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Goodman School of Business is one of the country’s newest and fastest growing business schools. It offers Certificate, Graduate, and Undergraduate academic programs to the students. The institute has a robust co-op program that consistently places the students with top employers.

Why choose Goodman School of Business?

Key features at a glance

  • Access to professional resources like the specialized Bloomberg terminals used to access the world financial markets.
  • Distinguished Leader Lecture Series with top and successful Canadian business leaders and entrepreneurs.
  • Among the top five per cent of business schools around the globe to attain accreditation by the AACSB.
  • Membership in Beta Gamma Sigma (highest recognition a business student can receive in a business program accredited by AACSB International)
  • One of the highest and most consistent placement rates in the country.
  • In 2017, the Goodman team brought home the School of the Year award from the JDC Central competition for the first time in its history.
  • First business school in Ontario to be accredited to the Master’s level by CPA Ontario under the new National CPA Accreditation Program.
  • Only business school in the region to offer a combined MBA and CPA program.

Student Satisfaction

Brock University got the following grades in the Globe and Mail's 2013 University Report Card. It is a national survey on student satisfaction.

  1. Most Satisfied Students: B+ (4th in Canada)
  2. Campus Atmosphere: A- (4th in Canada)
  3. Academic Counselling: B+ (2nd in Canada)

Statistical Highlights

NameGoodman School of Business
Student Enrollment (2017-2018)Undergraduate: 2,975
Graduate: 605
Certificate program: 65
Student/Faculty RatioUndergraduate: 22:1
Graduate: 5:1
Doctorate: 1:1
Basic Tuition FeeCAD 18,235 per year (Undergraduate International Students)
CAD 21,489 for 2 years (MBA Canadian Students)
CAD 44,775 for 2 years (MBA International Students)

Exploring the campus and residential facilities

Taro Hall within the Brock University houses the Goodman School of Business. The hall is majorly used for administrative offices, including the Dean's office and lecture halls.

  • It contains –
  1. Six lecture halls for undergraduate students (BBA & BAcc)
  2. Three lecture halls for graduate students (MBA, MAcc, IMAcc, and M.Sc.)
  3. Number of break-out rooms for group study
  4. A student lounge and computer commons
  • The Goodman School of Business is currently undergoing a campus expansion project.
  • It will add about 29,000 square feet of new space and improve the existing space.

Housing Facilities/ Residence

  • Brock's St. Catharines campus is home to 2,400 students in six separate residences.

Various programs at Goodman School of Business

Goodman School of Business offers the following programs:

  1. Bachelor of Accounting (BAcc) (with co-op option)
  2. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) (with co-op option)
  3. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Co-op International Dual Degree
  4. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  5. Master of Business Administration International Student Pathway (MBA ISP)
  6. Master of Accountancy (MAcc)
  7. International Master of Accountancy (IMAcc)
  8. Master of Science in Management
  9. Professional Masters Preparation Certificate (Business)
  10. Certificate in Administrative Studies
  11. Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
  • The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) offers ten concentrations:
  1. Accounting
  2. Entrepreneurship
  3. Finance
  4. General Management
  5. Human Resource Management
  6. Information Systems
  7. International Business
  8. Marketing
  9. Operations Management
  10. Public Administration
  • The Master of Business Administration (MBA) offers specializations in the following areas:
  1. Accounting (CPA/MBA)
  2. Business Analytics
  3. Finance
  4. General Management
  5. Human Resource Management
  6. Marketing
  7. Operations Management

All you need to know about Application Process


  • Four year bachelor’s degree (Canadian equivalent) from an accredited university (for MBA applicants)
  • Applicants whose first language is not English are required to submit their English Proficiency Documents (IELTS or TOEFL) at the time of application.
  • If the applicant is not a current Canadian citizen, he/she is required to submit his/her immigration documents as well.
  • Applicants from outside Canada are required to possess a high school diploma or equivalent from their country.
TestMinimum scores required
Academic IELTS7.5
PTE Academic72
GMAT550 (for MBA)

How, When and Where to Apply?

  • Applications for the college are to be submitted online.
  • The deadlines for applying for full-time studies for domestic as well as International students is June 1st for the fall semester.
  • Students might also need to submit one or more of the followings in addition to the application –
  1. Letter of Intent
  2. TOEFL / IELTS (Minimum score of 6.5 on aggregate)

Application Fee

  • An application fee amounting CAD 150 (non-refundable) is payable to the Ontario Universities Application Centre.
  • Students can pay the same by Visa, internet banking, MasterCard, cheque or money order.

What it costs to study in Goodman School of Business?

