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SOP for Computer Science in Canada: Guidelines for Bachelors and Masters Degree

Komal Yadav Komal Yadav
Study Abroad Expert

Statement of Purpose is the personal statement about who the student is. It explains what has influenced the career path of the student so far and what are his/her professional interests. SOP is majorly required for admission to MS in Computer Science program at universities of Canada.

Statement of Purpose throws light on the background of the student and his future plans. It determines how the student stands out from the crowd. SOP for MS in Computer Science in Canada should be more focused on research interests of students as the programs are more research-oriented. Ideal length is 2 to 3 A4 size pages.

SOP for MS in Computer Science in Canada

Guidelines for submitting Statement of Purpose or Letter of Intent for admission to MS in Computer Science program at some of the top universities of Canada are explained as follows:

University of Toronto

Students applying for MS in Computer Science at University of Toronto are required to submit one or two page SOP including following details:

  • Short bio describing how you are an extraordinary student
  • Your understanding of the University of Toronto’s Department of Computer Science
  • How opportunities offered by the department will help you in future?
  • Why are you an ideal student for this department?
  • Discuss career goals, why you want to do research, and areas of research, skills or qualification.
  • Description of any original research done – result, importance and contribution of the student.
  • Specific research plan, if any.
  • Name of faculty the student is interested in working with.

Use examples rather than vague statements. SOP is also a way of demonstrating your command over the English language.

University of British Columbia

The Statement of Intent or SOP required for MS in Computer Science program of University of British Columbia should b divided into three parts as follows:

Part 1: About Research Interest (mandatory)

  • Should be within 2 pages
  • It should describe
  • Choice of research area in computer science
  • Future plans (academic and professional)
  • Past education, training or experience that prepared you for MS in Computer Science at UBC

Part 2: Publications (optional)

  • No word or page limit
  • List the following in reverse chronological order:
  • Papers accepted, published or submitted to journals
  • Technical reports, conferences, presentations attended related to computer science
  • Patents and copyrights submitted or awarded such as software, code developed

Part 3: Honours, Scholarships, Fellowships or Awards Received (optional)

  • No word or page limit
  • Mention the details of any prestigious award or scholarship received by you preferably in the field related to computer science
  • Should be listed in reverse chronological order

Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University offers three types of MS degrees in Computer Science: thesis, accelerated and professional. Up to 2 page SOP with double space between lines is required for all three of them.

Following details should be included in SOP for MS in Computer Science at Simon Fraser University:

  • Why would you be an excellent candidate for the big data/visual computing/ cyber security concentration?
  • Highlight strengths and aspirations.
  • Indicate foundational knowledge in computer science

McMaster University

A Statement of Purpose in PDF format of a few paragraphs with following information is required for admission to MS in Computer Science program of McMaster University:

  • Indicate type of research the student is interested in pursuing.
  • How does his/ her education and experience align with research areas in the Department of Computing and Software?
  • Contributions to be made during the study along with methods and approaches you would use to make them.
  • Evidence of ability to work collaboratively and independently.

University of Ottawa

A 2 to 3 page letter of intent outlining the following details is required for admission in MS in Computer Science program of University of Ottawa:

  • Career goals.
  • Research area you wish to opt for in the field of computer science
  • Past experiences describing your ability in this field such as educational background, seminars attended, relevant research conducted, work experience, etc.
  • Name of professor who could supervise your project in Department of Computer Science and whether you have contacted him/her (optional)
  • Other relevant experiences such as work as research assistant, participation in exchange programs, lab work, etc.
  • Reason behind any anomaly in your academic history such as gap years, poor grades, etc.

Carleton University

Admission to MS in Computer Science at Carleton University requires submission of a Statement of Intent in PDF format with following details:

  • Personal interest in computer science.
  • Research interests
  • Short term and long term career goals
  • Reason for pursuing MS in Computer Science at graduate school of Carleton University
  • Proof of ability to successfully conduct research in computer science

Tips for Writing SOP for Computer Science in Canada

It is important to focus on writing a Statement of Purpose because it is the only part of the application over which the student has full control.

The primary question which needs to be answered while writing a Statement of Purpose is – “What does the essay reflect about the person who wrote it?” Statement of Purpose can make or break the application. So, don’t try to be something you are not. Be honest.

The committee reviewing the Statement of Purposes have been doing it for years and they know it very well to what extent a student is trying to fake it. Finally, it is important to show a desire for learning.

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