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Top Universities in Canada - Courses, Ranking, Fees

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Travel and study abroad are always enriching. But to choose where to study is a life-changing decision having several implications on your career. Canada has more than 265,000 international students in hundreds of renowned colleges. if you want to study in Canada, then the decision of choosing the best one from a lot of universities in Canada must be broken into smaller categories. You can do this by making a check sheet for each career college you are interested in. Aspects to study while choosing a Canadian career college are:

Courses in Canada for International Students

The most important thing is to find out if the college offers a program in the subjects that interest you or not. Once you figure it out, you can then opt from diverse opportunities including language schools, elementary and secondary schools, or distance and online education. You may then consider the class size, instructor qualifications and credentials, specialized facilities etc.    

Top Universities in Canada

Before selecting a college or university for yourself, you must look at several rankings, develop some understanding of the methodology,

There are four or five university ranking systems that have a global approach, viz. QS World University Ranking, Times Higher Education World University Ranking, Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), CWTS Leiden Ranking and Webometrics.  

Rankings of a few universities according to the renowned ranking agencies ARWU and THE are tabulated below:

Name of the UniversityARWUTimes Higher Education (THE)
University of Toronto122
University of British Columbia234
McGill University442
University of Alberta5119
University of Waterloo12201-250
McMaster University378
Concordia University18501-600

Admission and Language Requirements- PTE and IELTS Score

Consider what courses are required, whether you can directly apply from high school, which language tests they accept etc. International students have to fulfil English Language Requirements in Canadian universities. Common tests for ELP are-IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, CAEL, MELAB.

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Apart from this, high grades are important in the application process. If there is a gap between the year you graduated in, and the year of application then you will have to include information about practical skills and theoretical skills as well. The students must apply directly from the official website of the college. They must make sure they have all the documents required, with them.  

Transfer Credits to Canadian Universities

Many community colleges and accept students who have completed some post-secondary work at any institution, including career college. Students interested in continuing their studies must make sure they have knowledge about how their career college credits will be transferred to other colleges and universities. Students should also find out if that college has a specific University Transfer program and what are the requirements.   

Residence in Canada 

Residence is an important topic. It can make a real impact on your first-year experience. It helps the students to interact and learn via quality programs. With it, students get a home away from home with several facilities such as meal plans, gymnasium, parking etc. some universities also conduct a test to find out a compatible roommate for you.  

Name of the University (Top ten)Residence Facility
University of TorontoYes
University of British ColumbiaYes
McGill UniversityYes
University of AlbertaYes
University of WaterlooYes
McMaster UniversityYes
Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced LearningYes
Centennial CollegeYes
Concordia UniversityYes

Estimated Cost of Living in Canada

Universities in Canada set their own fees. Tuition fee depends on various factors such as what program are you studying, whether you are an international or domestic student or the level of study (undergraduate or postgraduate). In Canada, the tuition fees rose on an average of 3.1% for graduate domestic students in the year 2017-18.

Going by statistics, the average tuition fees for international students in 2017/18 are CA$25,180 per year. Apart from tuition fees, students shall also consider cost of living which includes cost of books and other supplies, residence, application fee etc. and decide if it is affordable for them or not.  

Alumni benefits- ROI

Alumni benefits and services are the perks alumni receive as members. Some perks given to alumni in some Canadian universities are:

  • Lifetime library membership,
  • Discounted rates on optimal therapies including chiropractic, athletic therapy, massage therapy, physiotherapy and acupuncture,
  • Scholarship for children of alumni  
  • Career services including placements and career guidance
  • Recreational facilities such as swimming lessons, sport instruction, dance, intramurals etc.
  • Annual memberships including lock and towel service
  • Campus benefits and services at discounted rates
  • Partner benefits

Location Advantage- Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa

The United Nations has ranked Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Quebec as best student cities in Canada. It has a fantastic environment with clean and safe cities. Still, it is better to consider the climate and benefits and challenges of small towns, medium sized cities and large metropolises before finalizing a college for yourself in Canada. The students must look for an easily accessible location to study. All the facilities such as local market, availability of public transport, etc. should be kept in mind.   

Scholarships for International Students in Canada

There are plenty of scholarships for international students in Canada. Financial aids are provided from Government, Universities and some Private agencies as well. Following are the universities that provide scholarships to international students:

Name of the University (Top ten)Financial Aid
University of TorontoYes
University of British ColumbiaYes
McGill UniversityYes
University of AlbertaYes
University of WaterlooYes
McMaster UniversityYes
Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced LearningYes
Centennial CollegeYes
Concordia UniversityNo

Some colleges offer opportunities to work on and off campus. These help students to manage funds for education.  

It may be difficult to find a perfect college. But the process can be simplified by focusing on important goals you are looking for, to be fulfilled in your college career. Instead of analyzing each of the metrics mentioned above, you can just pick the most important ones according to your needs. It will take a bit of research, but you will be able to pick the best college for you in the end.

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