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    University of British Columbia 2020-2021 Admissions: Entry Requirements, Deadlines, Application Process

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    As one of Canada’s top 3 universities, University of British Columbia offers admissions to some of the brightest minds around the globe in its 200 diverse undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Having a reputation of being highly competitive in nature, the applications for international admissions to the university are available in the month of September for the seasonal intakes of Summer, Winter, and Fall. 

    With an acceptance rate of over 50% and around 25% for UBC undergraduate and graduate courses, respectively, the institute allows a fair chance to all the worthy and deserving candidates. The probability of acceptance at the university will vary in response to different parameters. But applicants must ensure that they prepare well for the holistic approach that UBC takes and work on their References, Statement of Purpose, Project Proposals, and Internships as seriously as the good grades. 

    Admission Requirements for Top Programs at UBC

    Programs Basic Admission Requirements Fees Per Annum
    M.Sc Computer Science 65% in UG; IELTS: 6.5/TOEFL: 90 $6,582
    Master of Data Science 76% or 3.30 CGPA in UG; IELTS: 7.6/TOEFL: 100 $34,424
    M.B.A 70% in UG; 550 GMAT/155+ GRE; TOEFL: 100; IELTS: 7.0 $62,447
    EMBA 75% in UG; GMAT: 550/ 155+ GRE; IELTS: 7.0/TOEFL: 100 $46,833
    M.A.Sc Mechanical Engineering 76% in UG; TOEFL: 93/IELTS: 6.5 $13,428
    Master of Business Analytics 76% in UG; 550 GMAT/155+ GRE; TOEFL:100/IELTS: 7.0 $42,000
    Master of Management 620 GMAT/ 155+ GRE; TOEFL:100/IELTS: 7.0 $46,789
    M.A.Sc Civil Engineering 76% in UG; IELTS: 7.0/TOEFL: 100 $8,952
    M.Sc Chemical and Biological Engineering 76% in UG; TOEFL: 93/IELTS: 6.5 $13,476
    M.Sc in Business Administration- Finance 76% in UG; 550 GMAT/155+ GRE; IELTS: 7.0/TOEFL 100 $6,174
    M. Eng Electrical and Computer Engineering 76% in UG; TOEFL: 93/IELTS: 6.5 $15,792
    B.Sc Data Science 70% in Class XII; IELTS: 6.0/TOEFL: 90 $30,573
    B.Com 75% in Class XII; IELTS: 7.0; TOEFL: 100 $38,404
    B.Sc Nursing 75% in Class XII; IELTS: 6.0;TOEFL: 90 $29,736
    B.Com Marketing 75% in Class XII; IELTS: 6.5/TOEFL: 90 $36,925

    University of British Columbia Admission Deadlines

    While seeking admission to the university, it is highly recommended to keep a track of the deadlines and send in applications at the earliest possible opportunity. This not only ensures improved chances of enrolment but also gives an applicant enough time to plan the events ahead.

    Undergraduate Program Deadlines

    Upcoming deadlines for sending UG applications to University of British Columbia are as compiled below.:

    Type of Deadline Deadline Date
    Application deadline for Winter and Summer session  January 15 (Closed)
    International Documents May 31

    Postgraduate Program Deadlines

    Deadlines for PG programs vary from course to course. The deadlines for a few top courses at UBC are mentioned below:

    Program Name Application Deadline Document(s) Deadline
    M.Sc Computer Science December 15 (Closed) January 6 (Closed)
    Master of Business Analytics March 16 (Closed) June 30
    Master of Economics December 1 (Closed) January 15 (Closed)
    Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering March 1 (Closed) March 1 (Closed)
    MBA April 6 (Closed) June 30

    University of British Columbia International Admissions

    University of British Columbia International Admissions

    Admission Portal: Apply online at the official website
    Application Fee: 118.5 CAD
    Basic Academic Requirement: Higher Secondary School Certificate
    Admission Process:

    • State your first 2 preferred programs by selecting from the diverse list of courses and campuses.
    • Ensure that you meet the general and specific admission requirements, along with English language proficiency.
    • Provide the other basic student history and submit the completed application with the specified non-refundable fee.
    • Keep a track of your incoming emails for recent admission-related updates and provide other remaining documents, if any.
    • Wait for an offer of a place and start planning your finances and study permit.

    Country-Specific UG Requirements at UBC

    The University follows some country-specific specifications while offering admissions to international aspirants. Candidates are encouraged to go through their corresponding country’s requirements before sending in applications. Some of the South-Asian countries and their mandatory specifications are tabulated as follows:

    Name of Country Specifications Academic Score
    India Higher Secondary School Certificate received post completing XII Over 85%
    Sri Lanka Sri Lanka General Certificate of Education Ordinary and Advanced Levels; standing in at least 6 academic subject areas, including English, with at least 3 academic A-Level subjects. B average
    China Gaokao examination results by CHESICC or CQV or 3 or more Advanced Placement (AP) examination results Above 84%
    Singapore Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level) and Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level); standing in at least 6 subject areas, including English, with at least 3 at H2 level. B average
    Bangladesh Higher Secondary or Intermediate Certificate Above 74%

    English Proficiency Requirements

    Since the medium of education at the institute is primarily English, the university requires its students to meet some language-specific standards before seeking enrollment. If you are a probable candidate of UBC, the following tests will help you prove the English language skills and take you one step closer to the admission process.

