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University of Toronto (Mississauga) 2020-2021 Admissions: Entry Requirements, Deadlines, Application Process

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University Of Toronto Mississauga is the university with propelling research, invention, and knowledge along with a wholistic and extrinsic dimension beyond conventional and stereotypical scales. This University is one of the three campuses of the University of Toronto. This reputed institution is a public research facility as a branch or satellite campus and is wisely located in Mississauga in the state of Ontario, Canada. This campus was acquired by the University of Toronto in the year 1965 and has since paved the way for ingenious advancement in various academic directions. Building an environment of radical and vital values that upheld the integrity of students and consequently, the institution, is the vision of the university.

Appealing to a population of about 14,000 to 15,000 students, this university arouses a deep sense of compassion and attachment in students with their desired subjects and courses of choice and with their fellow students and peers as well as with ethics and moral principles. Offering an extensive assortment of about 180 far-reaching programs in over 15 academic disciplines, the university aims to yield highly skilled professionals. The University of Toronto, Mississauga provides conducive training and guidance over about 90 areas or fields of study for, undergraduate students, organized in 12 admission categories such as Psychology, Theatre and Drama Studies, Chemical and Physical Sciences, Commerce to name a few. Professional and Graduate Programs include the intensive fields of Biotechnology, Forensic Accounting, Geography, Medicine, Sociology, and many more, boosting the reach of students towards their ambitions.

  • The University of Toronto, Mississauga has an admission rate of about 17% of the total enrolments
  • The university offers stellar programs for students with certificates of degrees for Undergraduate programs, Graduate programs, Combined degree programs and Continuing studies
  • Providing a wider window for students of all kinds, the institution offers Alternative Pathways such as Bridging Pathway, ACE program, College Pathway, and such programs /pathways
  • The institution is highly praised for its International Baccalaureate Program which is a diploma course offered in various fields of study
  • The University of Toronto, Mississauga follows a calendar of academics based on semester
  • The intake seasons for the interested students would be Fall Semester which commences in September, Winter Semester commences in January and Summer Semester which begins in May
  • The university helps students tread their path to success with helpful admission aids such as Deferring Admissions which applies to applicants who may have been considering to take a year of gap after Secondary School (high school) and college
  • The university generously provides funds for students in the form of Scholarships, Grants, Government Financial Aid and University of Toronto Advanced Planning for Students (UTAPS)


Application PortalOnline Application
Application FeeN /A
Acceptance Rate17% of the total enrolment of 91, 286
Average CAEL Score70
Average CanTest Score4.5
Mode of PaymentCredit /Debit Card, Online Banking
Academic CalendarSemester -based
Intake SeasonsFall Semester, Winter Semester and Summer Semester
Work ExperienceN/A
Financial AidGrants, Loans, Scholarships, and UTAPS

University Of Toronto Mississauga Admission Deadlines

As the admission process is the most tedious process, the students are requested to submit all academic-related documents and applications well in advance to the deadlines. The University of Toronto, Mississauga strictly monitors the applications and the deadlines that come with it. Additionally, students are also required to pay a late registration fee as imposed by the academy. Hence, it is important and crucial to be on schedule with no delay. The admission and financial aid deadlines are as tabulated below for your reference.

SemesterRegistration begins
SummerMay 1
Fall-WinterSeptember 1

The students are firmly recommended to check the official website of the university to update themselves on the opening dates for registration, fee payment, dropping of courses (if any) to be further aware.

English Proficiency Scores For International Students

English Proficiency Tests are conducted to evaluate the candidates’ performance on an even level based on their English Language skills since English is the language of instruction, and math skills. Based on their scores and performance in their secondary schools and degree courses (for graduate programs), the academy would decide on the applicants’ enrolment. It is recommended to give these tests one year prior to their graduation so as to pick up scores in the upcoming tests, in case of dissatisfactory performance. The tests to appear for in order to study in Canada may be different from SAT and ACT tests that students appear to pursue their education in the U.S.

English Proficiency TestMinimum Scores
TOEFL100+22 on writing – IBT
Reviewed individually – Paper based

University Of Toronto, Mississauga International Students Admissions

The University of Toronto, Mississauga proudly embodies a spirit of unity and fraternity, representing and promoting harmony, whether as a high -spirited student, a high -skilled faculty or member of any office of the institution, a pioneer or patron to the university or as a proactive constituent member of the society or environment surrounding one’s growth and evolution. Being responsible for revolutionizing and bringing changes, the institution advocates for diverse cultures of students from various social and artistic backgrounds. The university is home to students from over 130 different nationalities nurturing students to learn together, learn from each other along with growing and work together.

Application Portal: Online application

Application Fee: N/A

Admission Requirements:

The following are the admission requirements to be satisfied by international applicants to be considered for application.

  • A thoroughly completed online application form
  • English Language Proficiency test scores
  • International Transfer Applicants are to submit their transfer credits based on the type of transfer applicant the student is
  • All official and accredited transcripts for validation
  • A Study Permit and Identity Proof for verification
  • Financial Support and related documents if mentioned

Note: International Graduate and Professional Programs applicants are required to submit their GRE /GMAT scores, any minimum score criteria for which is not specified.

