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    Humber College: Rankings, Courses, Admissions, Tuition Fee, Cost of Attendance & Scholarships

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    Updated on - May 6, 2021

    Humber College (HC), founded in 1967, is one of the most reputed academic institutes, renowned for its comprehensiveness and excellence in the field of higher education in Canada. With over 6,000 international applicants representing over 135 countries, HC is known for imparting career-based relevant knowledge to its students worldwide.

    Humber College offers admissions in more than 190 full-time programs in over 40 diverse disciplines, at levels ranging from certificate, diploma, ESL programs to degrees.  Depending upon the program, Humber also provides Hands-on learning opportunities with professionals from a particular field. This can be in the form of internships, co-ops, field placements, collaboration with Humber’s industry partners or faculty on research projects. 
    Humber College also offers global learning opportunities through international transfer agreements, study abroad and internship opportunities Students who take part in this will be able to broaden their academic experience, learn new skills, build connections, learn to network and gain international work experience. 
    Since 2010, 3000+ students have participated in Humber College Global Learning Opportunities. It has around 40+ global academic partners in 6 countries and 300+ global citizenship certificate, participants.
    Humber College has also introduced a number of new Bachelors and Graduate programs for Fall 2021 in the field of Business, Engineering, Science, Social Science, Health and  IT, and Software.

    As per the annual report of 2021, nearly 85% of graduates from Humber College were employed within 6 months of completing their education. Also, 75% of programs at Humber College guarantee work-placement opportunities, reflecting the practical relevance of a degree from HC.



    • Humber College was ranked 71st position among the colleges of Canada by the 2019 ranking reports of Webometrics.
    • Applied Research and Innovation at Humber College saw massive growth, thus, landing Humber College at the position 20th among Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges.
    • Humber College was awarded under the top 3 colleges of Canada, in the field of research partnerships and paid student researchers.

    Top Courses at Humber College

    HC offers over 190 full-time programs to its aspirants across the globe. The institute provides programs like undergraduate degrees, diplomas, certificates, and postgraduate certificates. It also offers 5 diplomas and 140 certificates for part-time courses and various online ESL programs.

    *Equal consideration (Admissions start: Early October)

    The basic information regarding its full-time programs is as tabulated below:

    Full-time programs No. of programs
    Certificates 85
    Degrees 28
    Diplomas 83

    Campuses and Accommodation

    The variety of campus facilities and accommodation options available to aspirants of the college are described below:

    Humber College Campuses

    HC has 3 state-of-art campuses in Toronto which hold a total of 31,200 full-time students and are named as follows:

    • North Campus
    • Lakeshore Campus
    • Orangeville Campus

    North Campus: A perfect blend of lush forests and modern living facilities, North Campus is a green site with comfortable access to the downtown. It offers a variety of attractions to its students like the Royal Ontario Museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario, Ontario Place, various clubs and theatres, to name a few.

    Humber College Residence

    Humber College offers accommodation in various forms to its students which includes on-campus hostels and dormitories, off-campus residence, or housing. All the options come with different facilities at varying prices and can be chosen as per the needs and requirements of an individual.

    On-Campus Accommodation

    The on-campus residence is available at two campuses: North and Lakeshore. Students can apply for residence after 2 business days of accepting their respective offer letters. Since residence rooms follow a first-come, first-serve basis and are waiting by April, students are strongly recommended to apply for accommodation as soon as they accept their offer of a place.

    Note: To ease out staying on-campus for its students, Humber College also provides the option of residence bursaries for those in need. Students can avail of this facility as and if the need arises.

    Humber College Admission Process

    To ease out seeking admission at Humber College for the international aspirants, important dates and other relevant information is compiled as follows:

    How to Apply?

    The application process for international applicants aspiring for studying at Humber College in a few easy steps is as explained as follows:

    1. Fill an online application at the official website and deposit an application fee of 75 CAD.
    2. Choose a program of choice and confirm its availability.
    3. Submit the required documents including academic transcripts, TOEFL/IELTS scores, among others. Some particular programs may also require a portfolio, audition, letter of intent, references, and others.
    4. Completed applications will be processed at Humber College within 8 to 10 weeks. Candidates receiving offers of place post this should confirm their acceptance.
    5. Deposit the tuition fee and apply for a study permit.

    Humber College Cost of Attendance

    The cost of attendance is inclusive of the tuition fee and living expenses and is discussed in detail below:

    Tuition fee

    The program fee at Humber College varies for different programs. International applicants seeking admission into the institute should note to pay the entire first semester’s fee as their tuition fee.

