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    EStd 1963established year

    University of Moncton: Rankings, Courses, Admissions, Tuition Fee, Cost of Attendance & Scholarships

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    Established in 1963 in New Brunswick, the only French Language University outside the province of Quebec has three campuses located at Edmundston, Moncton, and Shippagan. All these three campuses are located in French-speaking demographics. The University offers over 165 programs out of which over 40 are postgraduate and doctoral programs.

    The University enrolls around 5,000 students, and 20% of them are international students from over 40 countries.

    University offers programs mainly in Business Administration, Public Administration, Social work, Applied Sciences, Linguistics, Accounts and finance, Forest Management, Visual Arts, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Management, Computer Science, Economics, Humanities, Communication, Psychology, and Nursing.

    The courses taught at the University helps in improving the knowledge of the French language for non-French speakers.


    Type of University Public
    Year of Establishment 1963
    Campus Setting Urban
    Total Enrollment 5,000
    Location Edmundston, Moncton, Canada


    • The university is ranked at #1751 in the World ranking, # 474 in Continental ranking, and # 49 in the Country ranking by Webtronics.
    • # 1792 in the World and # 51 the countries are the rankings given by the UniRank to this French-language University.


    • The University has three campuses in New Brunswick located at Edmundston, Moncton, and Shippagan and all three are places inhabited by the French-speaking population.
    • The campuses have facilities of academic buildings, Administrative Offices, Sports Facilities, Libraries, Auditorium, Seminar Hall, Residence halls, dining, etc. located amongst other facilities.
    • The University Campus at Moncton houses a large LOUIS-J.-ROBICHAUD Center for Health and Wellness equipped with a gym, swimming pool, Track, and field training facilities, locker rooms, and a physical fitness section.
    • The University campuses house a number of libraries like a library for Law faculty, the Champlain Library, the Rhea Larose Library, and a library at Shippagan Campus to name a few.

    Residence Facilities at University of Moncton

    All three campuses of University provide accommodation to the students

    • The accommodations have facilities of free Wi-Fi, breakfast, and parking. The studio apartments are equipped with a kitchenette with a microwave, fridge, and a small dining area and have attached bath facilities.
    • The traditional accommodation also has basic furniture and fixtures, laundry facilities, and common recreational rooms.
    • The dining areas and cafeterias are located on campus.
    • The cost of room and meals per academic year is approximately CAD 6,450.

    Programs offered at University of Moncton - Edmundston, Canada

    University of Moncton - Edmundston offers programs for over 160 undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses mainly in Business Administration, Public Administration, Social work, Applied Sciences, Linguistics, Accounts and finance, Forest Management, Visual Arts, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Management, Computer Science, Economics, Humanities, Communication, Psychology, and Nursing.

    The University also offers a special French immersion program for those who would like to learn the second official language of Canada i.e. French.

    Application Process

    International students who want to seek admissions at University of Moncton can follow the below-mentioned application details:

    • The admission application is made online through the University’s website.
    • Application fees of CAD 160 taken at the time of application have 60 CAD towards the application fee and CAD 100 is adjusted in the tuition fee later.
    • Official transcripts of High school/College degree or equivalent are required. These transcripts must be in French or English and should be mailed directly to Edmundston Campus at, Moncton Campus at and for Shippagan Campus at
    • Immediately on submitting the online application an email detailing the documents to be sent to University will be received by the applicant and once all the formalities are completed, within 2 to 3 weeks the applicant shall know the outcome of the application.
    • The applicants must adhere to the deadlines. For Undergraduate applications the deadlines are Fall semester – June 15, Winter semester – October 01; and for the Postgraduate applications they are Fall semester – February 01; Winter semester – September 01.
    • Letter of motivation and Academic letters of recommendation are required for certain postgraduate courses.
    • The English language and French language proficiency are also a requisite for some programs at the University.
    • After receiving a Letter of Acceptance applicants can start the visa process.
    • Passport ID pages copies and financial worthiness is also the integral of the admission process.

