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Cegep de l'Outaouais, is the only public French language college in the region. It is a higher education institution for young people, adults as well as for workers seeking professional development. It offers various pre-university programs as well as technical programs.  

Key Features

  • The college was established 1967 and was among the first twelve CEGEPs that came into existence in Quebec, Canada.
  • Offers courses in English, Spanish, German and Mandarin which are mostly given in Arts and Letters program.
  • Offers more than 130 study programs.
  • Gets almost three quarters of the high school graduates in the region.


Type of InstitutePublic
Total number of students5,000 (4,600in regular education)
Total number of faculty1,026 (including supports, professional and teaching staff)
Language of instructionFrench

Exploring the campus of CEGEP De L’Outaouais

The college has 3 parts:

  • Gabrielle -Roy in the Hull sector,
  • Felix - Leclerc in the Gatineau Sector, and
  • Louis -Reboul in the Hull sector for continuing education and as a training sector, study center located in Maniwaki.

Residence and Accommodation  

  • The students have the option to live either in student accommodation on campus or private accommodations off campus.
  • The on-campus residences offer two types of housing facility:
  1. The rooms are furnished and available for single or double occupancy.
  2. Furnished apartments
  • The meals are not a part of the housing plans offered.
  • There are communal kitchens in certain residencies and in some residencies the students are allowed to put fridges and microwaves in their rooms.
  • The students have access to several other facilities such as TV, internet access, laundry facility etc.
  • The accommodations are reserved for full time candidates and are limited given to first come first serve basis.
  • Students also have the option to stay off campus by renting apartments near the campus.

Programs offered by CEGEP De L’Outaouais

The College offers two types of study programs: Technical training programs and pre-university training programs.

  • The focus of the pre-university programs is to lead to the candidates to the university.
  • All the programs offered by CEGEP are sanction by a state diploma i.e. Diploma of College Studies (DEC).
  • The pre-university program is of two years and is almost like an additional year of high school.
  • The students pursuing this program are able to complete their Bachelor's degree in three years.
Pre-University ProgramsTechnical Programs
Social ScienceBiotechnology/Laboratory techniques
Visual ArtsMechanical engineering techniques
Science of NatureMedical Care
Science, Literature and ArtsPre-hospital emergency care
Arts, Letters and CommunicationCivil Engineering technology
 --Electronics Technology
 --Computer System technology
 --Business Management
 --Interior Design
 --Early childhood education techniques

All you need to know about the application process

How and when to apply?

The student needs to pay an application fee of CAD 85 which is non-refundable. The application will be processed only after the successful payment of fees and filling up of the application form online.

  • To begin your program in August 2018, the complete process of application form filling online, submission of documents and payment of fees needs to be completed by 1st Feb 2018.
  • To begin your program in January 2019, the complete process of application form filling online, submission of documents and payment of fees needs to be completed by 1st September 2018.

What it costs to study in CEGEP De L’Outaouais

The academic fees for financial year 2017-18 (Fall and Winter semesters) is as below:

Type of ExpenseAmount (in CAD)
Tuition Fees*6,059-9,393
Related Fees400
Living Expenses12,538

*Depends on the type of program being pursued.

ProgramFees (in CAD)
Pre-university program6,059
Community or human affairs technologies programs6,059
Business Administration programs6,059
Physical technologies programs7,845
Art and Literature programs7,845
Biological technologies programs9,393

The student also needs to pay the premium for the group and hospitalization insurance.

Financial Aids and Assistance offered by CEGEP De L’Outaouais

An international student will be exempted from tuition fees if he/she fulfils the following criteria:

  • The student must not be a citizen or a permanent resident of Canada.
  • The student must have come to Quebec to study and studying should be the primary activity.
  • The student must be enrolled in a full-time program conferring DEC (Diploma in college studies)
  • The student must have a study permit.
  • The student must have a valid Quebec Acceptance Certificate for Studies.
  • The student must be able to prove that he has the minimum financial capacity as set by the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada which is at least CAD 13,000 for a period of 12 months for a single student.


  • International students get a priority over the students from Canada.
  • If the tuition fees exemption is once withdrawn, it cannot be regained.
  • The students are supposed to pay the rest of the fees as they apply to the students from Quebec as well as the group health and hospitalization insurance plan premium.

Work While You Study

The students can work:

  • At the college's campus
  • Work off campus
  • Can also do an internship which may be either paid or unpaid

Knowing a few from the wide alumni network

Some notable alumni from this college are:

  • Remy Corriveau
  • Guillaume St George
  • Yves Ducharme

From 2012-2015, four years in a row, four college graduates were selected as Loran Scholars from around 3,500 applications.


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