    The tuition fee for most of the degree programs of 2019-2020 batch was as follows:

    International Applicants: 17, 840 CAD.

    Domestic Applicants: 7, 297.12 CAD.

    Level of program-wise distribution of tuition fee for international students:

    Type of Courses Tuition Fee (2 sem CAD)
    Diploma or Certificate Tuition & Fees  15,500 
    Degree Tuition & Fees 17,900
    Ontario Graduate Certificate Tuition & Fees 16,600

    Popular programs at Humber College and their respective fees for the session 2019-20 are tabulated as follows:

    Name of program Tuition Fee (2 sem CAD)
    B.Com in Human Resources Management 17,840.00
    B.Com in Hospitality & Tourism Operations Management 17,840.00
    Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Software Development  17,840.00
    Diploma In Business Management 15,412.00
    Advanced Diploma in Computer Engineering Technology 15,412.00
    Certificate in Web Design and Development 9,704.38

    Other Expenses

    Type of Expense Cost (CAD)
    Accommodation 700 - 1500 (depends on the type of house you are renting)
    Food 40 - 100 per week
    Transportation 150 - 200/per month
    Books and supplies 500 per semester
    Additional Expenses (internet, phone bill, clothing etc) 500 per month
    Electricity costs 50+ per month
    Tenant’s insurance 15 - 50 per month
    Emergency Funds 500 per month

    Apart from the expenses mentioned above, students must take into account additional fees as well as the pasrt of cost of living in Canada to determine the overall cost of Attending Humber College, Canada.

    Humber College Scholarships

    Humber College Scholarship is provided after evaluating the respective candidates on the parameters of academic excellence, extracurricular activities, and community involvement. Humber College offers the following scholarships to its students:

    International Entrance Scholarship

    This is offered to foreign students who have enrolled for Graduate Certificate, Advanced Diploma, and Diploma courses. Students who will qualify for this scholarship will get 2000 CAD waived off their first-year tuition fees. This scholarship will be awarded to a total of ten undergraduate and 10 graduate International new students each term who meets the qualifying criteria.
    Students who wish to avail of this scholarship must meet the following eligibility criteria:

    • They should have secured high scores in their senior year of high school, university, or college which includes a GPA of 85% and over and 6.5% in IELTS or its equivalent in TOEFL, DUOLINGO, etc
    • Students should have enrolled in an academic program for the first time in Humbar’s College.
    • They should also have received their acceptance letter and confirmed their offer before January 30, 2021 for May 2021 Semester and May 30, 2021 for September 2021 Semester.
    • Students also need to submit the following documents to avail of the scholarship - 
      • Student ID number issued by Humber College
      • Confirmed Letter of Acceptance for a full-time program
      • 2 reference letters
      • Personal statement of interest


    • Students who have qualified for the scholarship should pay their first-year tuition fee in full. The scholarship account will be credited to their account after the 10th day of class
    • Any incomplete application for a scholarship will not be considered.
    • All scholarship decisions taken by the college are final and only successful applicants will be notified.
    • Scholarships cannot be deferred and are not refundable.

    ​Bachelor’s Degree Scholarship

    High School/Senior Secondary school students who have enrolled for bachelor’s degree programs at Humber College can avail of this scholarship based on their academic achievement. The exact criteria are given in the table below:

    GPA scored Scholarship Available (CAD) Renewable or not
    95% or higher  4,000 Yes
    90 - 94.9% 3,500 Yes
    85 - 89.9% 3,000 Yes
    80 - 84.9% 2,000 Yes
    75 - 79.9% 1,500 One-time renewable

    Note: The scholarships will only be renewed if the student earns 80% or more in each year of their bachelor’s degree.

    Humber College Placements

    The average Salary for Humber College Graduate Students is around 50,192 CAD. Job-wise Salary of Humber College Students have been given below:

    Job Field Average Salary (in CAD)
    Logistics, operations and purchasing 39,000
    Media, Communications and Advertising 51,000
    Sales and Business development  52,000
    Marketing, Product and Communications 41,000
    IT and software development 74,000

    Humber College ensures that quality education should be available to applicants worldwide, irrespective of their financial backgrounds. To aid education at Humber College, the institute provides financial help in the form of Scholarships & Bursaries. With a high employment rate of over 85%, the institute is indeed a favored choice for studying in Canada.

