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Top 5 Programs and Courses in Canada for International Students- Degrees, Universities and Majors

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Canada is amongst the most wanted countries for undergraduate and graduate studies. Beside Canadians, the country is getting an overwhelming response from international students. Unlike other countries, being a part of Canada is not as difficult as it seems to be.

The number of international students at Canadian universities has risen by 11% in 2017. Canada is a country liberating quality education at inexpensive cost. It is a stable, safe and multicultural country.

Canadian universities have more than 5,000 global tie-ups. More than 90% of the graduates get employed in less than six months after finishing their studies in Canada.

Fact: Canada is the world’s most educated country. More than half of the students have completed their education in universities.

Every year, around 130,000 students visit Canada for higher studies. Canadian degree is considered at the same level as of U.S. Australia or U.K. but cost of education is less than these countries.

Canada provides 5 levels of education. The levels preferred by international students in Canada are: -

  • Bachelor’s
  • Master’s
  • Doctoral
  • Diploma
  • Certificate

For each level, mentioned are the top programs available for the international students along with the best Canadian Universities in Canada.

Business and Finance in Canada

The levels and programs offered by the university help building the foundation of a financial professional.

Some famous courses in finance for international students in Canada: -

  • Business Finance
  • Business Administration Finance
  • Accounting and Finance
Bachelor’sBBA Finance
B.Sc. Finance
B.A. Finance
Bachelor of Finance
Master’sM.Sc. Finance
MBA Finance
Master of Finance (MFin)
DoctoratePh.D. Finance
CertificateGraduate Certificate
Financial Certificate
DiplomaAdvanced Diploma in Business Administration - Finance

Top universities offering Finance courses to the students: -

Nursing in Canada

Canadian schools are very famous for certain programs, out of which most popular specializations - children’s nursing, general nursing, mental health nursing, disability nursing, and nursing administration are few well-known ones and are available for both, full-time and part-time study. Some famous courses in Nursing for international students in Canada: -

  • Practical Nursing
  • Critical care Nursing
  • Community Mental Health
Bachelor’sB.Sc. Nursing (BScN)
Bachelor of Nursing
Baccalaureate Program for Registered Nurses
Master’sMasters in Nursing (MN)
Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN)
DoctoratePh.D. in Nursing
DegreeAssociate Degree in Nursing
CertificateCertificate in Advanced Nursing Leadership and Management
DiplomaDiploma Program in Practical Nursing
Post-Master’s Nurse Practitioner Diploma

Top universities offering Nursing courses to the students: -

  • Dalhousie University
  • University of New Brunswick
  • University of Calgary
  • University of Toronto
  • University of British Columbia

Dentistry in Canada

Dentistry is a regular profession. One must have any of the mentioned degrees BDS/DDS/DMD certified by NDEB for being a dentist. Some famous courses in Dentistry for international students in Canada: -

  • Dental Surgery
  • Orthodontics
  • Dental Hygiene
Bachelor’sBachelor of Dental Science
Bachelor of Science in Dentistry
Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)
Master’sMasters of Science in Dentistry (MSD)
Masters of Dentistry (MDent)
Masters of Dental Surgery (MDS)
DoctorateDoctor of Dental Medicine (DDM)
Doctor of Dental Medicine (DDS)
CertificateCertified Dental Assistant
DiplomaDiploma in Dental Hygiene
PG Diploma in Clinical Dentistry

Top universities offering Dentistry courses to the students: -

  • McGill University
  • University of Alberta
  • Dalhousie University
  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Toronto

Engineering in Canada

With a number of fields to choose from, four courses mentioned below are together considered as “big four”. Engineering has always been a popular choice among the students. Some famous on-demand categories in Engineering for international students in Canada: -

  • Civil
  • Mechanical
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Electrical and Electronics
Bachelor’sBachelors in Engineering
Master’sMasters of Engineering
DoctoratePh.d. Engineering Doctoral Program
CertificateGraduate Certification
Honors Certificate
DiplomaPost Graduate Diploma
Advanced Diploma

Top universities offering Engineering courses to the students: -

  • University of Toronto
  • McGill University
  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Montreal
  • University of Alberta

Pharmacy in Canada

This field of education provides an opportunity to know about various health problems and medical substances provided to patients for therapeutic use. Pharmacy focuses on Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Physiology. Some famous courses in Pharmacy for international students in Canada: -

  • Pharmacy and Pharma Sciences
  • Pharmacology
  • Pharmacy Technician
Bachelor’sBachelors of Science in Pharmacy
Bachelors of Pharmacy
Master’sMasters of Science in Pharmacy (Msc Pharmacy)
DoctorateDoctor of Pharmacy
CertificateGraduate Certificate
DiplomaPost Graduate Diploma
Advanced Diploma

Top universities offering Pharmacy courses to the students: -

Canadian universities mentioned, offer a diverse field of degrees to the international students for undergraduate and post-graduate programs. Amongst all, the University of Toronto and University of British Columbia lead the path by offering a maximum number of best programs in Canada.

Besides programs, each specialization has some top courses offered by the Canadian Universities. The aim of providing the names of the universities is to have an idea about the best courses offered by the institutions.

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