Student Visa For International Students

In order to be able to pursue higher education in Canada, students are obligated to possess a Study Permit. This document authorizes applied and accepted students to rightfully travel to Canada for the purpose of academia and education. Students have to be accepted into the university to apply for a Study Permit. The university is beyond hospitable to aid international and immigrant students through the visa process, for which, the students on accepting the offer are required to contact the International Student Immigration Advisor in the university for precise guidance on acquiring the Student Visa. On accepting the offer letter from the university, the students may apply for Canadian Visa or Study Permit either through the Visa Application Centre or through the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada website. The application process for this visa may require the students to submit a few official documents such as:

  • Passport for verification
  • Offer Letter from the accepted university
  • Proof of residence
  • All official transcripts
  • Financial Support Statements, Health Insurances, and related documents

The student will receive an introduction letter from the visa office on the evaluation and approval of these accredited records.

On arriving in Mississauga, a student can apply for the Ontario Photo Card, if students do not find convenience in carrying around their passports for identity verification.

University Of Toronto, Mississauga Undergraduate Admissions

A symbol of eminent values and metamorphic opportunities, the university strives to provide students with an atmosphere of academic brilliance and stellar resources. They aim to enhance constructive learning experiences where students may benefit not just from classroom incentives, but also from exposure to the extrinsic stimulus. The academy nourishes motivated minds to encourage and allow a deeper understanding of the significance of their courses, their area of choice as a career and education, in its totality. Through 180 excellent programs in over 90 academic disciplines, the university builds a community of top-notch professionals. The disciplines and courses offered by the university are Commerce, Economics, Humanities, Ethics and Law, Life Sciences, Neuroscience, and Information Technology to name a few. The application process for undergraduate applicants is as listed below.

Application Portal: Online Application

Application Fee: N/A.

Admission Requirements:

The following are the admission requirements to be satisfied by international applicants to be considered for application.

  • A thoroughly completed online application form
  • English language proficiency test scores 
  • An average GPA of about 3.7
  • All official transcripts to be submitted
  • Financial Support Documents

University Of Toronto, Mississauga Graduate Admissions

Enhancing the path of career and proficient understanding, the University of Toronto, Mississauga provides students space for personal and academic growth. Graduate Programs are especially significant in one’s academics as it shapes and molds the way of the students’ career, ambition, and life ahead. Pushing students to go beyond, think above, and reach across expanses of opportunities and favorable circumstances. This is notably one of the institution’s primary and elemental goals. Appealing to over 900 graduate students from around the world, students can choose their suited and desired graduate programs from a vast range stretching from Anthropology, Mathematics, Geography, Earth Science, Chemistry, Ecology, and Evolutionary Biology and many more.

The University of Toronto, Mississauga also provides Combined Degree Programs for students interested to take up integrated courses. The application process for professional and graduate students is as listed below.

Application Portal: Online Application

Application Fee: Graduate students may have to pay a certain amount if required by their course of study.

Admission Requirements:

The following are the admission requirements to be fulfilled by graduate applicants to be considered for admission.

  • A thoroughly completed online application form
  • GPA - An average range between 83% - 85% to be notices amongst other applicants
  • Standardized Test Scores:
    • GRE – Domestic students are not required to appear for this test but if their GPA is low, they may submit this score to give an academic credential. This will not raise the GPA, though.
    • GMAT - Domestic students are not required to appear for this test but if their GPA is low, they may submit this score to give an academic credential. This will not raise the GPA, though.
  • All official transcripts (Secondary School and Bachelor’s Degree)
  • Financial Support and related documents
  • Proof of residence and identification for verification

Popular Programs At University Of Toronto, Mississauga

RequirementsMaster Of Management Of InnovationMaster Of Forensic AccountingMaster Of Biotechnology
Application feeN/ACost not specifiedN/A
TranscriptsTo be submittedTo be submittedTo be submitted
GMAT/GREGMAT /GRE requiredTOEFL – 100+22+22 (IBT)
MELAB – 85
IELTS – 7.0
GRE required
EssayRequired – as a letter of intentN/ARequired – as a letter of intent
Work ExperienceNot required2 yearsN/A
RecommendationsRequired – 2 lettersRequired – 2 lettersRequired – 3 letters
Admission InterviewInvitation onlyInvitation onlyInvitation only

Guiding students to a better path of education, career, and lifestyle, the University of Toronto, Mississauga contributes highly profound, intelligent as well as creative and innovative minds to the society. It helps students reach their dream jobs, goals, and pushes them to continue to follow their dreams. It teaches them to be kind, generous and loving with fellow students, faculty, and staff urging them to have a humble sense of character.


Ques. Is it hard to get into the University of Toronto, Mississauga?

Ans. The institution is moderately selective with an acceptance rate of about 43%. This means that 17% of the total enrolment to the University of Toronto.

Ques. What is the average GMAT score to be eligible for admission at the University of Toronto, Mississauga?

Ans. The GMAT scores are highly dependant on the courses chosen by the student. An approximated GMAT score would be around 700.

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