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Masters in Communications in Canada: An Overview for International Students

Komal Yadav Komal Yadav
Study Abroad Expert

Masters in communications in Canada is offered by over 50 universities as a Master of Arts (MA) and Master of Science (MS) degree. Both MA and MS in Communication be studied on a full-time and part-time basis. The duration of the full-time program in universities of Canada is 2 to 3 years. This program deals with the study of how we create and share information on the personal and organizational level.

  • An average annual tuition fee universities offering masters in communication in Canada is 5,000 USD.
  • Students are required to have a four-year bachelor's degree in communication, media studies, journalism or other relevant fields to be eligible for admission.
  • Graduates of Master of Communication in Canada can earn an average pay of 41,000 USD per year.

Why Study Masters in Communication in Canada?

With a Master of Communication degree, you will be eligible to make a career in one of the fields:

  • Business and Organizational Communication
  • Politics and Public Relation
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Strategic Communication 
  • International Communication

Here are some of the reasons why pursuing a Masters in Communication in Canada is worth it for a study abroad aspirant:

  • The starting salary for a communication specialist in Canada is 59,493 USD per annum.
  • With 5-10 years of experience, it increases by approximately 40% and reaches up to 108,492 USD per year. However, for most other careers the increase is only 36%. 
  • An up-gradation from bachelors to Master of Communication in Canada increases the salary by 29%.
Salary Increment
  • The salary of communication specialist in Canada has increased from 92,892 USD in 2016 to 102,110 in 2019. 
  • Healthcare, education and information technology are the highest paying sectors for communication specialist in Canada. 

Masters in Communication in Canada: Top Universities

Masters in communications is offered by some of the top-ranking Canadian universities such as McGill University, University of Alberta, McMaster University, etc. Following table provides a list of best communication schools in Canada along with the programs offered by them:

QS Ranking 2020University NameProgram OfferedTotal Program Fee (in USD)
35McGill UniversityMA in Communication Studies13,416 
113University of AlbertaMA in Communications and Technology14,596
140McMaster UniversityMA in Communication Management; Master of Communication Management8778 
233University of CalgaryMA in Communication and Media Studies19,556
281University of OttawaMA in Communication11,890
314Simon Fraser UniversityMA in Communication8,882
511 – 520York UniversityMA in Communication and Culture9,776 
651 – 700Carleton UniversityMA in Communication13,814 
651 – 700University of SherbrookeMA in Communication13,418 

Masters in Communication in Canada: Course Details

Masters in communications in Canada is offered as an MA in Communication and also in combination with other disciplines such as media studies, marketing, technology and culture. Students are required to study 7 to 10 courses (varies with the university) for a duration of two to three years.

Since it is offered as a thesis-based course by most of the universities, submission of a thesis is required in the final year for successful completion of the program. Following are the popular specializations of Master of Communication that you can study in Canada:

  • Journalism
  • Political Communication
  • Public Relation
  • Corporate Communication
  • Advertising and Marketing

Masters in Communication in Canada: Admission Process

In order to get admission to masters in communication in any of the Canadian universities, students must have a four-year bachelor's degree in communication, media studies, journalism or another relevant field. Some universities and colleges accept students with a three-year bachelor's degree too under special circumstances.

Where to Apply: Students can apply to Canadian universities through official websites. In some cases, offline applications are also accepted.

Master of Communication in Canada: Admission Requirements

Following documents are required at the time of submission of application:

  • An official transcript of high school, senior secondary school, and bachelor's degree. Certified copies are accepted by some institutes but an official copy is required at the time of enrollment. Non-English/French documents should be translated into English/French.
  • Two to three-letter of reference 
  • Statement of purpose 
  • Resume/CV
  • Birth certificates and various other documents including passport as proof of identity of the student.

English Proficiency Requirement for International Students

Test scores proving English language proficiency are extremely important for international applicants. Some of the test scores accepted by the universities of Canada are TOEFL, IELTS, CAEL, and MELAB. Minimum criteria may vary from university to university. If a student has appeared for a test more than once, his/her best score will be considered.

Minimum English proficiency test scores required by some of the top universities of Canada are listed below:

UniversityMinimum TOEFL (iBT) ScoreMinimum IELTS Score
McGill University866.5
University of Alberta1007.0
McMaster University926.5
University of Calgary866.5
University of Ottawa796.5
Simon Fraser University937.0
York University836.5
Carleton University866.5

Students applying to universities and colleges offering programs in French have to prove proficiency in the French language. It could be demonstrated by submitting one of the French assessment certificates, taking an online placement test (conducted by respective universities) or enrolling in the university’s French as a second language program.

Master of Communication in Canada: Admission Decision

After the student has successfully submitted his/her application form, the application form will be evaluated in various stages. All the documents will be verified and checked to see whether an applicant is eligible for the course and the university. The duration of this process may vary from university to university. In most cases, it is around 6-8 weeks.

