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    Lethbridge College 2021-2022 Admissions: Entry Requirements, Deadlines, Application Process

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    Lethbridge College is the first publicly funded community college in Canada offering Bachelor’s, Certificate and Diploma degree in Applied Arts and Sciences, Technology, Trade, Health and Wellness and Human Services.

    Lethbridge has flexible program options that provide on-campus, online, and a combination of the two for delivery of programs. A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required to apply for Lethbridge College admissions. The acceptance rate of the college is more than 80% for the last three years. The latest acceptance rate information of Lethbridge college is 84%. That means there is a greater chance of getting accepted.

    Admission applications are accepted in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Students can apply by October 1 for the Fall semester and June 1 for the Spring semester.

    • All the transcripts must be sent directly to the Lethbridge College by the issuing institution.
    • It has testing and assessment facilities to conduct admission tests like ACCUPLACER, GED, CELPIP etc.
    • It does not require an SAT/ACT score.
    • Due to COVID 19 situation, the college is accepting the IELTS Indicator (Score:6.0), the TOEFL Special Home Edition (Score: 80), and the Duolingo English Test (Score: 115) for English Proficiency scores.


    Admission Portal Online and Offline
    Application Fee 100 USD
    Acceptance Rate 84%
    Admission intake Spring/ Fall/Winter
    Academic Calendar Semester wise (Full-time and Part-time status)
    Minimum GPA 2.00
    ACCUPLACER Accepted (subject to changes according to the program requirements)
    English Proficiency Tests TOEFL/IELTS/Duolingo
    SAT/ACT Not required
    Financial Aid Available
    Admission Helpdesk Phone: 403-320-3323

    Lethbridge College Admission Deadlines

    Applicants must apply within the deadlines as late applications are not accepted by the college. The application deadlines for different intakes are tabulated below -

    Fall Semester
    Domestic applications September 8
    International applications June 1
    August 15 (with study permits in Canada)
    Winter Semester
    Domestic applications January 5
    International applications October 1
    December 15(with study permits in Canada)
    Spring Semester
    Domestic applications May 1
    International applications February 1
    April 15 (with study permits in Canada)

    Lethbridge College International Student Admissions

    International students are eligible for admissions at Lethbridge College for-credit academic programs. It represents students from more than 132 countries. The documents required for admission depend on the home/parent country of the applicant.

    Admission Portal: Online and Offline

    Application Fee: 100 USD

    Admission Requirements: Applicants are required to submit the following documents to be eligible for Lethbridge College admissions-

    • Official Transcripts from all educational institutions attended prior to admission at Lethbridge College including grades, ranks, and subjects studied.
    • Passport
    • Minimum GPA: 2.0
    • English Proficiency Scores
    • Copy of Passport
    • Financial Proof/Bank Statements
    • The applicants are supposed to mail all the documents to

    English Language Proficiency Scores

    International applicants need to demonstrate their English Language Proficiency through standardized scores given below. An applicant from an English speaking country is exempted from these scores.

    Test Minimum Score Required
    IELTS 6.0
    TOEFL PBT 550
    TOEFL IBT 80
    PTE 54
    CAEL 60 overall with 50 in listening, reading and speaking and 60 in writing

    Visa Process For International Applicants

    Once the student is accepted to Lethbridge College, he/she can apply for a student visa to study in Canada. It is given in the form of a study permit. Documents required for a visa application are -

    • Visa fee
    • Offer of admission letter from the university
    • Financial statement
    • Medical fitness proof if required
    • Passport
    • Application to the embassy

    Country Specific Requirements

    Country Requirements
    India Filled application form + High school transcripts (GPA equivalent 2.0) + Passport + Financial proof + English proficiency proof
    China Filled application form + High school transcripts (GPA equivalent 2.0) + Passport + Financial proof + English proficiency proof
    Pakistan Filled application form + High school transcripts (GPA equivalent 2.0) + Passport + Financial proof + English proficiency proof
    Nepal Filled application form + High school transcripts (GPA equivalent 2.0) + Passport + Financial proof + English proficiency proof
    Bhutan Filled application form + High school transcripts (GPA equivalent 2.0) + Passport + Financial proof + English proficiency proof

    Lethbridge College Undergraduate Admissions

    It offers more than 50 programs under its Bachelor’s Degrees, Certificates and Diploma. Some of the popular programs are Bachelor’s in Nursing, Agriculture and Risk Management, Bachelors of Applied Sciences, Business Administration, Civil Engineering, and Bachelors of Applied Arts. The details regarding application process and requirements are given below-

    Admission portal: Online and Offline

    Application Fee: 90 USD(non-refundable)

    Admission Requirements: The admission requirements for different applicants are given below -

    • High-School Students
      • Official transcripts of courses and subjects studied or currently pursuing in High-school/Post-secondary school.
      • English 30-2 or equivalent course/Post-secondary English course
      • Alberta Education Student Identification Number (If Applicable)
      • Final year/ current mid-term grades in High-school subjects
    • Mature applicants (19 years or older age)
    Grade English Mathematics
    Grade 10 Reading- 241
    Write Placer- 4+
    Arithmetic- 245
    QAS- 241
    Grade 11 Reading- 246
    Write Placer- 5+
    Arithmetic- 260
    QAS- 245
    Grade 12 Reading- 251
    Write Placer- 6+
    Arithmetic- 260
    QAS- 249
    • If the applicant has taken the ACCUPLACER test in his/her own region then they are required to submit an Out of Town Request for Placement Testing form along with the test scores.
    • Official transcripts from all the educational institutions attended prior to admission at Lethbridge College.
    • Minimum GPA- 2.00

    Some additional admission requirements are tabulated below -

    Programs Courses Requirements
    Bachelor’s Bachelor’s of Nursing GPA-2.00, English Language Arts 30-1, Minimum grade of 60% in Biology-30, Chemistry-30 Math 30-1, 30-2, Pure Math 30 equivalents.
    Justice Studies GPA- 2.0, Correctional studies diploma/criminal justice
    Diploma Civil Engineering Technology 50% minimum in Grade 12 Math, Grade 11 physics or Grade 12 Science
    Business Administration Grade 12 Math (Equivalent to Alberta’s Math 30-2 or a higher level math)
    Certificate Police Cadet Training 18 + years of age, Canadian citizen, Minimum APCAT-70%

    Lethbridge College admission process is very simple and does not require much documentation and scores. Though admissions are offered year-round but applications are evaluated on a first-qualified, first-served basis, it's important to submit applications early. They are currently accepting applications for winter 2021. To apply and start the application process, the college would help you through its well-qualified team of advisors. You can also contact their career and academic advising team.

    As an applicant, you will be assigned a Lethbridge College student ID number. This login credential will be required for access to the student portal- myHorizon. The application status and admission decision can be checked through it.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Ques. Does Lethbridge College offer any graduate program?

    Ans. No, it does not offer any graduate program.

    Ques. What is the minimum SAT or ACT score required for Lethbridge College admissions?

    Ans. Lethbridge College does not require an SAT/ACT score. You can apply without these scores.

    Ques. Is it difficult to get admission at Lethbridge College?

    Ans. No, Lethbridge College does not have a high expected range of scores. The minimum GPA for some courses is 2.0.

    Ques. How can I apply to Lethbridge College as an international student?

    Ans. Applicants can either apply through the online portal or print the application form and send it through mail along with the required documents.

    Ques. How will I know about my admission decision?

    Ans. Applicant can check their application status and admission decision through the applicant’s portal.

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