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QS World University Rankings are global education rankings published by Quacquarelli Symonds. It has been in existence since 2004. It was the first to be approved by International Ranking Expert group (IREG) hence it is read and trusted in high number. Total of 1130 universities across 75 countries have been assessed by QS.

Rankings of Global Universities, Rankings of Universities in Asia and Rankings of Universities in Latin America are the ones to be approved by IREG. Universities are ranked by taking a lot of factors into consideration. Score is given out of 100 to every institution and the indicators with their weightage are as follows:

Academic Reputation40
Employer Reputation10
Student/Faculty Ratio20
Citations per Faculty20
International Faculty Ratio5
International Student Ratio5

All these factors taken into consideration form a comprehensive analysis of an institution. University of Toronto is ranked 31st in QS World University Rankings 2018. The ranking for year 2017 was 32 and for the year 2016 was 34. Also, U of T has been given the following scores on University Ranking:

  • Overall score of 84
  • 99.7 out of 100 in terms of Academic Reputation
  • 50 out of 100 is given for Citations per Faculty
  • 95.6 for Employer Reputation
  • 74.5 for Faculty Students
  • 97 out of 100 for International faculty
  • 92.1 for International Students

The University of Toronto has been ranked 15 in 2018 and 19 in 2017 on Graduate Employability Ranking on the basis of following factors:

  • Overall Score: 89. 6
  • Alumni Outcomes: 95.8
  • Employer-Student Connections: 60.7
  • Employer Reputation: 90.3
  • Graduate Employment Rate: 69.8
  • Partnership with Employers: 95.5

Subject-wise Ranking by QS University

QS Rankings publish subject wise rankings for 48 different subjects in 5 subject areas. Factors which are considered are – Academic Reputation, Employer Reputation, Research Citations per year and H-index (productivity and impact of research paper). Different weightage is assigned to each of the factor for different kinds of subjects.

University of Toronto stands in top 10 universities globally for these subjects – Nursing, Geography, Theology, Divinity & Religious Studies and Computer Science & Information Systems.  

Subject2018 Rank2017 Rank2016 Rank
Sports Related Subjects66-
Social Policy and Administration81815
Anatomy and Physiology88-
Theology, Divinity & Religious Studies811-
Computer Science and Information Systems101011
Education and Training111011
English Language and Literature121213
Library & Information Management11--
Life Sciences and Medicine1315-
Development Studies151514
Pharmacy & Pharmacology152124
Biological Sciences161314
Earth and Marine Sciences171414
Statistics and Operational Research171716
Law and Legal Studies181719
Arts and Humanities2218-
Economics and Econometrics222123
Natural Sciences2322-
Engineering - Electrical and Electronic243027
Physics & Astronomy232532
Accounting and Finance242834
Engineering - Mineral & Mining251730
Modern Languages302219
Classics & Ancient History33--
Engineering - Civil and Structural333131
Environmental Studies333137
Social Sciences and Management3430-
Engineering – Mechanical363237
Engineering – Chemical393437
Business & Management Studies413535
Engineering and Technology4334-
Performing Arts4751-10051-100
Materials Sciences51-1004939
Agriculture & Forestry51-10051-10051-100
Art & Design51-10051-10051-100

Times Higher Education World University Rankings (THE)

Times Higher Education World University Rankings are global education rankings published by Times Higher Education Magazine. Earlier, THE gave rankings in collaboration with QS World Rankings but it made its separate ranking methodology in 2009.

THE takes 5 overall factors into account, which are further divided into 13 individual factors.

IndicatorsIndicators BreakdownWeightage
TeachingReputation Survey18%
Research Income6%
Research Papers publish per faculty member6%
ResearchReputation Survey18%
Research Income6%
Research Papers publish per faculty member6%
Research CitationsUniversity’s research obtained normalized by subject area30%
International OutlookInternational to Domestic Student Ratio2.5%
International to Domestic Staff Ratio2.5%
International Research Collaboration2.5%
Industry IncomeIndustry Income earned relative to number of academic staff employed2.5%

University of Toronto is ranked 22nd in THE World University Rankings 2018, with an overall score of 82.8. The university was ranked 24th in the year 2017. The university has been ranked 24 in World Reputation Rankings. The scores given for University of Toronto are given below:

  • Overall: 82.8
  • Teaching: 74.6
  • Research: 84.8
  • Citations: 92.6
  • Industry Income: 46.5
  • International Outlook: 80.1

Subject-wise Ranking by THE

THE takes few factors into consideration using 13 indicators. These factors are – Teaching (the learning environment) with 30% weightage, Research (volume, income & reputation) with 30% weightage, Citations (research influence) with 30% weightage, International Outlook (staff, research, students) with 7.5% and Industry Income (knowledge transfer) with 2.5% weightage.

