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    College Lionel (Groulx) Ranking, Programs, Admission Process & Living Cost

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    Collège Lionel-Groulx is a Canadian vocational and general college (CEGEP). The world ranking for this college is 14611, while country ranking is 238. As per webometrics records, it stands at 14603rd position.

    Key Features

    • French, English and Mathematics help centers
    • Academic progress and success counselling
    • Access to audio visual equipment
    • Personalized physical education for a student with disabilities

    Student Intake Stat

    Full time enrolment: Over 5,200 students

    Continuing education programs: over 2,000 students

    Programs Offered

    Offers 24 programs in one of two forms

    • Two years, pre-university programs- designed to prepare students for university studies
    • Three years, technical programs- to ensure students enter a specific career immediately upon completing their college studies.

    Some of the programs are mentioned below:

    Technical Programs Pre-university programs
    Business Management Administration (Organization Management)
    Accounting and management techniques Humanities and Mathematics (with Advanced Mathematics)
    Transport logistics techniques Views of the Americas
    Documentation techniques International Exploration
    Electronics Technology, "Telecommunication" Education and learning
    Computer system technology Human Behavior and Cultural Interactions
    Industrial Engineering Technology Science of Nature and Music
    Technology of horticultural production and the environment Humanities and Arts, Letters and Communication
    Farm Business Management and Technologies Music and Humanities
    Medical care Music and Arts, letters and communication

    Campus Life at College Lionel-Groulx

    • Social, artistic and cultural activities
    • Student athletes have access to pedagogical support
    • Full training and professional coaching services.

    Some of the competitive teams include:

    • Basketball
    • Outdoor and Indoor Soccer
    • Ice and Floor Hockey
    • Volleyball
    • Flag Football

    Various social and cultural activities are also offered to the students for participation. Here are a few examples of the clubs and associations available to students below:

    • The Kosmopolite: Travel Bureau
    • Open Air Club: Outdoor activities
    • Comics
    • Literary Magazine
    • Committee Shows
    • Japanese Animation
    • Philosophy Café
    • Photo Club
    • Improvisation
    • Thursday Jazz
    • Student Radio

    On campus, students can also find:

    • A sports center
    • An arena
    • A technology centre
    • Theatre and music wings
    • An auditorium
    • Horticulture and agriculture training centers


    Two types of residence: individual, gender specific rooms and co-ed apartments.

    Both options come fully furnished but do not include cookware and linens.


    • 56 apartments for girls or boys can accommodate 175 tenants.
    • Each apartment is fully furnished.
    • Bedding, dishes, pots and small electrical appliances are not provided

    Residences are awarded according to the following criteria:

    • Students who are already on site and have fulfilled their requirements
    • Students accepted at the college
    • Students from remote areas
    • lease for the full school year (9 months)

    Even if any student does not meet these conditions, their request will be considered.

    Application for Residence

    At the same time, when the students give application to SRAM, they can apply for a residence, free of charge or obligation, by completing the form and sending it to 101, place Ducharme, Sainte-Thérèse, Quebec J7E 2E8.


    Collège Lionel-Groulx is affiliated to the institutions mentioned below.

    • Colleges and Institutes Canada
    • Quebec Student Sport Federation
    • Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association

    Application Process

    Different programs at the institute are subject to different application procedures. Here are a few common steps that one has to follow to fill in the application form.

    • Identify the program.
    • Verify that Collège Lionel-Groulx accepts international students in the program you have chosen.
    • Send an email to International @ indicating program you want.
    • Fill the application form online.

    Know your Requirements

    To be admitted to Collège Lionel-Groulx in the program of your choice, following requirements must be fulfilled:

    1.  Be a graduate of secondary school in one of the following situations:

    a) The candidate has obtained a DES

    It should be noted that the holder of a DES who has not passed the following subjects:

    • language teaching 5th secondary
    • second language of the 5th secondary
    • mathematics 4th secondary
    • Science and Technology of the 4th secondary or history of Quebec and Canada in the 4th secondary

    are subjected to upgrade activities for missing materials.

    b) The candidate has obtained a DEP and has passed the following subjects:

    • Language of instruction of the 5th secondary
    • Second language of the 5th secondary
    • Mathematics of the 4th secondary

    (c) Sufficient training and experience at the College and have interrupted full-time studies for a cumulative period of not less than 36 months.

