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    Institut National de Recherche Scientifique: Rankings, Courses, Admissions, Tuition Fee, Cost of Attendance & Scholarships

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    Institut National de Recherche Scientifique (National Institute of Scientific Research) or commonly called THE INSTITUTE is a graduate research constituent university of the Université du Québec system. Founded in 1969, the institute is poised on conducting applied and ground laying research crucial to the progression of science in the Quebec area and around the world. 58% of students are international students from countries like India, Germany, France, Morocco, Mexico, China, etc to grow and study in Canada. 

    INRS is ranked number one in Quebec and Canada for Research Intensity 2018-2019. Institut National De La Recherche Scientifique recorded 95% of students satisfied with their program with 1 faculty per 4.7 students (lowest ratio in Canada) and an employment rate of 85%. 

    Université du Québec Campus

    Every year, the Institute welcomes up to 700 students. 60% of these students are doctorate students and 40% are master’s students. The institute has partnered with up to 63 universities all over the world in 23 countries opening paths for students to explore the professional world.

    The institute offers research in four distinct areas and also incorporates The Énergie, Matériaux et Telecommunications (EMT, Energy, Materials, and Telecommunications) INRS-EMT, as well as offering summer undergraduate research internships, master's, doctorates, short programs, dual degree programs, and graduate certification programs.


    The Institut National De Recherche Scientifique has been among the top institutions in Canada for research. 

    • INRS has been ranked number one in Quebec and Canada for research activity in 2018-19 by Research Infosource.
    • Ranked #889 in World Rankings by CWUR, 2020-21
    • Ranked #27 in National Rankings by CWUR, 2020-21


    Type of institute Public
    Location Quebec, Montréal, Laval, and Varennes
    Mode of application Online
    Application fee 52.72 CAD
    Housing facilities Off-campus
    Financial aid Scholarships and discounts
    Official website http://www.the

    Institut National de Recherche Scientifique Campus

    • The institute operates with four teaching and research centers located in different cities Quebec, Montréal, Laval, and Varennes.
    • There are several research infrastructures at the institute which include Micro and Nanofabrication Laboratory, Environmental Technologies Pilot Laboratory, Optimal Zeitgeist Laboratory, Remote Sensing and Geomatics Laboratory, Laboratory of Biooptics, and Aquatic Biogeochemistry, Doping Control Laboratory, Radiofrequency Laboratory (LRF), amongst others.
    • The institute operates with an impressive number of 150 professors. To date, the university is the first and remains the only Canadian university to be hosted by Venice International University.
    • They have three libraries located in three of their centers that provide concrete and digital materials to students.

    Institut National de Recherche Scientifique Residence

    • The institute does not offer on-campus or university accommodations to its students.
    • The residence buildings of the Université du Québec cater to the accommodation needs of the student of the National Institute of Scientific Research.
    • The residence buildings of the Université du Québec - Sainte-Hélène residences and Fleurie building, all in the Quebec area.
    • Types of accommodation available at the residences include four 1/2 (two bedrooms), six 1/2 (four bedrooms), and studios (double and single occupancy).
    • Room features include a bed, wardrobe, mattress, drawers, mirror, window blinds, floor lamp, work desk, bedside table, and a hutch with an integrated message board and neon.
    • Amenities include laundry, TV, garden, free Wi-Fi, portable air conditioner, shared kitchen, refrigerator, living room, bathroom facilities, non-smoking rooms, oven, parking, and gardens.

    Institut National de Recherche Scientifique Programs

    • The Institute offers summer undergraduate research internships, masters, doctorates, short programs, dual degree programs, and post-graduate certification.
    • There are more than nine research projects for masters and 13 research projects for doctoral. Additionally, the institute offers thesis co-supervision programs leading to the bidiplomation with France, Italy, and Morocco.
    • There are around 13 masters and eight doctoral programs and seven dual pathways.
    • There are three short programs and one specialized graduate diploma (DESS) in research practices and public action offered at the institution.
    • There are three postdoctoral fellowship positions open to students currently at The Institute.
    • There are undergraduate research internships in areas like social science, advanced technology, environment, and earth science, and health biosciences.

    Institut National de Recherche Scientifique Application process

    Application portal: Online INRS Application

    Application fee: 52.72 CAD

    Supporting documents/required conditions:

    • Official Transcripts
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Birth Certificate
    • Three Reference Letters
    • Diploma Certificate Or Equivalent
    • Letter of Intent

    NOTE: Before commencement of application, applicants must find a professor at INRS who will be willing to work as a research advisor to them. This is a prerequisite before any application to a master or doctoral research program.