Domain (Subject/Area)Global Rank 2018
Engineering & Technology29
Life Sciences22
Physical Sciences29
Social Sciences27
Business & Economics22
Computer Science22
Arts & Humanities15
Clinical, pre-Clinical and Health19

Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU)

Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) is a China based ranking institute that publishes global rankings every year since 2009. Shanghai Ranking Consultancy is a fully independent organization dedicated to research and consultancy in education which publishes the rankings.

University of Toronto is ranked 23rd in Academic Ranking of World Universities 2017. ARWU also ranked it number 1 in Canada. The ranking in 2016 was 27 and in 2015 was 25.

ARWU takes 6 overall factors into consideration which are described below:

AlumniNumber of alumni who has won Nobel Prize of Field Medals10%
AwardsNumber of staff who has won Nobel Prize or Field Medals20%
Highly Cited ResearchersNumber of highly cited researchers from the institutions20%
Papers in Nature and ScienceNumber of articles published in a 4-year span. This does not apply for Social Sciences and Humanities20%
Papers IndexedNumber of papers indexed in the Science Citation Index-Expanded and Social Science Citation Indexin the previous year. Double weightage for papers indexed in Social Science Citation20%
Per capita PerformanceWeighted scores of all indicators divided by number of full time equivalent academic staff10%

Performance of University of Toronto on the basis of Broad Subject Fields are:

  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics: 51-75
  • Engineering/ Technology and Computer Sciences: 50
  • Life and Agricultural Sciences: 38
  • Clinical Medicine and Pharmacy: 31
  • Social Sciences: 20

Subject-wise Ranking by ARWU

Subject Wise Rankings of ARWU are prepared by taking 6 factors in account. These factors are PUB (Number of Publications), CNCI (Category Normalized Citation Impact), IC (International Collaboration), TOP (Number of Publications in Leading Journals) and AWARD (Faculties winning significant prizes) and Alumni. The weightage of these factors depends upon the subject under study.

According to ARWU Rankings, University of Toronto excels in subjects such as Psychology, Medical Technology, Public Health, Human Biological Sciences, Biotechnology and Finance.

Subject2017 Rank
Aerospace Engineering18
Automation & Control13
Biomedical Engineering17
Business Administration17
Chemical Engineering51-75
Civil Engineering19
Clinical Medicine16
Computer Science Engineering13
Dentistry & Oral Sciences22
Electrical & Electronics Engineering46
Energy Science & Engineering101-150
Environmental Science & Engineering23
Instruments Science & Technology101-150
Library & Information Sciences43
Material Science & Engineering51-75
Mechanical Engineering51-75
Medical Technology3
Mining & Mineral Engineering9
Nano Science & Nano Technology51-75
Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences51-75
Political Sciences40
Public Administration22
Public Health5
Telecommunication Engineering51-75
Transportation Science & Technology35
Water Resources101-150
Biological Sciences20
Human Biological Sciences6

Round University Rankings (RUR)

Round University Rankings is a Russia based ranking institute which ranks 930 institutes across 80 countries. RUR Ranking agency was established in 2013 in Moscow.

RUR ranks institutes on the basis of 4 primary factors which are divided into 20 indicators.

Measured GroupsIndicatorWeightage
TeachingAcademic Staff per Student8%
Academic staff per Bachelor degrees awarded8%
Doctoral degree awarded per Staff8%
Doctoral degree awarded per Bachelor degree awarded8%
World Teaching Reputation8%
ResearchCitations per academic and research staff8%
Doctoral degrees per admitted PhD8%
Normalized Citation Impact8%
Papers per academic and research staff8%
World Research Reputation8%
International DiversityShare of International academic staff2%
Share of International students2%
Share of International co-authored papers2%
Reputation outside region2%
International Level2%
Financial StabilityInstitutional income per academic staff2%
Institutional income per students2%
Papers per research income2%
Research income per academic and research staff2%
Research income per institutional income2%

Round Ranking Agency ranks University of Toronto at 54th spot in global rankings. It ranks U of T at 3rd spot in Canada. Other category rankings are mentioned below:

  • Teaching Ranking: 184
  • Research Ranking: 29
  • International Diversity Ranking: 57
  • Financial Sustainability Ranking: 78
  • Reputation Ranking: 29
  • Academic Ranking: 39

Subject-wise Ranking by Round Ranking

Subject wise rankings of RUR are determined by taking similar factors as mentioned above. It publishes rankings for 6 domains. The rankings for University of Toronto are given below:

Domain (Area/Subject)Rank in 2017Rank in 2016Rank in 2015
Medical Sciences6210
Social Sciences768044
Technical Sciences1279587
Life Sciences1429674
Natural Sciences19412867

University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP)

URAP is a non-profit organization that is based in Middle East and focuses on ranking HEIs (Higher Education Institutes) on the basis of their academic excellence. It was established in 2009 and has been publishing rankings since 2011.