    $ 10,5611st YEAR

    3 years

    Course Duration

    Feb 01

    Application Deadline


    Diploma Business Management

    full time | co-op | online
    $ 10,7261st YEAR

    2 years

    Course Duration

    Feb 01

    Application Deadline



    8.8 / 10
    $ 12,9241st YEAR

    4 years

    Course Duration

    Feb 01

    Application Deadline


    Diploma Computer Programmer

    full time | online
    $ 11,6771st YEAR

    2 years

    Course Duration

    Feb 01

    Application Deadline



    7.3 / 10

    Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] Accounting

    full time | honours | online
    $ 12,9241st YEAR

    4 years

    Course Duration

    Feb 01

    Application Deadline



    7.8 / 10

    Humber College - Ontario, canada: 11 answered questions


    Ques. Which one is better for studying in Canada? York University or Humber college? (take into consideration Humber college is a lot cheaper in tuition fees)

    ● Top Answer By Tezal Dahiya on 13 Jan 21

    Ans. As both are good colleges, there is no right answer to this question. Humber College ranks #20 and is among the Top 50 Research Colleges in Canada. It is also a lot cheaper if you compare a Humbler diploma and a York degree. If you are comparing equivalent credentials, there might not be a difference at all. A quick check online shows York's domestic undergrad fee to be $7,743. At Humber, a degree is $7,737.84. So tuition wise, there is not too much difference. Humber College also provides 28 undergraduate courses whereas York university has a staggering 106. No. Of scholarships provided by Humber and York is 25 and 27 respectively. As far as degrees are concerned, York would be better known as a degree-granting institution. However, others might value the more practical content of a degree from a community college (technically, Humber is now an Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, but few people know that and still fewer could explain the significance). Here’s a factual comparison between the two: Content Humber College York University Average Attendance Cost $12,924 $24,312 Acceptance Rate 28.4% 50.5% Student Faculty Ratio 98:1 37:1 Exam Score(MIN) IELTS-6 PTE-60 TOEFL-84 GMAT-550 IELTS-6.5 TOEFL-80 Other factors would include the actual program to be studied (perhaps one is better than the other), the locations of the campuses, activities on campus, housing, etc. After weighing all the pros and cons the student has to make the final decision. Keeping in mind your goals and what you want from your future you have to choose carefully and make the best of the option you choose.Read more
    1 Answer

    Ques. What is your review of Humber college?

    ● Top Answer By Neerendra Singh on 13 Jan 21

    Ans. If you want to know about which campus is better then definitely go with the Lakeshore campus which is huge and well maintained. The North Campus on the other hand feels like some corporate building. The faculty is pretty good and they help you get internships and even jobs if you're good. Webometrics has ranked Humber College at #71 as per 2019 ranking. It is counted among the world’s most reputable colleges and has an acceptance rate of 28.4%. It’s very diverse and accepts students from all walks of life. Humber has great satisfactory results and the placement 94.3% assured supplemented by the great satisfaction of the employers. Overall, it holds a respectable position in higher education and has also been awarded Gold for internationalisation excellence in recognition of its efforts towards the well being of foreign students. Here are some salary insights of Humber graduates: It is no less than a success that the students of 138 countries have chosen Humber, that helps students seek exposure, opportunity and overall development. It also provides scholarships to its students who show distinguished performance and academic excellence. Humber College, as an institution, has great reviews from students. They express their satisfaction to the professors, the programs, on the results they are getting and the equipment at the college. The college also has good reviews from current and former employees. They think that the college has a supporting environment, there is control over course work, the part-time schedule is flexible, a variety of opportunities, cooperative and a great place to work.Read more
    1 Answer

    Ques. What are the chances of getting a Canadian visa if someone is going for a graduate certificate at Humber College?

