Why Studying in Canada is better than studying in US?

by sakshi.jain

More than 800,000 international applicants choose to study abroad every year. Lately, many such students are choosing to study in Canada over other countries.

As per a survey conducted by American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, a decline of 39% international applications have been noticed in 250 American Universities.

On the other hand, there has been tremendous increase in number of international applications at top universities in Canada.

  • An increase of 32% in applications at Wilfrid Laurier University
  • 20% increase at University of Toronto, which is most highly ranked University in Canada
  • About 33% increase in application at McMaster University

Study in Canada Vs Study in US

International applicants for US is on a decline and number of applicants for Canada is on a rise!

Difficult Visa Policy

Onset of H1B Visa policy has hardened the visa process and has made it lengthy and complicated. Obtaining Canadian visa is easier. Canada visa application and process is simpler and less time consuming.

High Cost of Living

Cost of living is US is far higher than cost of living in Canada. Residence cost, food and meal cost and transportation cost come under cost of living.

Expensive Tuition Fee

Most universities in US charge handsome amount for tuition fee and cost of books. Due to high competition, getting a scholarship or any other financial aid is not easy.

Trump Policies

Various policies approved by President of United States- Donald Trump  has affected the number of international students in US. A sudden increase in hate towards immigrants can be witnessed, forcing many to go back to their homeland.

Job Opportunities

There has been a decline in job opportunities for immigrants in US with the onset of new policies and political behavior. Further, no employment is offered unless graduation is sponsored.


International students must apply for health insurance which means, having to pay high premiums for private healthcare.

Why Studying in Canada is Amazing?

Canada is one of the most progressive and inclusive countries in the world. It truly covers all aspects which a student seeks in an ideal perfect University. Here are a few reasons for the same:

Top ranked Universities

As per QS World University Ranking 2018, 26 University of Canada were featured among world’s best universities.

University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University and some of the top choices for students all across the world for higher education.

Quality Bachelor’s programs

Canadian Universities offer various programs including Business Management, Nursing, Engineering, Computer Science and Hospitality. Students can also apply for job oriented courses or vocational training.

Easy Visa Application Process

Canada is a very welcoming country. Getting a student visa is easy as compared to other countries. Canada student visa application can be filled in via computer from home. Students can also apply for easy work permit for a duration of 3 years after graduation.

Affordable Tuition fees

Cost of studying in Canada is far less than that of United States. Average tuition fees in Canada is up to CAD $20,000 to $30,000.

Affordable cost of living

As per study, cost of living in Canada is 11% cheaper than United States. Expenses range from CAD 1000 – CAD 2000 per month.

Scholarships granted

A wide range of scholarships are available to deserving international students. Scholarships are offered by Government of Canada, Universities and external sources. Further one can apply for bursaries and awards as financial aid.

Work while study options

  • Canada allows international students to work for 20 hours per week during school semester and 30 hours per week on school breaks.
  • Some of part time jobs include office assistant, customer service assistant and bookkeeper.
  • Opportunities of part time jobs increase during summer breaks at festivals, holiday venues, camps and concerts.

Blend of Nature, technology and culture

  • Provides safe and friendly environment for international students
  • As per UN survey, Canada is world’s best residential area
  • Toronto and Ontario are named as best International cities as per Fortune Magazine

Following are some of the best cities for International students in Canada:

  1. Toronto
  2. Vancouver
  3. Montreal
  4. Ottawa

Employment Opportunities

Offers 3 years of work permit after post-graduation or graduation degree. The government releases an Occupation in demand list for immigrants looking for jobs in Canada. Further, the country is facing shortage of labor in the field of engineering, medicine and management.

Permanent Residency Opportunity

  • Getting permanent residency is easy as country is sparely populated
  • Immigrants can easily apply for Permanent Residency under Canadian Experience Class

Quality Life

  • Standard of living is extremely high
  • Canada as a whole nation is a safe and stable country to study
  • Canadian society is diverse in terms of culture
  • Canada houses urban areas with facilities such as shopping centers, theatres, art centers, museums etc.

Global Outlook

  • International students are allowed to travel with their family members.
  • Student’s spouse or common law partners are eligible for work permit

Research Options

  • Provides extensive research opportunities for students
  • Have state of the art research equipment.
  • Also offers various scholarships to research students.
  • Examples include treatment of HIV/AIDs, Cancer detection improvisation and more.

No discrimination

  • No racial discrimination is seen among international students
  • Canada welcomes students from different backgrounds
  • Hosts a multi-cultural environment.
  • Students join from India, Pakistan, China, Japan, France, Hong Kong and more

Canada has proven itself to be a suitable country for international students. Apart from the low tuition fee and living cost, there are various perks of studying in Canada. With top notch institutions and state of the art facilities in every field, it is even more preferable then US nowadays.

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