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    Georgian College 2021-2022 Admissions: Entry Requirements, Deadlines, Application Process

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    Georgian College is a renowned institute that offers admission to a plethora of undergraduate degree and graduate certificate programs and is honored as one of the greatly coveted names among the higher education institutes of Canada.

    With a high rate of acceptance and a comprehensive approach towards admission, the college is a moderately selective institute that accepts applications on a rolling basis till the availability of space permits. Enrollment into the institute is judged on various parameters like extracurricular, work experience, among others but is highly governed by a good academic record and spectacular GPA.

    Some of the salient points to be considered by prospective candidates hoping to enroll at Georgian College are as mentioned below.

    • Admissions to the institute are generally available in 3 intakes of Fall, Winter, and Spring but applications are considered all around the year.
    • Though there are no rigid deadlines observed at the college, however, there is an equal consideration deadline of February 1 for all the competitive courses for international students.
    • Institute usually takes 4 to 6 weeks for processing applications and releasing decisions and thus, international aspirants should apply for them at the earliest possible opportunity to provide sufficient time for procuring student permits.
    • All the entry forms are to be submitted online and can be tracked on the Web for Admissions.
    • With a great employer reputation and a high rate of graduate employment of nearly 90%, the college is a worthwhile pursuit that can help you land one of the high-paying jobs in Canada.

    Georgian College Top Courses Requirements

    Programs Tuition Fees Per Annum Deadlines Basic Academic Requirements
    B.Sc Computer Science $18,750 Fall: March 1 IELTS  6.5  |  TOEFL  80  |  PTE  58
    B.B.A. Management and Leadership $12,487 Fall: March 1 IELTS  6.5  |  TOEFL  89  |  PTE  61
    Bachelor Interior Design $12,487 Fall: March 1 IELTS  6.5  |  TOEFL  89  |  PTE  61
    Bachelor of Science in Nursing $12,487 Fall: March 1 IELTS  7.0  |  TOEFL  89
    B.B.A Automotive Management $12,487 Fall: March 1 IELTS  6.5  |  TOEFL  89  |  PTE  61
    Diploma Architectural Technician $10,305 Fall: March 1 IELTS  6.0  |  TOEFL  79  |  PTE  58
    Advanced Diploma Architectural Technology $10,305 Fall: March 1 IELTS  6.0  |  TOEFL  79  |  PTE  58
    Diploma Automotive Business $10,305 Fall: March 1 IELTS  6.0  |  TOEFL  79  |  PTE  58
    Advanced Diploma Aviation Management $10,305 Fall: March 1 IELTS  6.0  |  TOEFL  79  |  PTE  58
    Diploma Biotechnology - Health $10,305 Fall: March 1 IELTS 6.0 | TOEFL 79 | PTE 58
    Diploma Business $10,305 Fall: March 1 IELTS  6.0  |  TOEFL  79  |  PTE  58
    Diploma Business - Accounting $10,305 Fall: March 1 IELTS 6.0 | TOEFL 79 | PTE 58
    Diploma Business - Entrepreneurship $10,305 Fall: March 1 IELTS 6.0 | TOEFL 79 | PTE 58
    Diploma Business - Marketing $10,305 Fall: March 1 IELTS 6.0 | TOEFL 79 | PTE 58
    Advanced Diploma Business Administration $10,305 Fall: March 1 IELTS 6.0 | TOEFL 79 | PTE 58


    Application Fee 100 CAD
    English language proficiency accepted tests TOEFL or IELTS or equivalent
    TOEFL (iBT) minimum score 89 for degree and graduate certificates
    Application Season Fall, Winter, and Summer (Rolling admissions)
    Employment rate  Around 90%
    Financial Aid for International Students Available as merit- and need-based scholarships and awards
    Students’ Helpline 705.728.1968,

    Georgian College Application Deadlines

    The institute doesn’t follow any strict deadlines and offers admissions round the year for candidates aspiring to study in Canada till the availability of the space permits. Usually, the admissions are offered in the three intakes of Fall, Winter, and Summer. However, the college does have some recommended deadlines which are as mentioned below.

    Season of Intake Start of Session Application Deadline
    Fall 2021 September Anytime after February 1
    Winter 2021 January Anytime after February 1
    Summer 2022 May Anytime after February 1

    International aspirants must note that the deadline for enrolling in highly competitive programs is February 1 for all intakes. Since there are only limited seats available, the aspirants are advised to send in their entries at the earliest possible opportunity.

    Georgian College International UG Admissions

    Admission Portal: Apply online at the official website.

    Application Fee: 100 CAD.

    Basic Academic Requirement: Higher Secondary School Certificate.

    Additional Requirements:

    • Scanned copies of transcripts.
    • English proficiency test scores like TOEFL, IELTS, or equivalent.
    • Letters of recommendation and work experience might be a requirement for some courses.

    Admission Process

    1. Select a program of choice from the list of diverse courses at Georgian College available for international students and check its availability and intake seasons.
    2. Ensure that you fulfill all the basic and program-specific requirements of the course you are applying to. 
    3. There might be additional requirements specific to international, mature, or transfer applicants which must also be met while seeking enrollment.
    4. Complete the international student application form by filling in your personal and academic details along with a credit card authorization form in PDF format. 
    5. Email both the completed forms along with other mandatory documents like transcripts, test scores, et al. to
    6. Wait for an offer of a place and keep updated with your application status by tracking it on the official website.
    7. If you are selected, the institute will send you an email with an offer of a place. Students at this point shall accept their offers and pay a non-refundable deposit of 2,500 CAD within 21 days of receiving the mail.
    8. After the deposit is submitted, the candidates will receive a letter of acceptance with an invoice of the first-year tuition fee confirming student enrollment at the institute.
    9. Applicants must use the acceptance letter and invoice for obtaining their study permit by consulting the nearest Canadian embassy.
    10. Students are advised to notify the institute of their permit status by sending an email to In case the permit is refused, candidates can request for deposit refund by providing proof of refusal within the first 10 working days of the term.