University of Toronto is ranked 2nd in URAP world rankings for the year 2017-2018, with a score of 569.53 out of 600.  It has been ranked number 1 university in Canada University Rankings by URAP.

URAP takes 6 indicators into consideration while calculation of the world rank.

Number of Articles21%
Citations Received21%
Total Scholarly Documents published10%
Citation Total Impact15%
Article Impact Total18%
International Collaboration15%

Subject-wise Ranking by URAP

URAP consider 6 factors while giving rankings. University of Toronto is ranked best for subjects such as Language, Communication and Culture, Education, Medical and Health Sciences, Psychology and Cognitive Sciences, Studies in Human Society and Pharmacology.

Other rankings are given below:

FieldRank in 2017
Mathematical Sciences43
Physical Sciences24
Chemical Sciences26
Environmental Sciences38
Psychology and Cognitive Sciences3
Information and Computing Sciences14
Biological Sciences5
Medical and Health Sciences2
Commerce, Management, Tourism and Services11
Studies in Human Society3
Law and Legal Studies16
Studies in Creative Arts and Writing28
Language, Communication and Culture1
Electrical and Electronics Engineering44
Urban Planning7
Film and Digital Media50

Center for World University Rankings (CWUR)

CWUR is an organization which works for providing valuable strategic insights, policy advice and consultancy to universities. Since 2012, it is publishing academic ranking of global universities.

CWUR takes 8 factors into consideration which are as follows:

Quality of Education25%
Alumni Employment25%
Quality of Faculty25%
Broad Impact5%

According to CWUR Rankings, University of Toronto stands at 28th spot globally. Other ranking given by URAP are:

  • National Rank: 1
  • Quality of Education Rank: 44
  • Alumni Employment Rank; 71
  • Quality of Faculty Rank: 22
  • Publications Rank: 2
  • Influence Rank: 16
  • Citations Rank: 8
  • Broad Impact Rank: 6
  • Patents Rank: 205
  • Overall Score: 59.09

Subject-wise Ranking by CWUR

CWUR gives universities subject wise rankings, on the basis of number of research articles published in top journals. CWUR obtains data from Clarivate Analytics for this purpose.

Behavioral Sciences2
Biochemical Research Methods8
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology3
Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology9
Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems4
Cell and Tissue Engineering3
Cell Biology8
Clinical Neurology4
Critical Care Medicine2
Developmental Biology5
Education and Educational Research10
Education, Scientific Disciplines2
Emergency Medicine6
Endocrinology and Metabolism4
Biomedical Engineering4
Ethnic Studies6
Family Studies7
Gastroenterology and Hepatology3
Genetics and Heredity6
Health Care Sciences and Services2
Health Policy and Services7
History and Philosophy of Sciences5
Industrial Relations and Labor8
Mathematical and Computational Biology10
Medical Informatics9
Medical Laboratory Technology6
General and Internal Medicine3
Research and Experimental Medicine7
Multidisciplinary Sciences10
Obstetrics and Gynecology9
Peripheral Vascular Disease3
Pharmacology and Pharmacy3
Experimental Psychology3
Multidisciplinary Psychology3
Social Psychology4
Public, Environmental and Occupational Health9
Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Medical Imaging2
Respiratory System4
Social Issues5
Interdisciplinary Social Sciences3
Social Work2
Sport Sciences9
Urban Studies7
Urology and Nephrology3

CWTS Leiden Ranking

CWTS Leiden Rankings are annual global university rankings. CTWS Leiden ranks 903 universities from 54 countries on the basis of Citation Impact and Scientific Collaboration.

CWTS Leiden Rankings use a complex system of obtaining the ranks using the number of papers published and international collaboration. University of Toronto is ranked 2nd in the CWTS Rankings, both in terms of Citation Impact and Scientific Collaboration.

Subject-wise Ranking by CWTS Leiden

CWTS Leiden rankings use Web of Science, which is the bibliographic database of Thomson Reuters, as the source of Data. Center for Science and Technology Studies of Leiden University (Netherlands) compiles these rankings.

Only core publications are taken into account which must follow certain criteria such as the thesis being published at a core journal. Also, international collaboration is another indicator that is used for ranking.

Broad FieldRank based on Citation ImpactRank Based on Scientific Collaboration
Biomedical and Health Sciences23
Life and Earth Sciences4247
Mathematics and Computer Science3034
Physical Sciences and Engineering5553
Social Sciences and Humanities33
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