    Cost of Attendance

    The estimated cost of attendance for international students at the university is mentioned below:

    Cost Head Expenses in CAD
    Tuition Fees 10,899
    Student Fee 368
    Health and Dental plan 479
    Room and Board (3950+ 2500) 6,450
    Books and school material 800
    Personal Expenses 2,500

    Scholarships & Financial Aid for International Students

    The university offers merit-based scholarships to international students to afford study in Canada and to those applicants who scored above 80% may receive an award of CAD 4 to 5,000 distributed as CAD 1,000 per year. With higher than 80% this award may go up to CAD 12 to 15,000 disbursed yearly on a pro-rata basis.

    • The University has a similar scholarship program for the postgraduate applicants also wherein the award is CAD 10,000.
    • The University also encourages and helps its students in getting financial help through externals and federal government resources.

    Alumni Network

    The University has its alumni keeping in touch through social media platforms. The alumni members get benefits of TD insurance for Auto, Home and travel; University’s credit MasterCard from MBNA, and Life and Health insurance facilities from Manulife.

    • The alumni arrange some contact, academic, and get together events. It also has university signature rings and degree frames for its members.
    • Some notable alumni of the University are Roméo LeBlanc, Former Governor General of Canada; James E. Lockyer, Professor of law; Roger Lord, an Internationally acclaimed concert pianist; Antonine Maillet, Acadian author; Percy Mockler, Canadian senator; Jean-Guy Poitras, Sportsperson; Claude Roussel, Sculptor; and Christine St-Pierre, Radio-Canada reporter.


    The University has a unique co-op program with employer tie-ups where students get an opportunity to study at the campus and take an internship with the employers in the real working environment

    • The University also has a portal to invite prospective employers to post their requirements which can be matched with the graduating students.
    • The University also has an experiential learning initiative that is financed by the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training, and Labor as part of their special initiative where students of all three campuses are able to get compulsory professional internships that skills them for future employment.
    $ 6,5071st YEAR

    2 years

    Course Duration

    Jan 13

    Application Deadline

    $ 8,8281st YEAR

    5 years

    Course Duration

    Jan 13

    Application Deadline



    8.8 / 10
    $ 6,5071st YEAR

    2 years

    Course Duration

    Jan 13

    Application Deadline

    $ 6,5071st YEAR

    2 years

    Course Duration

    Jan 13

    Application Deadline


    4 years

    Course Duration

    Jan 13

    Application Deadline

    University of Moncton Overview

    Insitution type
    Student Population
    DLI Number
    Application Cost
    Average Cost of Attendance
    $8,828 / Year

    Admission & dates

    Regular Decision Deadlines

    June 15

    Application deadline

    August 15

    Application results

    University of Moncton Acceptance Rate

    55.0 %

    acceptance rate


    total applicants


    total enrolled






    Undergraduate Programs
    Total Applicants
    Total Enrolled
    Graduate Programs
    Total Applicants
    Total Enrolled

    University of Moncton enrollment

    University of Moncton Enrollment
    Undergraduate Enrollment
    Graduate Enrollment
    Graduation Rate
    Average Graduation Rate

    Attendance Cost


    attendance cost

    The table shows average yearly cost of attendance for international students. Amount may vary with the course opted, nature of accommodation, and personal spending habits of a candidate. Check Program wise Fees

    Tuition fees
    Undergraduate Programs
    $8,828 / Year
    Post Graduate Program
    $6,507 / Year

    Schools, Faculties & Campuses


    University of Moncton, Shippagan Campus

    Address: 218 Boulevard J. D. Gauthier, Shippagan, NB E8S 1P6

    University of Moncton, Edmundston Campus

    Address: 165, boulevard Hébert,Edmundston, NB,E3V 2S8

    Top Accreditations [Institutional & Program Wise]

    Institutional accreditations
    Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada
    Program wise accreditation
    Chemistry Programs
    Canadian Society for Chemistry
    Engineering Programs
    Engineers Canada
    Forestry Programs
    Canadian Forestry Accreditation Board

    College Rating

    Based on 6 Students Rating

    8.6 out of 10
    8.3/10Social Life


    7.8 /10

    I wanted to get admitted here as excellence comes first of all through the quality of teaching and the relationships with the student. I not only meet competent professors and distinguished researchers but found people available, attentive to my needs and concerns, always ready to support me. My GPA was around 6 and I was required to pay $160 to apply through an online application form.