    Institut National de Recherche Scientifique Cost of Attendance

    The table below shows the cost of living in Canada while studying at INRS. The cost presented in estimated and may vary.

    Expense Amount per annum (in CAD)
    Estimated tuition and other academic fees 8,829.23
    Books and supplies 500
    Health plan 900
    Food 4,000
    Accommodation 4,800-8,000
    Miscellaneous 1,000
    Total 20,029.23-23,229.23

    Note: International students without thesis tuition fees are calculated on a basis of 15 credits per term.

    Institut National de Recherche Scientifique Financial Aid

    • There is tuition exemption for international students and Canadian students from outside Quebec at Institut National de Recherche Scientifique.
    • International Doctoral Students do receive an exemption scholarship. The institute offers institutional scholarships in fields of pure and applied science, and social sciences are eligible for all students.
    • Financial aids that international students qualify for are scholarships, grants, student jobs, and external aids.
    • Examples of financial aids available to international students include:
      • SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowships: The SSHRC funding is given through open competitions. Literary-like theses are not eligible for this funding. The amount is 45,000 CAD for a year and a maximum of 90,000 CAD for two years.
      • Some tuition exemptions are also available for international students.
    • Apart from this, there are a number of external organizations that offer Scholarships for international students in Canada.

    Institut National de Recherche Scientifique Alumni Network

    The institute shows its presence in the world through its alumni association. Some of the notable alumni of the institute include:

    • Karim Mekkaoui -CEO at MEKTEL
    • Claude Fortin –Researcher
    • Geneviève Cloutier –Author
    • Arnaldo Attallah CEO at Enertel Controls Inc.
    • Nguyen Thanh My –Businessman

    Institut National de Recherche Scientifique Placement

    • INRS believes and whole-heartedly promote entrepreneurship and inspire students to start their own company together with the help of their Business Partnership ties 
    • Some startups like Arpent: Urban Studies and Land Use Planning, Axis Photonique, Clean Nature, etc are established within the Institute.
    • INRS has recorded an employment rate of 85% within six months of graduation.
    • Also, INSR provides jobs in categories like Administrative Support, Executive, Internships, Professional, and Professor.

    Average Salary of Institut National De Recherche Scientifique graduates by Emolument:

    Position  Average Salary (CAD)
    Executive Management & Change 84,000
    Consulting, Accounting & Professional Services 75,000
    Financial Services 68,000
    Financial Control and Strategy 66,000
    Human Resources 65,000
    Sales & Business Development 63,000


    Ques. What programs are offered at INRS?

    Ans. Graduate General, Master’s, Internship, Ph.D., and Dual-Programs in the fields like Biotechnology, Social Sciences, Technology are offered at INRS.

    Ques. What is a dual-degree program?

    Ans. In this program, students get an opportunity to have the best of two worlds, meaning two degrees for one program, one from the INRS and the other from one of its Partner Universities. Some of the Dual-degree Programs are Dual-degree Program in Biomedical Diagnostics with Universite Clermont Auvergne, France, Dual-degree Program in Aquatic ecotoxicology with Universite de Bordeaux, France, etc

    Ques. What is the Tuition fee for Master Students in Quebec?

    Ans. The Tuition fee for Master Students in Quebec is CAD 1,311.45 i.e $87.43/credit.

    Ques. What is the cost per term for International Master Students?

    Ans. The cost per term for International Master Students is CAD 9,423.45.

    Ques. What is the application deadline for admission at INRS?

    Ans. The application deadlines are Fall Term - March 30; Winter Term - November 1; Summer Term - March 1.

    Ques. Is an application fee required to apply to INRS?

    Ans. Yes, it is required, the application fee is CAD 52.72 but those who are from INRS or the Universite du Quebec network are exempted from paying the application fee.

    Ques. What are the different Scholarships and Financial aid offered by INRS?

    Ans. There are scholarships offered for full-time students, students from Canada, Quebec, and abroad. Scholarship as Supplemental Tuition fee exemption for International as well as Canadian students from outside Quebec, International Mobility Scholarship, and Scientific and academic Project Grants.

    Ques. How to apply to Institut National de Recherche Scientifique?

    Ans. For an application, firstly one needs to get a Research supervisor, get the application done online by submitting required documents, and deposit the application fee.