    Accepted Test Minimum Overall Score Requirement Minimum Sectional Score Requirement
    IELTS 6.5 6.0
    PTE 65 60
    TOEFL (institution code: 0965) 90 Reading & Listening: 22;
    Writing & Speaking: 21

    Applicants must note that the for the 2021/2022 Winter Session, the valid test scores can be submitted from January 1, 20119 onwards

    Visa Application Process

    Any aspirants hoping to enrol in a course of duration longer than 6 months require a study permit and visa to study in Canada. Visa can be obtained easily by consulting the nearest Canadian Embassy and should be applied for as soon as you receive the Letter of Acceptance. 

    Study permit can be obtained via the regular application process or Student Direct Stream (SDS). Though, it is highly recommended that candidates try applying through regular options. It is because for SDS, certain criteria must be met and proof of paid tuition fee needs to be presented which could delay the permit procuring process. 

    University of British Columbia Graduate Admissions

    Admission Portal: Apply online at the official website.*
    *Some graduate degree programs, not administered by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, follow their individual application systems and must be applied for separately.
    Application Fee: 143 CAD
    Basic Academic Requirement: Bachelor’s degree
    Admission-Related Requirements:

    • Complete an online application and submit the mandatory documents including transcripts, letters of reference, among others.
    • Provide the required test scores like English proficiency and GRE or equivalent.
    • Submit a statement of interest and criminal record check, if required.

    Program-wise specifications for graduate-level admission at UBC

    Requirements Masters in Electrical & Computer Engineering Master of Digital Media Master of Business Administration (MBA) Masters in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Master of Creative Writing & Theatre
    Transcripts Mandatory - Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
    GMAT/GRE Required Not Required Required Required -
    Resume/CV Required Required Required - Required
    LORs/References 3 References 3 References 2 References Required 3 References
    SOI/Essays Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory - Mandatory
    Experience Preferred - 2 years Required Preferred
    Additional Requirements - Portfolio Interview Portfolio; Lab Experience Portfolio

    Every year, thousands of scholars apply to UBC for admissions, making it evidently more important for you to stand out. While LORs are usually the significant aspects of the admission process, they mostly are under-rated or overwritten. Make sure your references talk about your tenacity, perseverance, and why you will be a worthy candidate for the university. 

    Statement of Purpose for Canada and UBC is yet another important element where you can mention why you chose the university and what greater good will be the degree from the university to bring you. Ensure that you do stuff that matters and believes in it since it will enhance the credibility of the application and will surely increase your chances at admission.


    Ques. Is it difficult to secure admission at University of British Columbia?

    Ans. The acceptance rate at UBC is around 50%, which is moderately competitive. While decisions are based on several factors like choice of program, academic qualification, references, co-curricular achievements, but your academic scores will play the most vital role. If you have secured well in previous studies, your chances of admission are quite high.

    Ques. Has University of British Columbia deadlines changed due to the coronavirus situation?

    Ans. No presently, the coronavirus outbreak has not affected any procedures at UBC, except for the transition to online classes. The deadline for all programs remains the same until any information from the university.

    Ques. What is the minimum GPA requirement at University of British Columbia?

    Ans.  The minimum GPA requirements at University of British Columbia is 2.5, on a scale of 4.0 (equivalent to around 75%). However, the minimum score requirement varies from program to program, especially in the case of postgraduate courses.

    Ques. Does the fulfillment of program requirements guarantee admission at UBC?

    Ans. No, the fulfillment of admission requirements doesn’t guarantee a spot; rather it just satisfies your eligibility to be considered for the applied UBC undergraduate or graduate program.

    Ques. What is the minimum academic requirement for Indian students seeking admission in a UBC undergraduate program?

    Ans. Indian students planning to pursue an undergraduate course at UBC must have obtained at least 85% in their Class XII certificate. In case of few undergraduate programs, the minimum grade requirement may vary.

    Ques. Are international students required to submit IELTS score? Is any other English language test accepted at UBC?

    Ans. All international students belonging to non-English speaking countries are required to attempt a proficiency test. Students do not necessarily have to take IELTS, they can opt for TOEFL, PTE, or CAE tests as well. 

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    Ques. How can I get scholarships or financial aid for the University of British Columbia and the University of Toronto?

    ● Top Answer By Jasleen Rall on 11 Jan 21

    Ans. It depends from where you are, as well as your previous background. If you are not a Canadian, you will only be eligible for some scholarships and not financial aid. Even then the competition will be too much and you’ll have to be too good with a unique background so that you become a prospective student with a lot of potential at UBC. There are different scholarships for different programs. All have varying criteria which you need to go through carefully. Female students in hard sciences have an added benefit in many scholarships specifically aimed to help them.   Parameters Funding at University of British Columbia Funding at University of Toronto Total Funding Budget 30 Million CAD 247 Million CAD Average Scholarship Amount Merit-based: 25-30% Need-based: 65-70% 7,500 CAD to 20,000 CAD Official Website UBC scholarships  UToronto’s website UBC Offers funds based on your academic and extracurriculars. You’d be automatically considered for any merit-based awards once admitted to UBC for up to 25-30% of total offered funding. UBC Need-based awards comprise 65-70% of total funding and depends on the student's financial need. UBC Hybrid scholarships are awarded based on a combination of merit (academics, leadership skills, etc.) and student’s financial requirements. These make up 10% of the UBC funding. University of Toronto University of Toronto’s budget for funding in 2019-2020 was 247M CAD If you're a great student with active extracurricular participation, you can be considered for scholarships ranging from 7,500 CAD to 20,000 CAD You can check out UToronto’s website for specifics. Credible academic references, exceptional marks and great personal achievements and records are a must for availing most of these merit-based scholarships. These merit-based scholarships/awards don't require any application as you’d be automatically considered. Finally, make sure you work hard and apply on time to be considered for these.Read more
    1 Answer

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