    Course Curriculum :

    My program included learning of the history of cinema, notions of photography, play, and writing. All stages of pre-production, production, and post-production of a film along with the use of tools and equipment needed for filming and editing, were taught in my curriculum. The subjects in my course include literature and imagination, writing, photo and animation, and literary creation.

    8 /10 academic/food
    8 /10 faculty
    7 /10 infrastructure
    8 /10 accomodation
    9 /10 placement
    7 /10 extracurricular
    8.5 /10

    Following the completion of my higher secondary, I wanted to pursue my graduation from Canada. I did a lot of research before applying to the university. My GPA of 3 in my 12th class helped me a lot in getting through the admission process. I had applied to the university through an online application form. And I paid around $60 for the form.

    Course Curriculum :

    The Bachelor of Business Administration program is aimed at acquiring essential knowledge running in a business or an organization. To do this, my program's curriculum focuses on mastering theoretical concepts and techniques for solving management problems in the context of ethical decision-making and good corporate governance.

    9 /10 academic/food
    9 /10 faculty
    8 /10 infrastructure
    9 /10 accomodation
    8 /10 placement
    8 /10 extracurricular
    8.8 /10

    After completing my polytechnic degree from my home country, I filled up the application form of many colleges along with this college. And fortunately, I got selected in it along with two other colleges, but the other two did not have any co-op program while this college had 20 co-op programs, I checked the ranking which was good and finally decided to join the college. The college charged me with the application fee of $60 as I submitted my application on the official website.

    Course Curriculum :

    The building of the program was one of the things that made me join the college. And it was absolutely up to the expectation. It is a very well balanced 5-year course with last year completely devoted to industrial training and along with that internship from third year onwards. Moreover, we give three assessment tests per semester which make sure that we are studying every time and not piling it for the last.

    9 /10 academic/food
    9 /10 faculty
    9 /10 infrastructure
    9 /10 accomodation
    9 /10 placement
    8 /10 extracurricular
    9.2 /10

    I was looking up the universities in Canada and I came across Moncton University. With my 65 percent in previous grades, this university suited me the best. I chose this university because it has more than a 90% rate of employment. I searched for the admission requirements and it is the same for the Canadian students and the international students with a few additional requirements. I applied through the Moncton university online portal and paid $160.

    Course Curriculum :

    This course enhanced my career opportunities and earning potential. The four years of the course will help me inculcate discipline in the field of business administration. This course has helped me build a foundation for pursuing an MBA as a post-graduate course. The subjects included in my curriculum were business administration, accountancy, mathematics, and financial management.

    9 /10 academic/food
    9 /10 faculty
    9 /10 infrastructure
    9 /10 accomodation
    10 /10 placement
    9 /10 extracurricular
    9.7 /10

    Canada is a beautiful place to live in and study. The University of Moncton offers all that I dreamed of. Good facilities, excellent academic staff, and a highly academic environment. I had learned about the university from the internet and research a lot. I got admission to the basis of my good academic scores and language proficiency. I had paid a Non-refundable application fee of $60 during the online submission of my application. I also submitted my previous educational institution transcripts to the University.

    Course Curriculum :

    The course offered by the university is wide and includes every topic which should be there. The Bachelor of Arts course is dynamic and had many theoretical subjects, mainly which comprises Arts, Humanities, History, and other subtopics. The course also has many practical sessions and visit museums to get the practical exposure to what we study in class.

    9 /10 academic/food
    10 /10 faculty
    10 /10 infrastructure
    10 /10 accomodation
    9 /10 placement
    10 /10 extracurricular
    18 Antonine-Maillet Ave, NB E1A 3E9

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