    $ 11,7271st YEAR

    3 years

    Course Duration

    Mar 30

    Application Deadline

    $ 13,0651st YEAR

    2 years

    Course Duration

    Mar 30

    Application Deadline


    10 / 10

    Master of Science [M.Sc] Water Sciences

    full time | co-op | Course Based
    $ 13,0651st YEAR

    1 year

    Course Duration

    Mar 30

    Application Deadline

    Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Biology

    full time | Thesis Based
    $ 11,7271st YEAR

    3 years

    Course Duration

    Mar 30

    Application Deadline

    $ 11,7271st YEAR

    3 years

    Course Duration

    Mar 30

    Application Deadline

    Institut National de Recherche Scientifique Overview

    Insitution type
    DLI Number
    Application Cost
    Average Cost of Attendance
    $11,727 / Year

    Admission & dates

    Fall Deadlines

    March 30

    Application deadline

    Summer Deadlines

    March 1

    Application deadline

    Winter Deadlines

    November 1

    Application deadline

    Test Scores For International Applicants

    ExamsAvg. ScoreMin ScoreMax. Score%Submitted
    Language Proficiency

    Attendance Cost


    attendance cost

    The table shows average yearly cost of attendance for international students. Amount may vary with the course opted, nature of accommodation, and personal spending habits of a candidate. Check Program wise Fees

    Tuition fees
    Post Graduate Program
    $11,727 / Year


    Center for World University Rankings logo

    Center for World University Rankings

    RANKED  #889


    Nearest Ranking

    University of Windsor


    Ryerson University


    University of Regina


    College Rating

    Based on 4 Students Rating

    9.1 out of 10
    9.8/10Social Life


    10.0 /10

    I was always keen on being a research scientist and on the recommendation of my college professors, I came to know of this Canadian institute which has excellent and unparalleled state of the art research facilities. Moreover, 50% of the students here are from over 40 nationalities and I felt that I would be very welcome here. So, I applied online and paid an application fee of around $50

    Course Curriculum :

    The course was outstandingly designed, to say the least. We had a number of core courses as well as an optional course of which our main course was Advanced Industrial Microbiology. We were trained on the latest developments in the areas of - proteomics, bioinformatics and biostatistics.

    10 /10 academic/food
    10 /10 faculty
    10 /10 infrastructure
    10 /10 accomodation
    10 /10 placement
    10 /10 extracurricular
    10.0 /10

    My passion for learning science drove me to further pursuing a master's in applied microbiology. I wanted to do invest my research career in the best place. So I came across the INRS on the internet and its sole contribution to the various research areas. So I applied to the institution through an online admission portal and paid around $50 for the same. My descent score of CGPA 90 in my undergraduate course got me through the admission process smoothly.

    Course Curriculum :

    I gained a multidisciplinary and extensive training in the field of applied microbiology. The theoretical as well as the practical knowledge acquired during the time of the course really helped me a lot to focus on my research area and helped me to come up with my own idea to pursue research on it. It also provided me a deep knowledge of methods of separation, chemical engineering, and experimental analysis.

    10 /10 academic/food
    10 /10 faculty
    10 /10 infrastructure
    10 /10 accomodation
    10 /10 placement
    10 /10 extracurricular
    8.5 /10

    Choosing and finalizing on Institut National de Recherche Scientifique was because one of my college seniors, studying in this university suggested me to opt for INRS, Quebec. Being a microbiology graduate himself, his experiences at the university attracted me to apply for the Quebec campus. The open campus culture and diversity in the student population was an added bonus. Applied through the online portal and paid the application fee of $50.

    Course Curriculum :

    We used to learn all subjects together under the curriculum offered by the college. The normal and the special are learned alongside one another. We learn about each subject structure in detail and then cover the same of what is required for the exams. So, we could actually see what is happening and what is needed in real life.

    8 /10 academic/food
    8 /10 faculty
    9 /10 infrastructure
    9 /10 accomodation
    7 /10 placement
    10 /10 extracurricular
    8.0 /10

    I choose Institut National de Recherche Scientifique because it is one of the excellent Canadian universities. It is known for its Masters and Research programs. Also, the majority of graduates find relevant jobs in their field of study right after completing the course. Also, I really like the curriculum of the course I am doing and also I really admire the beautiful Quebec City. I applied online for the application fee charge of $50.

    Course Curriculum :

    Our course consists of 45 credit points and it focuses on the study of the economics and social dynamics of the city. The course includes interdisciplinary training as well. The curriculum is designed to train us to analyze various aspects of the urban phenomenon and learn strategies to solve various urban problems.

    8 /10 academic/food
    9 /10 faculty
    7 /10 infrastructure
    7 /10 accomodation
    8 /10 placement
    9 /10 extracurricular
    490 Couronne St, Quebec City, Quebec G1K 9A9

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