    Know the exams required to study in Canada.

    Country-Specific Requirements

    The college observes some country-specific requirements which differ for all the students depending upon their nationalities. Some of the Asian countries with their corresponding specifications have been tabulated as follows:

    Name of Country Specification
    India Higher Secondary Certificate; Diploma / Degree certificate mark sheets
    Nepal Higher Secondary Certificate; Diploma Academic transcript
    Sri Lanka Sri Lankan General Certificate of Education; Diploma Transcripts
    Bhutan Indian School Certificate
    Mark sheet; Diploma
    Bangladesh Higher Secondary Certificate; Degree certificate and mark sheets
    China Senior middle school diploma and transcripts
    Japan Kotogakko Sotsugyo Shomeisho / Upper Secondary School Leaving Certificate; Diploma Transcript

    English Proficiency Requirements

    International aspirants of the institute must submit proof of their English language skills before seeking enrollment. Students can submit any one of the below-mentioned tests as acceptable proof. They can apply for the tests more than once but only the highest score will be taken into account.

    English Proficiency Test Minimum score for degree and graduate certificate Minimum score for diploma/certificate
    TOEFL PBT 580 550
    TOEFL (IBT) 89 79
    PTE Academic 61 58
    IELTS 6.5 6.0
    YELT 1-5 1-5
    TOEIC 850 800
    Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL) 60 60
    Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) 175 170

    Visa Application Process

    The international students must apply for a student permit and a visa to study in Canada from the nearest Canadian embassy if they are enrolling in a program of duration 6 months or longer. They can be applied for after the candidate has received his/her official letter from the college and should be applied for at the earliest since the entire process can take up to 4 to 8 weeks.

    While applying for a permit, an applicant is supposed to submit a copy of the following documents:

    • Valid passport
    • Recent photographs
    • Letter of recommendation from concerned authority.
    • I-20 certification of financial statement

    If you're a legal resident/native of countries like India, Morocco, Pakistan, China, among others, you can also apply via Student Direct Stream (SDS) for processing your permit faster but only if you can meet the below-mentioned qualifications.

    1. Copy of acceptance letter.
    2. Proof of first-year paid tuition fee.
    3. Proof of Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) for 10,000 CAD.
    4. Medical exam.
    5. Qualifying language test score

    English – 6.0 or more in each skill (IELTS)

    French – TEF score equal to a Canadian Language Benchmark minimum score of 7 in each skill.

    Georgian College International Graduate Admissions

    The college offers various graduate certificate programs in an array of disciplines for aspirants around the globe. While the basic admission requirements for all the programs are the same, there are additional requirements as well which must be met for seeking enrollment.

    Admission Portal: Apply online at the official website.

    Application Fee: 100 CAD.

    Basic Academic Requirement: Bachelor’s degree.

    International aspirants applying to graduate-level courses are required to fulfill certain program-specific requirements which are detailed as follows:2

    Requirements Human Resources Management Project Management Information Systems Security Advanced Care Paramedic Research Analytics
    Duration 2 sem + 1 work term 2 semesters 2 sem + 1 work term 3 semesters 2 sem + 1 work term
    Upcoming Intake Seasons Fall 2020, WInter 2021 Fall 2020, Summer 2020, Winter 2021 Fall 2020, Summer 2020 Fall 2020 Fall 2020, WInter 2021
    Campus Barrie Barrie Barrie Barrie Barrie
    Academic Qualification 3-year postsecondary education or equivalent Postsecondary diploma, degree, or equivalent Postsecondary diploma/degree in comp sci or related field 2 year Ontario College Paramedic diploma or equivalent 3-year advanced diploma/degree or equivalent in related field
    SOI/Essay Not Required Not Required Required Not Required Required
    LORs/References Not Required Required Not Required Required Not Required
    Resume/CV Not Required Required Required Not Required Required
    Work Experience - Recommended Recommended 4,000 hours in last 5 years -
    Additional Requirements - Certain hardware/software installations might be required - AEMCA License -

    Since the competition for highly demanded courses available at the Georgian College is cutthroat, international aspirants are highly encouraged to apply for the programs months in advance as soon as they have made up their minds.

    Once you have obtained your student visa to study in Canada, do remember to update the college about the same by sending an email to along with your name, program, student number, and a copy of the approved student visa to study in Canada. International applicants enrolling in a program with a work component like co-op, placement, or training must ensure that they apply for a co-op work permit with their study permit to ensure no last-minute complications.


    Ques. Has Covid 19 affected the application deadline of Georgian College?

    Ans. The application for all the 3 intakes can be made anytime after February 3, 2021, however, it’s recommended that you complete your application by March 1.

    Ques. Is it easy to get into Georgian College?

    Ans. Georgian College follows a comprehensive approach towards analyzing applications; students with stellar grades, a record of participation in extracurricular activities, and a strong SOP to study in Canada have very high chances of getting into Georgian College.

    Ques. What is the application fee for Georgian College?

    Ans. The application fee for Georgian is 100 CAD and it’s non-refundable.

    Ques. What are the basic entry requirements to get into Georgian College?

    Ans. The basic entry requirement to get into Georgian College includes a high secondary school certificate or bachelor's degree with a 75% average, English language proficiency scores, strong SOP, and 2 LORs.

    Ques. How to apply to Georgian College?

    Ans. Applications for admission at Georgian College can be submitted through, alternatively, you can make a phone call to 1.888. 892.2228 and seek the help of the admission committee for making the application.

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