Tuition fees for Arts and sciences programs for domestic students–

Year of studyTuition per credit (does not include ancillary fees)Per credit ancillary fees 2018 -subject to changeTuition flat fee (4.0+ credits or attempts) does not include ancillary feesAncillary fees 2018 (CAD 90.77 x 5.0) -subject to change
Years 1-7CAD 1,353.20CAD 90.77 SP/SU CAD 90.78 F/WCAD 6,766.00CAD 453.85 SP/SU CAD 453.86 F/W
Year 8CAD 1,346.74CAD 90.77 SP/SU CAD 90.78 F/WCAD 6,733.70CAD 453.85 SP/SU CAD 453.86 F/W
Year 9CAD 1,340.29CAD 90.77 SP/SU CAD 90.78 F/WCAD 6,701.45CAD 453.85 SP/SU CAD 453.86 F/W
Year 10CAD 1,333.88CAD 90.77 SP/SU CAD 90.78 F/WCAD 6,669.40CAD 453.85 SP/SU CAD 453.86 F/W
  • Tuition fees for Business and computer science programs for domestic students are as follows –
Year of studyTuition per credit (does not include ancillary fees)Per credit ancillary fees 2018 -subject to changeTuition flat fee (4.0+ credits or attempts) does not include ancillary feesAncillary fees 2018 (CAD 90.77 x 5.0) -subject to change
Years 1-6CAD 1,850.66CAD 90.77CAD 9,253.30CAD 453.85
Year 7CAD 1,747.39CAD 90.77CAD 8,736.95CAD 453.85
Year 8CAD 1,682.66CAD 90.77CAD 8,413.30CAD 453.85
Year 9CAD 1,620.36CAD 90.77CAD 8,101.80CAD 453.85
Year 10CAD 1,560.34CAD 90.77CAD 7,801.70CAD 453.85
  • Tuition fees for All programs for international students are as follows –
Year of studyTuition per credit (does not include ancillary fees)Per credit ancillary fees 2018-subject to changeTuition flat fee (4.0+ credits or attempts) does not include ancillary feesAncillary fees (CAD 90.77 x 5.0) 2018 -subject to change
Arts or SciencesCAD 5,058.61CAD 90.77CAD 25,293.05CAD 453.85
Business or Computer ScienceCAD 5,288.56CAD 90.77CAD 26,442.80CAD 453.85
  • For graduate programs like MA, MSc, MBE, MS, Med etc. tuition fee is charged on a per term basis:
TimeFull TimePart Time
Year 1CAD 3,028.24CAD 1,514.12
Year 2CAD 3,002.72CAD 1,501.36
Year 3CAD 2,977.42CAD 1,488.71
Year 4CAD 2,933.42CAD 1,466.71
Year 5CAD 2,861.88CAD 1,430.94
Year 6CAD 2,792.08CAD 1,396.04
Year 7CAD 2,717.36CAD 1,358.68
Year 8CAD 2,616.72CAD 1,308.36
International studentsCAD 7,834.83CAD 3917.41
International recovery feeCAD 750.00CAD 750.00

Residence cost

ResidenceRoom typeRoom feesTotal
DeCewdoubleCAD 6,360CAD 10,260-CAD 11.060
- singleCAD 7,160CAD 11,060-CAD 11,910
EarpsingleCAD 7,960CAD 11,860-CAD 12,710
LowenbergerdoubleCAD 7,160CAD 11,060-CAD 11,910
-singleCAD 7,960CAD 11,860-CAD 12,710
ValleesingleCAD 7,960CAD 11,860-CAD 12,710
Quarry ViewsingleCAD 8,040CAD 10,340-CAD 12,790
VillagedoubleCAD 6,760CAD 9,020-CAD 11,510
-singleCAD 7,960CAD 10,260-12,710

The meal plan is same for all the residences:

  • Basic: CAD 3,600
  • Light: CAD 3,950
  • Regular: CAD 4,200
  • Varsity: CAD 4,450

Scholarship and Financial Aids to help students fund their education

  • Brock Scholars awards are open to all the incoming students applying from anywhere in the world.
  • One must be entering the first undergraduate program in the Fall term to qualify for the same (no previous post-secondary experience).
  • No application is required.
  • Automatic Scholarships for entering students are also available as given below –
Admission average (final grades)Amount of award
93.0% and aboveCAD 16,000 (CAD 4,000 each year)
90.0% to 92.9%CAD 10,000 (CAD 2,500 each year)
85.0% to 89.9%CAD 6,000 (CAD 1,500 each year)
80.0% to 84.9%CAD 4,000 (CAD 1,000 each year)
  • One single application for all awards and bursaries offered at Brock can be submitted via OneApp.
  • Once you have submitted your OneApp application, you can check your status online.
  • Some other prestige awards available from the Brock University are as follows –
  1. Brock Leaders Citizenship Society Award
  2. Cibc Brock Leaders Citizenship Society Award
  3. Tom and Linda Goldspink Brock Leader in The Humanities
  4. Niagara Principal's Scholarship
  5. Goodman Scholarships
  6. Chancellor's Indigenous Award

Work While you Study

  • While many in college jobs might not be available to the students, they can always work after and out of the college. 
  • Some of these jobs available to international students are as follows –
  1. Call Centre Communicator
  2. Multilingual Language Translator
  3. Other jobs include working in cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores etc.
  • The rate of pay is around CAD 10 an hour, on average.

Knowing a few from the wide alumni network

Goodman has 14,213 alumni since 1964. A few notable members in the Goodman School of Business Alumni Chapter are-

  1. Martin Philp (BAdmin ’80, MA ’86) - Founder, NEXT Advisory Partners
  2. Anne-Marie Robinson (BBA, '90) - President, Public Service Commission of Canada
  3. Kristian Knibutat (BAdmin '86) — Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
  4. James MacLellan (BAdmin, '87) — Partner, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
  5. Dr. Paul Ingram (BBA, '90) — Professor, Columbia University
Find a Program

Sciences 1 Program

20 monthson-campusEnglish
$23,504 PER


Business, Finance, Economics, Management & Statistics 3 Programs

$23,504 PER

8 monthson-campusEnglish
$23,504 PER

Average Tuition Fees (Annual)
$ 23,504
Post graduate Tuition Fees$23504
Total Enrollment
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Total Applications
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