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    CollegeSchool type
    EStd 1928established year

    College Jean-de-Brebeuf: Rankings, Courses, Admissions, Tuition Fee, Cost of Attendance & Scholarships

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    The College of Jean-de-Brebeuf was constructed during the early 1928 and upholds the values of excellence, autonomy, human solidarity and diversity. Located in Montreal, Canada, the private college is a French-language educational institution that offers various courses at the secondary school and college level. The college has widely gained a reputation for being the leading schools not only in Quebec but also in Canada. The college is home to 50 notable alumni which includes the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

    The college has consistently received the top ranking among the colleges in the country by the Fraser Institute. The college has also received 10 on 10 for its academic records by the Fraser Institute of academic achievement. It has maintained the reputation of being the most prestigious institution in Canada. Besides, Canada being the best study abroad destination for students, Montreal is one of the best cities in Canada for international students according to world rankings.

    College Jean-de-Brebeuf Campus


    Type Private
    Establishment Year 1928
    Location Montreal, Quebec
    Campus setting Urban
    Accommodation Capacity 110 students
    Work-Study Available
    Mode of Program Full-time, Part-time
    Medium of Instruction English and French
    Mode of Application Online
    French proficiency Required, TFI scores
    Financial aid Scholarship, Grant
    Admission Help

    College of Jean-de-Brebeuf Campus

    • The campus of Jean-de-Brebeuf is located at 3,200 Côte-Sainte-Catherine Road, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
    • There are more than 70 student communities and activities in the field of sports, arts and culture organized to encourage student participation.
    • Students can also volunteer for various organizations like first aid intervention group, Brebeuf student support network, Amnesty International and many more through extracurricular activities.
    • The college has garnered an immense reputation in the field of sports in the country. There are 26 intercollegiate teams from the RSEQ and 1 multi-collegiate team composed of college and Secondary V students.
    • The university gives importance to sports along with its academic life with a varied range of sports activities for girls and boys such as basketball, fencing, soccer, volleyball, flag football, rugby and the like.

    College of Jean-de-Brebeuf Residence

    • The on-campus residential hall provides a comfortable and safe environment for the students of Brebeuf College.
    • The hall has 3 floors and accommodates up to 110 students each year in double and single occupancy rooms.
    • To be eligible for the residence, the student must be pursuing a full-time course at the college for the fall and winter sessions.
    • The selection criteria for the same would be travel time to get from the home of the student to the college and date of admission to the college
    • The residence has wireless internet connectivity, furnished with 3 living rooms featuring HD TV, DVD player; 3 kitchenettes with microwave, fridge, toaster and heating facility and laundry rooms which also provide the facility of washer-dryer and iron.
    • The students also have access to sports facilities and cafeteria and can select a suitable meal plan from the given plan.
    • Morning, noon and evening cafeteria service are also available for students from Monday to Friday.

    College of Jean-de-Brebeuf Courses

    • Jean-de-Brebeuf consists of secondary school and college which offer varied courses.
    • The courses offered under the secondary school program are:
      • Latin language and civilization
      • Concentration sports option
      • International option
    • The courses offered by the College of Jean-de-Brebeuf are:
      • BI – Natural sciences
      • BI - Human sciences
      • DEC - Arts, letters and communication
      • DEC - Human sciences
      • DEC - Science of nature
      • Double DEC with music

    College of Jean-de-Brebeuf Application Process

    International students willing to take admission to the College Jean-de-Brebeuf must consider the time required for acquiring a study permit for the duration of studying in Canada.

    How to Apply?

    The process and requirements for international students admission at the college is discussed below:

    Application Portal: Online

    Application Fee: 50 CAD

    Application Deadline: Fall - April 1

    Admission Requirements: The following documents must be submitted along with the application for admission:

    • Quebec Acceptance Certificate from the Ministry of Immigration and Cultural Communities of Quebec
    • A study permit issued by citizenship and immigration of Canada
    • Proof of health insurance
    • Copy of birth certificates
    • Certified copy of transcripts for the current year or 5th year of secondary school and last two years completed
    • Proof of French language proficiency: Candidate whose mother tongue is not French, must demonstrate sufficient written and oral French skills to follow the training. For this the candidate may undertake the TFI which is the Test De Francais international. The minimum score required in the TFI for the eligibility of admission is 780/990.
    • Documents in language other than English or French must be submitted with translation from a certified translator.

    College of Jean-de-Brebeuf Cost of Attendance

    • International students must prepare an estimate of expenses for studying in Canada before applying for admission to any university.
    • A budget of the expected expenses for studying at College Jean-de-Brebeuf is given below for reference:
    Expenditure Item Cost
    Admission fee 50 CAD
    Annual registration fee 200 CAD
    Maintenance of infrastructure 295 CAD
    Agenda 15 CAD
    Student card 15 CAD
    Computer science 130 CAD
    ICT training 135 CAD
    Student association 38.43 CAD
    Parents association 30 CAD
    School insurance 10 CAD
    Collection of texts 11 CAD
    Annual Tuition fee 5,460 CAD
    Total Mandatory fee 6,339.43 CAD
    Residence service (34 weeks - 5 days per week)
    Double occupancy room 2,494 CAD
    Single occupancy room 3,100 CAD
    Meals (3 meals per day, 164 days) 2,492 CAD
    Lunch only (164 days) 1,068 CAD
    • The additional residence charge for weekends would cost 287 CAD per session.