    Tentative months to pay the tuition fee for various sessions

    Fall Term March
    Winter Term November

    Living Costs

    Collège Lionel-Groulx offers its students two types of furnished, heated and lighted residences and Wi-fi included.


    • L'Escale, a girls' residence with 88 rooms: $ 270 per month.
    • The Foyer, a 17-bedroom boys' residence: $ 300 to $ 310 per month.
    • As of August 2018, renting a room in an apartment costs from $ 275 to $ 300 per month.

    Scholarships and Financial Grants

    Collège Lionel-Groulx provides students with various options for scholarships, awards, bursaries and financial aids. Some of the scholarships are listed below:

    • The Geordie Hilton Academic Scholarship
    • The Connor/Spafford Scholarship
    • The CLubLink Scholarship of Excellence
    • The Research in Motion Golf Scholarship
    • The John Powell Memorial Scholarship
    • The Candian Seniors' Golf Association Scholarships
    • The Marlene Streit Golf Scholarships
    • The Suzanne Beauregard Scholarship
    • The William Kucey Scholarship
    • The Mary Ellen Driscoll Scholarship

    Alumni Network

    Collège Lionel-Groulx is home to many notable alumni, out of which some are listed below:

    • Normand Brathwaite: Canadian Comedian
    • Charline Labonté: Canadian ice hockey player
    • Guy Jodoin: Canadian Comedian
    • Gilles Valiquette: Canadian musician
    • Marc Nadon: Canadian Judge
    • Julie Crochetière: Canadian singer-songwriter
    • Martin Laroche: Canadian Photographer

    2 years

    Course Duration

    2 years

    Course Duration


    7 / 10

    Diploma Music

    full time

    2 years

    Course Duration

    College Lionel (Groulx) Overview

    Insitution type
    Student Population
    DLI Number

    Admission & dates

    Attendance Cost

    On Campus
    Residence Room
    $2,790 / Year

    College Rating

    Based on 2 Students Rating

    6.9 out of 10
    7.0/10Social Life


    7.0 /10

    I was always very interested to learn about cinematography and film direction, that is why I chose this course because it covers the basics of cinematography and film. I found the college while surfing on the internet and applied to it online as well. The application fee is $85.

    Course Curriculum :

    The course, initially, contains the all the basic details of frame setting, motion scene and story telling. Then it covers the details about cinematography, details about a cinematographer and also it covers a lots of aspects of direction.

    7 /10 academic/food
    7 /10 faculty
    6 /10 infrastructure
    7 /10 accomodation
    8 /10 placement
    7 /10 extracurricular
    6.8 /10

    For it's reputed theatre program. It is one of the most reputed programs in the province and is often preferred by employers. It also provides a good network when you graduate since a lot of people in the business are also former students.

    Course Curriculum :

    Too long. I also wish it was a more specific training. It didn't allow students to have a job outside of school. Using the French only terminology doesn't really allow students to prepare for the job market. Still, it's a good experience. Students got to try many different things, and the programs toughest shape its students into resilient workers.

    8 /10 academic/food
    7 /10 faculty
    7 /10 infrastructure
    6 /10 accomodation
    6 /10 placement
    7 /10 extracurricular
    100 Rue Duquet, QC J7E 3G6

    Nearby this campus

    • Bus Station
    • Hospital
    • Shopping Mall
    • Book Store
    • Train Station

    Bus Station

    Saint-Louis / Limoges0.10 km
    Saint-Louis / Limoges0.22 km
    Saint-Charles / Morris0.23 km
    Saint-Louis / du Chanoine-Lionel-Groulx0.30 km
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    Shopping Mall

    Place 1101.02 km
    Costco Canada Optical Lab1.28 km
    Atelier SYP2.13 km
    Place Rosemere2.16 km
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    Train Station

    Blainville (EXO)3.81 km
    Gare Sainte-Rose6.35 km


    Hopital De Jour0.31 km
    Center Levy1.43 km
    Christine Despres1.56 km
    Michel A Mathieu1.68 km
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    Book Store

    Renaud-Bray2.21 km
    Librairie Carcajou2.33 km
    DLL Presse Distribution Inc.2.59 km
    Tabagie Le 25 Avenue (La)7.90 km
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