    ● Top Answer By Diya Suresh on 13 Jan 21

    Ans. Your chances of getting a Canadian visa depend a lot on the background of your education and financial background. Your travel history matters too to some extent. You must ensure that your tuition fee is at least partially paid if not fully paid. Humber College is counted among the best institutions in Canada so properly fulfilling all the documentations and meeting all the requirements won't be very difficult. The chances depend mostly on your educational requirements and how have you performed so far. After graduating from a program that meets the necessary requirements, you can apply for a Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP), which may be issued for a duration equivalent to the length of your program or up to a maximum of three years. It is important to begin the application process as soon as possible after receipt of your graduation documents, because processing times can be lengthy at times. Graduation documents are typically available from Humber four to six weeks after the end of a semester. For example, students who complete their program in April should expect to receive graduation documents in early June.[2] Outside of Canada, visas can be acquired through your Canadian consulate, Embassy or High Commission. The length of time required to process your visa application will vary from country to country. You should allow at least one or two months, but be aware that processing can take even longer in some countries. If you currently have or are applying for a study permit, and you wish to travel in and out of Canada, a temporary resident visa (TRV) or 'Visitor's Visa' may be required, as a study permit alone will not be enough to enter Canada. Holders of a study or work permit may apply from within Canada for a new temporary resident visa. If your temporary resident visa is about to or has expired, then you can apply for a new temporary resident visa from within Canada as long as you have a valid study permit.Read more
    1 Answer

    Ques. Has anyone here attended Humber College or have some other recommendations for a business undergraduate degree in Canada?

    ● Top Answer By Prerona Datta on 13 Jan 21

    Ans. In many ways, Humber College is a great place because of its program intensity and affordability. They also have very helpful and excellent professors so there is a good chance it’ll be a great experience for you. According to Webometrics, it ranked at #71 among Top Canadian Colleges in 2019.  Humber College provides a B.Com in International Business programs with a duration for 4 years and is quite affordable as well costing about $57,988. Humber emphasizes hands-on, career focused learning and provides you with a broad range of credentials. Here are some top advantages of going to this place: They offer incredibly intensive programs. You learn a lot in an incredibly short period of time. If you are willing to do nothing but study then you will get so much out of the program. Humber college is budget friendly and excellent for students looking for affordable degrees. Faculty is really good and they know what they are doing. It also has special Human Resources classes and personnel who help you create the best resume, get interviews and land jobs.  You have to work your way to the top at Humber to excel as a student. Get in touch with the professors and human resources to get the help you need to move ahead. You have to use your resources while you are there. However, you might not find many prospects there and might have to move to a better place to get a good job.  You can try putting in your resumes in different offices and locations so your chances to land a good job increase. Being an immigrant, you’ll also be facing competition from other immigrants who have graduated and are looking for jobs in a job limited economy. However it all depends on your needs and what you want for your career. A Humber education helps the students to take the classroom learning experience into the real world. These programs mix theory and hands-on learning, giving students the opportunity to gain practical experience in small classes and learn from expert faculty who have extensive industry experience. While Humber is an incredible college, it does not boast of the same reputation as a traditional four year college. This by no means is a jibe at Humber College. If you don’t have the money for a four-year college, rather than going into debt and putting more burden on yourself, you should apply for Humber and work your way up there.Read more
    1 Answer

    Ques. For civil engineering, should I go to Humber College or George Brown College?

    ● Top Answer By Bhavya Rawal on 13 Jan 21

    Ans. Students of the Civil Engineering Technology program at George Brown College experience excellent faculty interaction. The college possesses A-graded lab equipment, which is practically used outside. This one year program really pushes towards management. If you are one among them who want to pursue a career as a site super or project manager, then this program is for you.  In the civil engineering industry, Humber College holds a good reputation presenting its students over an edge in the employment market. Here’s a brief comparison of two colleges: On completion of the program, the students will be qualified to build sewer systems, bridges, etc. George Brown College has a lot of collaboration with construction industries leading their students to the gate of enormous career opportunities and internships. On the other hand, Humber College develops skills among its students and specializes in the field of Buildings, Transportation, Municipal Services, Green Spaces, etc.Read more
    1 Answer

    Humber College Overview

    Insitution type
    Student Population
    DLI Number
    Application Cost
    Average Cost of Attendance
    $10,801 / Year

    Admission & dates

    Regular Decision Deadlines

    February 1

    Application deadline

    April 16

    Application results

    Test Scores For International Applicants

    ExamsAvg. ScoreMin ScoreMax. Score%Submitted
    Language Proficiency

    Humber College Acceptance Rate

    28.4 %

    acceptance rate


    total applicants


    total enrolled

    Humber College enrollment

    Humber College Enrollment

    Attendance Cost


    attendance cost

    The table shows average yearly cost of attendance for international students. Amount may vary with the course opted, nature of accommodation, and personal spending habits of a candidate. Check Program wise Fees

    Tuition fees
    Undergraduate Programs
    $10,801 / Year
    On Campus
    Single Room
    $6,622 / Year
    Suite Style Room
    $8,361 / Year
    Single Room
    $3,400 / Year
    Suite Style Room
    $3,400 / Year

    Top Accreditations [Institutional & Program Wise]

    Program wise accreditation
    Engineering Programs
    Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists
    Interior Design Programs
    Council for Interior Design Accreditation
    Language Programs
    Languages Canada

    College Rating

    Based on 70 Students Rating

    7.5 out of 10
    7.7/10Social Life


    7.3 /10

    Humber College had specialization option for my course and also it has some very experienced teachers so I chose Humber.