Students may track their application status through the official website of the university. After the documents have been verified and the decision has been made, the students will be informed about the decision on their registered email address. Afterwards, they can start arrangements for enrollment to the university.

Masters in Communications in Canada: Cost of Study

If you wish to study abroad, you may come across different types of expenses during the entire duration stay. These expenses can be grouped under three broad categories: pre-arrival cost, cost of study and cost of living.

Pre-arrival Cost

These costs include all those expenses which you have to bear before your arrival in Canada including airfare, visa expenses, the cost of appearing for tests required to study in Canada, etc. Following are the estimates of these costs:

  • Application Fee: 75 - 140 USD
  • Canadian Student Visa Application Fee: 235 USD
  • IELTS Fee: 185 - 190 USD
  • TOEFL Fee: 160 - 250 USD
  • Airfare: 500 - 1500 USD
  • Health insurance: 10,000 USD

Master of Communication in Canada: Tuition Fees

The annual tuition fee of top universities for masters in communications in Canada ranges between 4,000 USD to 10,000 USD. Simon Fraser University has the lowest tuition fee of 4,411 USD. 

Tuition Fees

Living Cost in Canada

Cost of living in Canada depends upon the type of accommodation and meal plans opted by the students. Books, supplies, transportation costs, health insurance are some of the additional expenses that international students might have to pay.

Books and supplies cost ranges between 616 USD to 1540 USD. Transportation cost varies with the province. However, students can apply for a monthly pass which costs around 62 USD to 85 USD per month.

Cost of accomodation

Masters in Communication in Canada: Scholarships

Universities offer a number of need-based and merit-based scholarships to international students in Canada. These are particularly important for international students as they have to spend a huge sum of money to fund their education.

Some of the scholarships offered by different Canadian institutes are mentioned below:

PBEEE - Quebec Merit Scholarship for Foreign Students1,000 USD per yearMcGill University
UACES ScholarshipVaries according to the studentUniversity of Windsor
McMaster Honors Scholarship1,000 USD per yearMcMaster University
Andrew Stewart Memorial Graduate Prize5,000 USDUniversity of Alberta

Students can also apply for Tri-Council Graduate Scholarships offered by three research grant agencies, namely Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council (NSERC); the Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council (SSHRC); and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).

Following are the details on few such scholarships offered by the above-mentioned agencies:

  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship: Meant especially for international students who are pursuing a master's degree course in Canada, Ontario Graduate Scholarship is given by the Ontario government. Every year, twenty-two students receive an annual amount of 11,325 USD.
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships: This is one of the most prestigious scholarships to be awarded to international students who are pursuing a full-time master's degree in Canada. Selected students will receive an amount of 38,475 USD for three years.
  • Killam Trust Scholarship: This scholarship is offered to graduate students of the University of Alberta only. Highly meritorious students can receive a yearly amount of 34,627 USD per year for 2 years.

For more scholarships in Canada, click here

Masters in Communication in Canada: Job Prospects

There are numerous high paying jobs in Canada for a student who has completed a master's degree in communication from any of the top-ranked universities of Canada. You can also choose to pursue a doctoral degree after a masters in communications in Canada instead of looking for a job.

High paying jobs in Canada

Annual pay depends upon the type of master's in communications degree studied by students. The table provided below summarizes the average salary a student can earn with variants of masters in communications in Canada:

DegreeAverage Pay per year (in USD)
MA Communication41,558
MS Communication39,406 
Master of Mass Communication40,000 
MA in Organizational Communication43,097 
Master of Journalism and Mass Communication42,328 

Students enrolled in masters in communications in Canada can apply for jobs in journalism, media and entertainment industry. Although the average pay for a fresher with this degree starts at 30,000 USD annually, with the right set of skills and experience, you can earn up to 70,800 USD per year.


Ques. Name some of the best communication schools in Canada.

Ans. McGill University, University of Alberta, McMaster University, University of Calgary and the University of Ottawa are some of the universities offering Masters in Communication in Canada.

Ques. What is the duration of Master of Communication in Canada?

Ans. A full-time degree in Master of Communication in Canada takes 2 to 3 years to complete. 

Ques. How much does it cost to study Masters in Communication in Canada?

Ans. The average annual tuition fees of Masters in Communication in Canada ranges between 4,000 USD to 10,000 USD. Cost of living for an international student in this country is approximately 10,000 USD per annum.

Ques. What are the admission requirements for the Masters in Communication in Canada?

Ans. Students are required to have a bachelors degree in communication, media studies, journalism or another relevant field to apply for Masters in Communication in Canada.

Ques. How much does a graduate of Masters in Communication in Canada earn?

Ans. The entry-level salary for a Master of Communication graduate in Canada is 30,000 USD per annum. With experience, it can increase up to 70,800 USD per annum. 

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