abroad.

    Type of Expense Cost (USD)
    Program Application Fees 75-113*
    Visa Application Fees 235**
    Health Insurance 10,000
    IELTS Fees 185-190
    TOEFL Fees 160-250
    GRE Fees 205-230
    GMAT Fees 250
    Airfare 450-1400

    *Depends on the university

    **150 USD for a Canadian Study Permit and 85 USD is Biometric fees.

    Tuition Fees of MS in Business Analytics in Canada

    Tuition fees for pursuing Masters in Business Analytics from top Canadian universities are listed below:

    University Program Fee/year (USD) (approx)
    UBC Sauder School of Business 42,000
    York Schulich School of Business 38,500
    University of Alberta 43,000
    Western Ivey Business School 51,600
    HEC University 20,353-20,730
    Carleton University 38,500
    McGill University 33,600
    McMaster University 30,250

    NOTE: Applicants must ensure that they visit the official tuition fees pages for the program and university they opt for.

    Other Expenses for Studying in Canada

    International students in Canada spend a large sum of amount while studying on expenses other than the tuition. The expenses include the cost of living, books & material, transportation, etc. The table given below suggests an average of minimum expenses required for studying in that specific university:

    University Minimum Cost of Living (USD/year)
    University of British Columbia 12,700
    University of Alberta 15,000
    Carleton University 6,050-10,100
    York University 7,600
    Western Ivey Business School 15,000
    HEC Montreal 5,000
    McGill University 7,000
    McMaster University 8,000

    The cost of books and material ranges around 756-1510 USD depending on the university. Food and beverages cost an international student around 3000-4000 USD in and around all the above-mentioned universities.

    Masters in Business Analytics in Canada with Scholarships

    International applicants enrolled in MBAN and MBA with Business Analytics specializations are offered various scholarships. The amount of scholarship awards varies from

    Scholarship Amount Offered (USD) (Approx) University
    Asia Top Talent Scholarship International Talent Scholarship 3780-7565 7565-11350 University of British Columbia
    No specific scholarships available. NA University of Alberta*
    Merit Scholarships 756-9080 Carleton University
    Merit-based Entrance Award and International Student Award Variable York Schulich School of Business
    Merit-based Awards 15,129 Western Ivey Business School
    Entrance Scholarship Varies HEC Montreal
    Various Entrance Scholarships are available Scotiabank Fellowship 3700-7500 3782 McGill University
    Provost Entrance Scholarship The Woo Family International Entrance Scholarship 5673 2300 McMaster University

    *International graduate applicants can apply for funds from home country. MPOWER Financing can also be consulted for loans of up to 50,000USD for funding education.

    Job Prospects for Postgraduates in Business Analytics in Canada

    International applicants can work in Canada on a Canadian Work Permit. Some of the careers one can land in with MS in Business Analytics in Canada are listed below along with the median salaries offered. Some of the popular companies that hire students with a Masters in Business Analytics degree are Deloitte, CIBC, Air Canada, KPMG, etc.

    Job Prospect Median Salary (USD/year) Job Prospect Median Salary (USD/year)
    Business Analyst 78,574 Management Analyst 72,117
    Business Intelligence Analyst 77,638 Market Research Analyst 53,625
    Data Scientist 107,500 Business Data Analyst 70,000
    Data Analyst 60,416 Financial Analyst 70,057
    Revenue Management 95,000 Innovation Manager 95,357
    System Analyst 73,956 Business Intelligence Managers 94,446

    Masters in Business Analytics in Canada is a program gaining huge traction because of the increasing popularity of big data-related jobs. A rise in the number of applications received and applicants offered admissions is observed for popular universities like UBC.

    With a postgraduate degree in business analytics students can land jobs in fields like financial services, retail, media, travel, healthcare, etc. With cushy median salaries of 50,000-70,000 USD at an entry level, MS in business analytics becomes a program of interest for students with a statistical mathematics background.


    Ques- What are some of the top universities in Canada to study Masters in Business Analytics?

    Ans- Masters in business analytics in Canada is offered by some top ranking Canadian universities, like UBC Sauder School of Business, McGill University, McMaster University, York University, and others.

    Ques- What is the cost of pursuing MS in Business Analytics in Canada for an Indian student?

    Ans- The cost of studying MS in Business Analytics in Canada is around 9,00,000 to 10,00,000 INR.

    Ques- How can I study MS In Business Analytics in Canada?

    Ans-For studying MS Business Analytics, international applicants are required to fulfill all preliminary requirements. These include 4 years UG degree with B grade, taking standardized tests like GRE/GMAT, and submitting English language test scores- IELTS/TOEFL.

    Ques- What are the minimum language proficiency scores required for admissions in MS in Business Analytics?

    Ans- International applicants are required to have a minimum score of 7.0 on the IELTS and 100 on TOEFL.

    Ques- What is the scope of Business Analytics in Canada?

    Ans-Business Analytics is a rapidly growing field offering great opportunities to postgraduates from the same field. International students can work in sectors like market research analyst, management analyst, business analyst, financial analyst, etc.