    College of Jean-de-Brebeuf Scholarships/Financial Aid

    • The scholarship fund of the college set up by Jesuit father allows 50 students to receive financial support that is required to continue their training and studies in Brebeuf.
    • The availability of the scholarship per student will depend upon the evaluation of the financial situation of the family of the student.
    • The annual scholarship amount at Brebeuf is 1,000 to 2,000 CAD which will be deducted from the tuition fee of the students.
    • Apart from the above, the college has special scholarships for student-athletes which is classified into three categories as given below:
      • 2 financial aid grants covering annual membership fees.
      • 1 merit scholarship covering tuition fee for one full year.
      • 1 Gilles-Chatel Family Excellent Grant worth 2,000 CAD.

    College of Jean-de-Brebeuf Alumni Network

    • Jean-de-Brebeuf has produced some of the most notable alumni as given below:
      • Clement Gascon – Supreme court justice
      • Acques Godbout – Writer and Filmmaker
      • William Johnson – President of Alliance Quebec
      • Pierre Boivin – President of the Montreal Canadians of the National Hockey League
      • Justin Trudeau – Prime Minister of Canada

    College of Jean-de-Brebeuf Placements

    College of Jean-de-Brebeuf offers a number of internship opportunities to supplement education with practical learning. A one-day internship takes place at the end of April each year with 300 trades and professions. This opportunity also boosts skills like writing cover letters, preparing for interviews and evaluating questionnaires. Several college graduates also get to be a part of international internships in places like Paris, Costa Rica, Senegal or Nicaragua.


    Ques. Is proof of French proficiency required for admissions at College Jean-de-Brebeuf?

    Ans. Yes, students whose mother tongue is not French have to submit proof of oral and written French Language Proficiency. The student has to take the Test de français international (TFI) and pass it with 780-990 or TCF with 499-699.

    Ques. How can international admissions apply to College Jean-de-Brebeuf?

    Ans. Students can submit applications online for international admissions along with an application fee of 50 CAD (non-refundable), payable via credit card.

    Ques. What documents are required for international admissions at Jean-de-Brebeuf?

    Ans. Students must submit the following documents to secure admission to Jean-de-Brebeuf:

    • Quebec Acceptance Certificate
    • Study Permit
    • Proof of Health Insurance
    • Copy of birth certificate in French/English with parents’ name and place of birth
    • Copy of transcripts/diplomas of secondary school and higher education (if applicable)

    Note: Only printed or scanned copies of documents are considered for admission

    Ques. Are there any scholarships for international students at College Jean-de-Brebeuf? What are the deadlines to apply for the same?

    Ans. Yes, there are 110 merit scholarships available for international students. The deadline to apply for the merit scholarship program is February 16, 2021.

    Ques. How to apply for a merit scholarship program for international students? What are the application requirements?

    Ans. Students can find the link to apply for merit scholarship programs on the official college website. To be considered for scholarships, students must submit the following documents to support their application

    • Curriculum vitae (with academic achievements, main extracurricular, volunteer, sports, and involvement activities)
    • Additional documents (which can help)

    Ques. How can I apply for accommodation at College Jean-de-Brebeuf?

    Ans. To be eligible for residency, students have to be full-time registered at College for either Fall or Winter sessions. If the students request is accepted, he/she gets a document to sign for lease and return within deadlines.

    Ques. What are the annual tuition fees at College Jean-de-Brebeuf?

    Ans. The annual tuition fee for an international student at Jean-de-Brebeuf is 5,733 CAD.

    Ques. What are the admission deadlines for applying to College Jean-de-Brebeuf?

    Ans. The applications for admissions must be received by College on November 15 for the winter session and March 1 for the fall session. After these dates, admissions are given on the basis of space-availability.

    Ques. How many language courses are offered at College Jean-de-Brebeuf and at what levels?

    Ans. The language courses available are English, German, and Spanish.

    • German is for beginners, advanced beginners, and is approved by the Goethe-Institut.
    • English is taught in two courses where students learn the superior command of the language through social, literary, and cultural themes.
    • Spanish courses are offered at four levels.

    Ques. What are the subjects included in the general average?

    Ans. The subjects like French, Mathematics, English and contemporary world. For science programs, the subjects are physics and chemistry.


    3 years

    Course Duration

    2 years

    Course Duration

    2 years

    Course Duration

    College Jean-de-Brebeuf Overview

    Insitution type
    DLI Number

    Admission & dates

    Fall Deadlines

    April 1

    Application deadline

    April 16

    Application results

    Attendance Cost

    On Campus
    Single Room
    $3,040 / Year
    Double Room
    $2,444 / Year
    Meal Plan
    $2,445 / Year

    College Rating

    Based on 1 Students Rating

    8.3 out of 10
    7.0/10Social Life


    8.3 /10

    Programs are one of the factors that gave me to lean into this college. Also people such as my friends and family. The social life is very important. I applied it to one college because I knew that I would be accepted. The admission process was very easy. Just fill out the form and pay the fee of process.

    Exams :

    I mean there are many extracurricular activities. Also, they give good classes and they are ranked up very high. There are sports team that I am interested in. So, that great. To add even more to it, I received a pretty good schedule. Plus the library is great. They review applicants goodly and respond fast.

    8 /10 academic/food
    9 /10 faculty
    9 /10 infrastructure
    9 /10 accomodation
    8 /10 placement
    7 /10 extracurricular
    3200 Cote-Sainte-Catherine Road

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