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Study in Canada- Cost, Scholarship, Visa, Requirements

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Canada has been one of the favourite destinations for students across the globe. The reasons for studying in Canada are numerous however, the major one being the quality of education along-side the welcoming culture it has to provide. The people of Canada have a major role to play in it, along with the Government.

Ministry of education in Canada stresses on bringing international students in the Canadian universities and retaining them after completion of education. Many policies and programs have been introduced towards this direction. Lately, for international students universities in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa and Quebec have been the major attractions.

Top Universities in Canada- Rankings

Canada has been attracting international students increasingly over the past decade, especially since May 2017. Universities and Institutions across Canada are well known for high quality education they impart. This is also reflected in the World Ranking of Universities globally. Canada has its fair share of 3 universities within the top 100 strata of QS World Rankings, Times Higher Education Rankings and ARWU (Shanghai) Rankings.

University NameAgency NameRanking
University of TorontoQS World28
THE World Ranking22
ARWU (Shanghai)23
McGill UniversityQS World33
THE World Ranking42
ARWU (Shanghai)67
University of British ColumbiaQS World47
THE World Ranking34
ARWU (Shanghai)31

The most popular courses opted by international students in Canada are in the field of:

  • Business Finance
  • Registered Nursing
  • Dental Surgery
  • Civil Engineering
  • Pharmacy

Cost to Study in Canada

To study in Canada, an international student has to pay a nominal fee as compared to the other popular destinations such as USA and UK.

The cost comparison below is based on the duration and level of the program.

Canada vs. USA vs. UK: Tuition Cost

CountryLevelCost (CAD)
CanadaUndergraduate$10,000- $30,000
Graduate$15,000- $35,000
USAUndergraduate$10,000- $35,000
Graduate$15,000- $60,000
UKUndergraduate$14,000- $25,000
Graduate$17,000- $34,000

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Canada vs USA vs UK Living Cost

Canada$10,000- $12,000
USA$10,000- $20,000
UK$20,000- $25,000

Study Permit Canada- Requirements, Rules, Processing Time

Ever since the political scenario has taken a shift in the USA and UK, Canada has seen a substantial rise in the number of international applicants. Also, Canada Student Visa policy is not as complicated as it is in other countries. In comparison to its neighbour USA, Canada has transparent and accessible visa policy.

Recently, with the changes in the Student Partnership Program (SPP), the Canadian government has opened doors wide enough for students from the target countries, i.e., China, India, Vietnam and the Philippines. The introduction of SDS brings along lesser hassle in terms of financial documentation and processing time. Now, if all the conditions are met, students can get their visa within 45 days contrary to the 60 days policy which is still applicable to other countries.

Scholarships for International Students

To encourage participation of international students in Canadian Universities, its government has already initiated tie-ups with many countries and introduced scholarships for international students. Some of the scholarships available are:

  • Banting Post-Doctoral Fellowship: The scholarship is available for PhD or PhD equivalent students. The amount for this fellowship is CAD 70,000.
  • Canada Graduate Scholarship for Masters Degree: As the name suggests, scholarship is offered to the students pursuing Masters degree at a University in Canada which amounts to CAD 17,500
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program: Available for PhD or PhD equivalent students, the scholarship amounts to CAD 50,000.

Healthcare and Insurance Plans

Canada cares for both domestic as well as international students and as is well known, Canada blooms in the healthcare sector. Students across the universities in Canada have to buy themselves insurance policy. Healthcare and insurance policies in Canada are available province-wise. However, in some provinces, the insurance plans are not available on a public platform. In such province (s), students can buy themselves insurance plans from the University they have gotten admission into.

For those who worry about their safety can relax a bit. As per the United Nations Safety Index, Canada is the 8th safest country in the world. Taking into consideration internal conflicts such as intensity and death results, Canada turns out to be the best country to live in.

Jobs and Employment Opportunities

Canada has a flourishing economy with ample job opportunities available for both natives and immigrants. At present the top recruiters in Canada belong to the following sectors:

  • Healthcare/ Pharmacy/ Biotechnology
  • Advertising
  • Energy/ Utilities/ Mining/Oil and Gas

Jobs in Canada are available for students of all the levels, graduates and professionals alike. Following are the job opportunities available for graduates from Management, Engineering and Medicine fields:

FieldJob AvailableSalary
ManagementRecruitment Professional SpecializedCAD 81,250
Statistician and ActuariesCAD 89,606
Senior Business ManagerCAD 97,136
EngineeringChemical EngineerCAD 80,000- CAD 90,000
Mechanical EngineerCAD 76,000- 91,000
Environmental EngineerCAD 55,000- CAD 90,00
MedicineDentistCAD 120,000- 240,000
PharmacistCAD 90,000- 120,000
VeterinariansCAD 80,000- 120,000

The Canadian universities with highest employability rate are:

  • Concordia University
  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Toronto
  • University of Waterloo

P.S. Canada is the hub of technology with plethora of opportunities in the field. Technology and innovation are the prime focus of the industrial sphere, hence, those with a knack of innovative thinking can explore their prospects in this country.

PR and Immigration

Permanent Residency and Immigration become easy once you obtain a degree from a prestigious Canadian university. Canadian government has many programs dedicated to the transition of an international student into a permanent resident. For recent graduates, option of Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) is available to gain some working experience within the Canadian industry.

Some of the other offers for international students include:

  • Canadian Experience Class: For this, students ought to have completed 2 years of education and a work experience after graduation of 1 year.
  • Quebec Experience class: Students must have proficiency in French language and must have completed a CEGEP program from an institution in Quebec.
  • Provincial Nomination Program: Students undertaking this program can get a PR faster.

Social Life and Cultural Diversity

Canada has a rich culture and the social life it offers is worth exploring. As far as the diversity is concerned, the government of Canada mandates it, resultantly, the country is representative of different ethnic groups. These groups bring along new perspectives to culinary delights to exciting recreational activities. There are chances that you may bump into people from your country or community.

Explore Best Cities for International Students in Canada

On your days of, you can go on to explore life in Canada with events happening across the country. Having a day off in Quebec, go for Montreal International Jazz Festival or put on your boots for Calgary Stampede.

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