    Course Curriculum :

    The course is designed quite well with Basic subjects of Business that helps a person from a Non-Business background to grasp the subject well.

    8 /10 academic/food
    9 /10 faculty
    9 /10 infrastructure
    9 /10 accomodation
    9 /10 placement
    7.2 /10

    It is a highly reputable institute and offers many opportunities to students. They do expect students to be honest, hardworking and not take advantage of the methods. A lot of Indian students unfortunately don't have the best reputation with plagiarism. Humber College does not take kindly to short cuts and cheating. I liked that they genuinely want their students to succeed.

    Course Curriculum :

    The curriculum is intense and stressful but extremely relevant to the industry. A lot of industry professionals do stop by for guest lectures and to create networking opportunities which is a wonderful leg-up.

    9 /10 academic/food
    8 /10 faculty
    9 /10 infrastructure
    9 /10 accomodation
    8 /10 placement
    7.8 /10

    My elder sister has done her bachelor's from this university and therefore she recommended me to do my bachelors from here as it has an amazing infrastructure and the faculty is well qualified I decided to take admission here and paid an application fee and apply through online portal of the college.

    Course Curriculum :

    Through my course, I was taught about nursing from a very basic to an advanced level I was taught about different ways to do the work.

    10 /10 academic/food
    10 /10 faculty
    9 /10 infrastructure
    10 /10 accomodation
    8 /10 extracurricular
    7.8 /10

    After completing my higher secondary, I went to a Consulting agency and they recommended me three colleges among which I chose as I found them to be the best suited for me. I was required to pay an application fee and apply fees online portal of the college.

    Course Curriculum :

    In my whole course, I was taught a lot of subjects which gave me a wide variety of knowledge. I was taught about cost accounting, tax laws, and business management, etc.

    9 /10 academic/food
    9 /10 faculty
    10 /10 infrastructure
    9 /10 accomodation
    10 /10 extracurricular
    7.3 /10

    While preparing for IELTS, my friend asked me to apply for Humber College and as I was not sure if I could score good in IELTS, I decided to apply at only Humber College and luckily I got selected here. Taking admission here was not so tough as I had scored good marks in my 12th examination and that matter a lot. The application fee that I had to pay was $75 and it was non refundable. I completed my 12th from CBSE Board with Commerce Stream. I scored 85% in my 12th Board exam.

    Course Curriculum :

    Through the course curriculum, I got practical skills along with academic theory. We are taught commercial awareness, strategic thinking, problem solving and decision making skills. Besides, other management functions such as budgeting, directing are also being taught by experienced faculties.

    7 /10 academic/food
    8 /10 faculty
    7 /10 infrastructure
    7 /10 accomodation
    8 /10 placement
    7 /10 extracurricular
    205 Humber College Blvd, Etobicoke, ON M9W 5L7

    Nearby this campus

    • Book Store
    • Bus Station
    • Hospital
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    • Restaurant
    • Airport

    Book Store

    Humber North Campus Store0.11 km
    Value Village0.90 km Books & Fun1.09 km
    DiCarlo Group3.06 km
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    William Osler Health System - Etobicoke General Hospital0.67 km
    Horizons Opioid Treatment Services0.67 km
    Dr. Archie Chung & Associates1.08 km
    Appletree Medical Centre1.09 km
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    Mandarin Restaurant1.33 km
    Pizza Inn1.66 km
    Brar's Pakwan3.41 km
    Pizza Hut3.47 km
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    Bus Station

    Humber College North Campus Platform 10.12 km
    Humber College Bus Terminal0.12 km
    Humber College Bus Terminal0.15 km
    Humber College0.15 km
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    Shopping Mall

    Woodbine Mall & Fantasy Fair1.11 km
    The Albion Mall2.29 km
    Westwood Square2.69 km
    Kipling Plaza3.19 km
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    Rexdale NDB ZDH 3852.98 km
    Pearson Value Parking4.44 km
    Gate C24 Roof Inspection4.96 km
    Airside Services Inc4.97 km
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    *All distance are measured radially. Actual distance may vary

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