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College De Valleyfield is a College of general and vocational education which comes under CEGEP. It is situated in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, in Quebec, Canada comprising more than 15 pre-university and technical programs.

Why choose College De Valleyfield?

Rankings and Standings

  • It has a country ranking of 245 according to Webometrics.
  • UniPage ranks it on 240 in Canada.  
  • College has a rating of 4.1 on 5 according to rate my  

Key features at a glance

  • Comprises of total 2,300 students
  • Offers 11 pre-university and 5 technical programs
  • The only college in north America offering a diploma program in cognitive sciences
  • Located in the heart of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield
  • It has a regional promotional campaign named “Worth Gold”
  • Has many work study conciliation programs
  • Offers a unique discovery environment, diverse program map and range of qualified services
  • In 2014, the College presented three new features in its training offer
  • Including a double DEC in Science and Visual Arts, as well as a SPORT profile in Humanities


Type of CollegePublic
Total no. of programs offered15
Total number of staff members347
Total number of seats for students2,322
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Exploring the campus of College De Valleyfield

  • It has only one campus located in Surburan (Coloval) in Salaberry-de-valleyfield
  • At a distance of 45 minutes from Montreal
  • Access to multiple local services
  • Including grocery stores, health services, shopping streets, movies, restaurants and big box stores, public transit system etc.
  • Auditorium attached to the college
  • Unique library in Quebec
  • Public pool, sports complex and arena a few minutes’ walk, huge park with endless greenery and views of the bay.

Residence facilities

On Campus Residence

  • It is located on the 3rd floor of Pavilion G, the residence has 44 rooms, including 1 double room.

Off Campus Residence

  • The off-campus residence is still under development
  • It is located at the corner of Champlain and Saint-Thomas Streets
  • The new residence will have 69 living spaces in different options- individual studio, 2-room unit bedrooms or 3-bedroom unit

Choose from various programs offered at College De Valleyfield

The college offers a total 15 programs. CEGEP member of SRAM, the Collège de Valleyfield offers pre-university and technical training in more than 15 programs of study.

  • It offers 11 pre-university programs diversified in Arts, Humanities, and Sciences.
  • 5 technical programs in Arts, Sciences and Cultural Sciences
  • Offers diploma in Cognitive Sciences
  • Offers Double diploma in Arts and Sciences

Pre-University Programs

  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Program in Cognitive Science
  • Science of Nature
  • Social science
  • Arts, letters and communication
  • Visual arts
  • Double DEC in Science and Visual Arts

Technical Programs

  • These programs are for students who want to access the market work
  • The training is of three years duration, i.e. between six and eight sessions full-time.
  • General education
  • Specific training (21 to 35 courses)
  • Compulsory tests (uniform French test + program synthesis test)
  • Diploma of college studies university or labor market
  • Some of the technical programs offered are in Respiratory, medical care, legal etc.
  • During the studies, student will be able to choose 2 complementary courses.

Note: The fees for the programs is subjective to the course chosen

All you need to know about Application Process

All applications for admission to Valleyfield College must be sent at the Regional Admission Service of Metropolitan Montreal (SRAM).

To be eligible for Valleyfield College in a program leading to obtaining a college degree (DEC) the students must-

  • Be a graduate of secondary school in one of the following situations:
  • Be a holder of DES
  • Have earned DEP
  • Have training as it is deemed to be equivalent by the college
  • Satisfy, where applicable, the specific program conditions established by the Minister which specify the prerequisite courses in the program.
  • Some programs are for students who wish to pursue studies and academics, the training is for two years, four sessions full-time.

What it costs to study in College De Valleyfield

Residence costs

  • Rates of on-campus residences for the year 2018 are CAD 260/month.
  • Expected rates for off-campus residences could be CAD 440, CAD 370, CAD 315/month for individual, for 2 bedroom unit and 3 bedroom unit respectively.

Scholarships and financial aid to help the students fund their education

The college offers mainly three types of scholarships-

  1. Education fees exemption scholarship
  • There is exemption under tuition fees
  • Applied to students from any country where these rights apply
  • Who are enrolled full-time in a program leading to a technical DEC.
  1. Excellence scholarship for foreign students
  • Maximum duration of the scholarship is nine semester.
  • Offered to students who are pursuing technical courses in the college to ease their studies
  1. Short student scholarship program for college network students
  • “Short stay” college program for students in college network and to obtain a scholarship.
  • The student must have previously completed in Quebec at least 28 units of the study program.

NOTE-The amounts allocated for these scholarships vary according to the region and length of stay.

Financial aid

Calculation of the financial aid is done in 5 steps-

  1. Determining the eligibility for the expenses through “Monthly spending+One-time spending= Allowable Expense”
  2. Establishing amount of contribution to the studies and determining the class of the student through “Student Contribution+ Parent, Spouse or sponsor contribution (if applicable)= Contributions”
  3. Finding financial requirement by “Allowable expenditure- Contributions=-Financial needs”
  4. Calculating loan amount by “Loan amount established by level of education and program of study X Number of study months = Loan amount for a year of award”
  5. Comparing the financial assistance and financial needs and finally granting a help to the needy students.

Work While You Study

College offers various international internships, stay abroad opportunities and organizes various educational trips and humanitarian trips for students.  

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